22nd September

Sunday morning started off ok the weather was bright and sunny.
The first two groups which was Kiro and Coosa group went out.
I fed the others that were waiting to go out.
Kiro in and then Moon went out.
Coosa came in for food, and the Shone group of six went out and had their food in the field.
Reo and Tory went out and were fed outside, I left them out while I was doing feeds and putting the house dogs out.
All the feeds were ready for the little dogs for when Maddie arrived.
All the house dogs were fed and back in, Maddie arrived and we fed the puppies and did the bitches and changed vet beds.
Razzle and Budds group were out with their food.
Brian and Wendy arrived; Brian cut all the large bones up for me as they were too big and the dog’s lose interest in them.
Next Brian moved all the old paving slabs from the front of the house out to the garden to make a path later when we eventually get the plants in and lawn laid.
The spare tiles and stuff has been moved out of the new kennel ready for when the dogs are moved to tile the two remaining kennels at the top.
The water has now been connected up for washing the new kennel at the end of next week to see how the new drain works.
Maddie and I cleaned out Idaho’s pen and I did Reo’s and Kiro’s and left Maddie to dry them and clean pen 1 while we went out for breakfast before I had people coming to look at puppies.
We got home about one minute before the customer arrived, so Maddie carried on with swapping over dogs and cleaning out puppies while I was showing the puppies to the viewers.
As they were leaving the next people arrived to see pups, so I made the feeds and Maddie quickly fed all of the pups and re cleaned them.
Maddie carried on with odd jobs and sorted out the washing.
The people went off for a coffee and to have a chat about the puppy and then phoned back a short while later and came to pick him up, so I had all of the paper work ready for them as they had a long drive home.
I locked all of the dogs in except Coosa’s group as it was hammering down with rain.
I fed the house dogs their chicken carcasses and cut up all the chicken for Budd and Razzles groups.
There was a slight let up in the rain so I fed those two groups and left them out for a short while with their food and then put them back in as it was getting very wet again.
I cleaned their yards and then did the frozen feeds for the morning and took them up to the top kennel.
Coosa had started everyone off howling again so I put him into his night pen as they were soaked.
Shone’s group went into their night kennel and I came down and wrote some of the blog as its easier than trying to remember what happed two days ago.
Shone and Narla came down for food and they spend the evenings in the house.
Everyone was locked up by 5 pm as the weather was ridiculous the down pours were so heavy.
Kia has been very quiet today she has slept most of the day in the armchair.
I fed the puppies and spent some time on the internet and then made a few phone calls and spent the next couple of hours watching tv with the house dogs.
Monday morning was another very wet start the first two groups went out and I cleaned one of the kennels, they were in rapidly as the rain was so heavy it stung your face.
The next two groups went out and I got all feeds put in their kennels for them coming in.
Coosa came in and I went down and let the house dogs out and fed them.
Kia wouldn’t eat her biscuit so I gave her just meat, she doesn’t seem to be overly happy at the moment.
I had the feeds ready for the puppies when Amy arrived we went straight out and fed them and cleaned them all out.
Budd and Razzles group went out for a short while and had their food and then had to go back in as it was so wet, so they were in and out all day long.
Coosa group and Shone’s group went out in the field or an hour and then came in for a few hours.
The rest of the dogs went out in-between showers.
Amy did the vet beds and paper on the bitches with pups and all of the waters in the house.
I washed up the bowls and had a couple of calls to make.
Kate went to the vets for me to pick up a couple of Tardak injections for Siren and Reo as all the bitches are coming into season.
Unfortunately Reo had already mated Tory before she got back, but we will just scan her in 30 days.
I fed all the pups their lunch and cleaned them out again.
We had lunch and then fed all the little dogs; after they had eaten I cleaned all the yards and the bottom block.
I did the frozen feeds for the top groups for the morning.
I had a phone call from wood green animal shelter to say they had a dog of mine in and it turned out to be Rainn, she has escaped several times since she left here three weeks ago.
I think she is going to have to be found another home as I don’t feel the home she is in will be suitable for her.
The afternoon was so wet Shone’s group ended up back in their kennel quite early.
All the other dogs only went out for short periods of time and came back in drowned.
I sorted out the paper work for a puppy leaving the next day to go to France.
I did the evening feeds for the pups and the bitches, everyone was in by 6 pm and Shone and Narla came down for dinner and dried off and then came in the house for the evening.
Tuesday morning was a dry start so everyone up the top got out for a while before they had their breakfast.
I got two kennels ready for cleaning, and then down to feed the house dogs and bitches with pups.
Feeds done ready for Amy coming in and then all the pups were fed and cleaned out.
Hannah arrived to groom the little dogs.
Razzle and Budds groups were fed and then back in after half an hour as it was too wet to leave them out.
We cleaned the bitches in the house and changed the vet beds.
Next was up to the top to clean the four kennels and Idaho.
After they were all finished I came down and got the puppy ready that was off to France.
We did the puppies feeds and cleaned them out again.
Rubbish all burnt when we had a slight break in the rain.
Amy left and I fed all of the house dogs and little dogs.
