22nd November

A night of high winds and rain I heard several bumps and bangs in the night but nothing serious a few things out of place and the wooden door ripped off the oil tank.

A damp miserable start again.
Everyone out fed and clean.
The labs went out and I stripped out their kennel as yesterday they came in wet and muddy so it was very dirty this morning, all cleaned and towel dried.
I put Cito and Shone in the bottom block and then took the rubbish up to the fire.
Washing machine on as usual.
I had three people booked in for today quite a result only one cancelled so another two of the Labrador puppies now sold, this just leaves three left.
After visitors had left gates shut and time to get the lunch time feeds ready.
All fed and now some time to spend with the dogs as I had no one booked in for the afternoon.
I picked up weeds in the drive while out with one group, the whole afternoon was damp and dull but the dogs were still happy to be out.
I got the morning feeds ready and the evening feeds and then the frozen food out.
I had one last group that needed front line treatment and then brought Coosa’s group in, normally they would run down and go straight into the kennel but now I let them down and they have to wait for me at the door as the field is so slippery I managed to slide and land on my bum then propel myself forward and go flat on my face, well with 5 hybrids thinking it was time for mud wrestling with mum I think not.
Shone and Cito came up for a play on the drive and then in for dinner.
Kiro and Reo out for the night and an early finish for me.
A damp start but then soon brightened up everyone out, clean and fed.
The labs went out in the field and I cleaned their kennel.
Shone and Cito into the field.
I went out in the drive for a while with the yorkies two of the poodle bitches, cracker and Jez, while we were out playing I left the food in for Crackers puppies, they are doing well with their food they started eating solids a few days ago.
Shone and Cito down to the bottom block and Coosa’s group fed.
First lot of washing and drying done, I put all of that away and got the next vet beds washed.
I cut up the chicken as I wanted to feed early today.
Everyone had a run and then went in with their cows ears as I was going to town to meet with my sisters for a late lunch for my middle sisters birthday, we went to the Italian for a change, it was really nice.
I came home and gave everyone a run before dark and then brought Coosa’s group in and fed them and Shone and Cito came up with me, Kiro and Reo out on the drive for the night.
I had a call from a lady on the Scilly Isles she has just purchased my Labrador male puppy just leaving the black girl a family are coming to view her on Wednesday, then this leaves 1 yellow girl and 1 black boy.
Thankfully it was dry when I got up which really was a nice surprise so everyone went out and had food came back into a clean kennel.
Shone and Cito were in the bottom block while the labs were out, I cleaned their kennel and then picked up leaves in the drive.
Vet beds in the washing machine.
I went out and picked up meat and then put the labs back into their kennel and put Cito and Shone out in the field.
I sorted out my emails and phone calls and then it started to rain heavily so Cito and Shone came in and I moved Coosa’s group over and fed them.
As it was really too wet to let anyone out I hoovered and cleaned in the office and kennel area.
Chicken cut up ready for a dry spell so I could feed.
I did a few jobs in the house and then it was drier so everyone fed and out.
Kate popped over to pick up meat and then I got everyone out for another run before bedtime.
I was supposed to be working in the office but I kept finding myself watching the dogs out of the window, they amuse me when they are chasing leaves up and down the drive.
Labs went in and then Coosa’s group down to the kennel and feed.
Shone and Cito up with me and then Kiro and Reo out on the drive for the night.
I spent an hour doing paper work then finished for the night.
After very high winds all night it was nice to wake up to a dry morning.
Everyone went out fed and cleaned.
Vet beds in the wash and Shone and Cito out in the field.
I needed to pack some more paper work in the house.
All the vet beds washed and dried, I cleaned ears on some of the little dogs and then cut up the chicken and fed early as it was looking very much like the rain was going to come in heavy and fast.
Everyone fed and had a good run.
People arrived from Buckingham to look at the black Labrador female puppy and put a deposit on her.
We had really heavy rain for over an hour so everyone stayed in until it passed and then everyone out for a good run before I went off to training I decided not to take Winter tonight as we are testing and it makes it a long night for him in the van on his own.
I ran round like mad getting everything finished and getting the dogs in.
Cito and shone up to my room and Kiro and Reo out on the drive and off I went to training.
We had a good night with the puppy class and then a quick sweep up of the floor so no treats were left down and then on to testing the bronze and silver classes.
Very good night they all did really well, only two dogs not ready yet both are very young they get a little silly and lose concentration and then go into play mode.
Cathy with her new guide dog passed his bronze and silver tonight so a very good result again for Cathy.
We had food and then a tidy up washed everything and then back home.
I checked my emails and Nathan had messaged to say Laura was in labour and it looked like Sophie would be born tomorrow on the 19 th, so we had a long chat and then I rang my sister and told her.
Just before I left for training my hip scores arrived back from the bva for the Labradors that we took up for ex rays last month, all in all extremely pleased with the results.
Breeze 3.3 and 0 elbows
Autumn 3.4 and 0 elbows
Summer 3.3 and 0 elbows
Saffi 2.4 and 0 elbows
Ruby 2.2 and 0 elbows

A terrible wet start to the morning everyone out for a quick run and food, I cleaned the kennels and then Kate arrived and helped me for half an hour then we popped over to pick up tripe and have breakfast.
We got back and the rain had improved but not stopped so everyone was out for a run and then fed.
I wanted to keep in front with everything as Laura has been in labour for 24 hours now and I am patiently waiting for news of my new granddaughter in the hopes to go and visit later today when she has arrived.
The afternoon was drier so everyone was out for a good run while I was working in the office.
Everyone came in and was fed just before 5.30 and then Kiro and Reo out for the night.
It was a very long night waiting for Laura to have my first grandchild, finally Sophie arrived at 6.33 on Friday morning healthy and mum and baby doing well.
Friday morning
A dry start everyone out fed and clean, Hannah arrived to groom I finished off changing the vet beds and then got the dogs back out for Another run as it was still dry but looked like the rain wasn’t far away.
Managed to get two loads of washing done as Hannah is going to have a lot more by the end of the day for me with all of the towels.
Chicken cut up ready and lunch time feeds started, Coosa’s group fed.
The rain was heavy so I popped up to Taunton to leave Laura and Nathan their card and presents for Sophie.
I got back as I had a customer booked in to see the labradoodle puppies.
Everyone out for another run bitches and puppies all fed.
Coosa’s group in and fed and Shone and Cito up with me.
Kiro and Reo out on the drive.

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