22nd May

Saturday ending and Sunday starting with not much sleep in the middle.
I had to spend a lot of time with the bitches with pups we had a humid day and the girls were not too settled.
I got everyone out and fed at first light and then cleaned everyone and changed the vet beds.
Razzle had his medication and then I opened up all the house windows as it has started to get condensation with all the wet walls.
After Coosa’s group was done I cut up all the chicken and put it in the fridge ready for lunch time and evening feeds for Shone’s group and the bitches last feed.
I did the fire and then went out for an hour picking up weeds in the drive.
I brought the labs in from the field as it was getting too hot for them running around; I left them up the top in the pen for an hour before feeding.
I did some weeding up by the steps so I had some contact with the groups over the other side of the garden.
I spoke to a few potential customers today but no visitors so a quiet day with the gates locked and time to spend brushing dogs or ear cleaning.
Everyone was fed and then I went out in the drive for a wander around with the girls that have pups.
I fed everyone and then let everyone out again.
I finally finished at just after 10 pm.
I started just before 5 am and got everyone done and finished by just after 8 when the builders arrived, I spent a short time sorting out todays work list.
My next job was to take Razzle to the vets for a check-up, to decide when to operate, the tissue doesn’t look too bad so Gavin is going to operate on Thursday.
I got home and cut up the chicken and then fed everyone.
The afternoon was dry so dogs were out in the fields and the drive.
I spent the afternoon with bitches and puppies.
I managed to get some paper work done but not very much.
All the evening feeds were finished and then we stopped for dinner.
I brought the last groups in at 8.30 as it was raining.
Another early start everyone finished before 8.30 and then all out in the pens and fields.
I had a few things to catch up on in the kennel and get vet beds washed and dried.
I ordered a pallet of bedding and then sorted out some things with the builders.
I caught up on phone calls and email and then went out and picked up bones.
The chicken delivery arrived.
Lunch time feeds done and then the puppies went out in the run for a play for an hour and then came in and slept for the rest of the afternoon.
Dave and I went to see Laura, Nath and Sophie, we stayed for dinner and then home to sort out dogs.
Not quite such an early start but a wet one.
Dave helped me get the dogs done and then he went in with the builders painting.
I cleaned up the office and let the puppies out into the hall as it was raining.
I popped to the bank and then shopping.
I got home and let the dogs out and then cut up chicken for lunch time feeding.
My next job was to pick up in the drive before the lorry delivered the pellets for the bedding and then a customer arrived to see the poodle puppies.
After she left I let the puppies out into the pen and cleaned them out again.
I fed everyone and then swapped Narla and labs over and then split Shone’s group and fed them and then went to see the builders.
Everyone was out for a good run evening feeding.
All the bitches had clean vet beds and then ears cleaned.
All the dogs stayed out until late.
Everyone was in just before 9 pm.
Another 5 am start as I needed to get all of the dogs done before taking Razzle to the vets for yet another operation on his face.
All done and Razzle dropped off.
I came home and swapped over dogs as I had left a lot of them out.
Lunch time and the puppies fed and then the chicken cut up and everyone else fed.
After everyone had a good run I went off to drop my van in Taunton for an MOT and then home to get everyone fed again in the evening.
I arrived home about 10 minutes after Kate had dropped Razzle off she had picked him up from the vets as I wouldn’t have got back in time.
I fed everyone and then put the dogs all away for the night.
Not quite such an early one but still early enough.
We did all the dogs and scrubbed Coosa’s top pen area and then Dave worked with the builders while I did the dogs.
Hannah was here grooming with another lady she was helping her with some grooming tips.
Hannah held the pups while I microchipped them.
I had puppy viewers and then lunch time feeds.
The afternoon was ok but a bit cold but ok so after everyone had been out I left dogs out so if it rained Hannah would get them in.
Dave and I went back up to pick up my van and then straight home to be ready for customers coming early evening.
I did the feeds and then picked up in the drive and opened the gates.
The visitors picked their puppy he will be ready in July.
After they had left, everyone got out very quickly for a wee before bedtime.
I locked up Coosa’s group and then brought Shone’s group up to the kennel for the night.
Another early start everyone out and done by 8 am and then I went off to the vets with Razzle for a check-up and Dave did some painting in the house.
I got home and let everyone out and then fed everyone.
The afternoon was so wet we decided to go shopping for food and some bits for the house.
We got home and thankfully the rain had really eased up so everyone went out for another good run before bed time.
I had Merlots group out and then all of a sudden there was such a commotion I shot out of the office I knew exactly what was going on as all the dogs were looking at the window.
Razzle has been in the whelping room for 16 days with no problem, this is where I stay when the bitches need extra time spent with them and someone around.
Yesterday I had to move Rupert in there and was alternating them between the crate and sleeping on the bed, well this was Rupert first time being out on the bed without me in the room, the little shit was hanging out of the window as there was a bitch outside on the drive in season.
He soon went back in the crate and Razzle back out on the bed.
I wrote the blog and then fed everyone again.
Feeds all ready for the morning.
I brought Shone’s group up just after 9 pm and then a short time on emails before sitting down for a couple of hours before bed.

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