The rain was coming down again so everyone except Coosa’s group was back inside.
The wolf dogs are fine as they will just chill out and eat bones the little dogs fight if I leave them with bones.
I washed the yards and got drowned and then swept up in the house before doing some more phone calls and stuff for the new kennels.
I have a huge stack of post to sort out; hopefully mother will deal with that.
I spent a while with the dogs in their kennels so they don’t get to bored and become noisy.
I fed the pups and locked everyone in and came down for dinner.
I spent a couple of hours with the house dogs before bed.
Wednesday morning was a horrible wet start so all the top groups went out for a short time and then came back in for food.
I came down and put the house dogs out and fed the bitches and the little dogs in the house.
Feeds were made ready for Maddie coming in; we fed the puppies and cleaned them out and then budd and Razzles groups went out and were fed, next was the poodles as they are on their own for a bit while one of the girls are in season.
We then did the house dogs and vet beds.
After they were finished we went up to the top kennels and did Idaho then the next four pens, I left Maddie to dry them and came down and did some of the list of jobs I have to get through.
We did the lunchtime feeds and I popped up to the kennel to sort out about a few more odd bits that needed sorting, the wet room was going well until simon unpacked one of the aqua boards and found that it had a really big nasty mark across it o we have to wait for another board to be delivered.
I have been trying to sort out about picking up Rainn, I only have help for a certain number of hours in the day and driving to Cambridge doesn’t figure in my week with the shortage of hours.
This is helped even less by being let down by certain so called friends that obviously don’t care that Rainn needs to be out of the rescue centre on Sunday at the latest.
I am really sick of people not taking responsibility for their animals and expecting someone else to clear up the mess they get into.
I can’t leave here and move Rainn on Saturday as I have a new girl helping out and it would be impossible to leave her not only for the dogs but for her sake as well.
Racheal Bailey has been arranged to pick her up and now trying to work out the rest of the route getting her from Rach and then down to Dorset.
Kate was also going to help out by doing my dogs for me.
This saga carried on most of the week, but Paul Wdr put me in contact with Nobby Clarke and he saved the day and made life so much easier all round for Rainn and myself, he drove up to Cambridge with his wife and picked up Rainn direct from the rescue, so a huge thank you to Nobby for doing this at such short notice.
Maddie left and I fed the little dogs and got the frozen feeds ready for the next morning.
I hosed the yards and re cleaned everyone and let the last two groups out while I was feeding puppies.
After everyone was locked up I sorted out some paper work and then had dinner and an early night as I had a headache.
Thursday morning was a rush the weather was atrocious it was so wet and misty you couldn’t see the dogs in the fields.
All the top groups had been out and fed and two of the kennels cleaned and dried.
House dogs were out and fed before Maddie arrived.
I had the feeds for everyone else done and then we put Budds group out to eat while we fed the puppies and cleaned them out.
We cleaned all of the bottom groups and then I went up to the top briefly with Maddie and told her what needed doing.
I went off to the osteopath and Maddie carried on with cleaning and changing vet beds.
She had even done Idaho on her own for the first time.
When I got home there had been a pallet of food delivered which Maddie had unloaded and stacked as it was raining it would have been soaked.
The puppies had all had their lunch.
We cleaned the bottom yard and Maddie went home.
I fed the house dogs and the little dogs, then did the frozen feeds for the morning.
I had a couple of phone calls to sort out and then started to clean the other yards.
All of the dogs were in except for Coosa’s group as it was still really wet.
The Coosa pups were back in their inside kennel as they were soaked so I went in and spent some time with them.
I brought Coosa’s group in and left them for an hour in the covered pen.
I cleaned the yards and then put everyone in and fed the puppies.
All locked up by 6 pm and Shone and Narla were in the house.
Friday morning was not as wet as the day before the top groups had all been out and were in their kennels again eating bones.
Moon is being a pain with his howling as there are three bitches in season the rest of the boys are fine as they are all in with bitches.
I had nearly finished doing the feeds when Maddie arrived so she helped me get them all in the areas we needed them in ready for when the house dogs came back in.
Bitches and pups fed and cleaned out.
The poodle and labradoodle groups were fed and cleaned and then went back in for a while.
We did the vet beds and cleaned the pups in the house.
I had a very sad phone call from Andy to say Lopan had passed away in his sleep, Andy was terribly upset, and this was quite a shock as he wasn’t very old he would have been six in December.
We cleaned the house dog’s pens and changed bedding and then went up to the top and cleaned the four kennels and Idaho; I left Maddie to dry the pens and burn the rubbish.
I came down to sort out insurance and paper work for a puppy that was leaving.
I got the puppy off to his new home and then cleaned the floors in the house.
I had a meat delivery so I sorted that and unloaded it all.
We cleaned the bottom yards and then did some odd jobs and tidied up in the garage.
Shaving, blue roll and disinfectants all stocked up.
I placed another order for Safe 4 as we were running low.
I gave Kia a little bit of a brush as she was looking for attention, she is really not herself anymore I am cooking food for her as she has lost her appetite which is sad as she has always been a pig for anything edible, she hardly comes up to the top kennels anymore.

