22nd May

This week has flown by.
Cedar has now been spayed she will be going to her new home when her sister Boots has weaned her puppies so they can both go together and join their new house mate who is a very nice friendly white German shepherd.
It has been really good to get them a home together and even better they will be local.
We have had a busy week with little extra jobs created by a few of our little house dogs and their csv friends, twice this week they have broken out of the pen in the office and wrecked everything possible.
Kate and I decided we could not face another morning sorting out the mess before a busy day ahead so we have now paneled out the office with kennel panels 6 ft high the same as the wolf dogs have outside.
This has made life so much easier we now have two pens one with the 4 poodles so we don’t find Rupert our stud dog running around the house or sat on the computer chair watching the puppies on the web cam, bless him he is not to happy about his new confinement.
The hybrid pup shy is penned with labradoodles and csv Rupert they have accepted they can not get out so they all curl up happily and sleep most of the night without to much of a problem.
Cito’s pups are doing really well we are shocked at the amount of food they can consume in a day, they are currently eating 3 feeds of Royal Canin mousse and over 600 grams of soaked biscuit.
Poor Cito now has to be fed in a kennel on her own or I think they would starve her.
Cito is being rehomed with her beta male puppy; she is also going to James.
Boots pups are only on the mousse they will be going on to biscuit so we can get her out away from them more to make it easier on her for when she leaves us fairly soon.
Rupert has three more weeks at training before he joins Echo and Wolf back in London, hopefully he will continue to do well when he leaves, he has been a pleasure to train and have here with our dogs, he is happy to join any group of dogs without any fuss.
We have a couple of Mia pups for sale along with a couple of Cito csv pups and Boots still has puppies.
Our next adult female for rehoming will be Meli, she is a six year old csv Inuit great nature good on the lead good with children and other dogs occasionally has selective hearing on a recall. Lives in or out, wormed, micro chipped & vaccinated. Her only fault is not being good with cats.
Meli is due to have pups next month then she would be ready to leave when the puppies are six weeks old.

Due to time wasters Judy the 6-year-old chocolate Labrador is still looking for a home.
El Cid is doing very well James is very impressed with him he works well with younger dogs and has been a real asset to James with his new training centre.

Saturday was really busy lots of visitors and plenty of work; another line of fencing has now gone up so we don’t get dogs barking at each other.
We have re concreted the bottom yard, this has not pleased the pups as they have to be confined to a smaller area until it has all set.

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