22nd June

Sunday morning looked dull, I must be honest I felt a little the same, I had been pulling out brambles on Saturday by my oil tank and one of the wooden doors was about to fall off, well when it did a screw went straight into my hip so I was feeling it a little.
I thought it would rain but it just got hotter as the day went on.
Everyone was out fed and cleaned out by 9.30.
All the washing was nearly finished and then a customer arrived to look for a puppy later in the year but ended up with taking one home.
I put all new fly catcher around as the flies have suddenly gone mad they are really irritating the dogs now.
I spent some time doing paper work and then on the net looking for a poodle to import.
The afternoon was hot so I let groups of dogs out for short times as they didn’t really want to be out long.
I spent an hour in with Coosa’s group brushing the last of their coats out and then started weeding one of the top patches of garden up by the old kennel block.
Most of the dogs were in by 7.30 so I washed the yards and then brought Coosa’s group in just before 9 pm.
The next morning was already hot by 7.30 so everyone went out and then had their feeds.
I finished the kennels by 9 ish and then had a customer come to view a dog.
We had a family come and spend time with a puppy as their child had allergies, all went well for a couple of days and then the little boy started with his allergies, the family were distraught when they had to bring the puppy back, it was very sad for them but the pup was fine he soon bounced back.
I have had another couple come and spend time with the hybrids; I also had Rupert the poodle and one of my yorkies out with us.
They enjoyed their visit here more than they had when they went and had a hybrid experience somewhere else; they have decided to have a hybrid from our next litter.
We are breeding a hybrid litter later this year so if you are interested we have already started taking deposits for the next litter.
There has been a number of unsuitable enquires, this is not a pet to be taken on lightly.
All of the small dogs have had to spend more time out in the field this week as it is so hot down in the bottom yards they need to be able to go out in the long grass where they are more sheltered from the sun.
Cam helped me clean the kennels and then we have been weeding another patch of garden ready to plant some more shrubs and plant that my mum grew for me, I still have about 30 pot plants that need to be planted.
By the time I dropped Cam home and went shopping it was getting late so the dogs came in at about 9 pm and it was still hot.
The puppies are doing well they have started eating biscuit now.
Saturday morning I started the dogs at about 5 am as I wanted to be nearly finished when Brian, David and Cam arrived.
The plan was to take out all the panels from the old kennel at the top block and leave just one independent pen just for emergencies.
This would give the hybrids a much larger inside area and also give me a very large pen for Kiro if I needed to get Hannah to do my dogs when she was here grooming it means she does not have to go near Kiro at any time.
All the panels were brought down to the drive and finished off the main drive fencing.
Next all of the panels were taken out of the labs yard and replaced with lighter weight panels for next week’s job when the new yard is extended.
Brian filled a lot of the gaps under the fence with a small breeze block wall so the little dogs can’t get underneath.
The front whelping area will have all the panels taken out next week and the office in the house this will give us another 7 panels, hopefully this will just be enough for the yard.
After everyone left I did the morning feeds and cleaned yards, the dogs came in just before 8 pm and I went off to my sisters for a late dinner and to sort out some of mum’s paper work.

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