Kia and the Yorkies

Kia and the green eyed monster

Maddie fed the puppies and I sorted out more stuff with the kennel.
I did some lead work with the hybrid puppies they have been getting a little neglected of late.
I cleaned the yards and then fed the puppies and locked everyone in.
Saturday morning was another wet start so everyone went out for a short run and then back in for breakfast while I went down and let the house dogs out and fed them.
Amy arrived and we fed the puppies and cleaned them all out.
Next we did the rest of the little dogs, we came in and I washed all of the feed and water bowls and Amy did the vet beds and put clean newspaper down on the pups in the house.
Coosa and Moon kept howling so I left Amy to finish off in the house and I went up and put dogs out and started cleaning the kennels.
After we had finished the top block we came down and took pictures of the puppies to send up to Jacqui to put on the web site.
We fed the puppies and then cleaned the yards again, I answered a couple of calls that had left messages earlier, two more very misguided people enquiring about hybrid pups, and a time waster for labradoodles.
Amy left and I fed the little dogs and the Coosa pups.
I cleaned the bottom yard and the steps and then got all the frozen feeds done for the morning.
I had a quick chat with a doodle owner that came to pick up food.
I spent half an hour out with the Coosa pups and then a short time out with a couple of the other groups and gave Coosa a brush.
I spent all afternoon outside in the horrible drizzly weather and then came in and did the evening feeds and wrote some of the blog before locking everyone up and finishing the blog before letting Narla and Shone in for the night.

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