22nd July

Last Sunday was good Kate and I did the dogs until Wendy and Brian arrived then I went and helped them and sorted out what we were doing for the day.
Kate carried on with the cleaning and letting dogs out while we slipped off quickly for breakfast before someone came to look at Labradoodles for a future puppy.
We put a new drain in for the yard outside the kitchen and Brian changed the fall on the paving slab yard so all the water goes into the same drain.
He has also used some cleanable board to put on the wall going to the drain to stop the yorkies from going through the drain into the road.
A board has been fixed onto the outside gate to stop them going underneath.
Wendy had dug out some of the garden just inside the gate and put a couple of paving slabs down so the mud doesn’t wash from there down on to the yard.
We had a bit of cement left over so Brian put some up the side of the wall to stop the little dogs digging out the cob along the back of the house.
All in all a very good and successful day, we achieved a lot and the weather stayed dry for us.
Monday morning great start Kate came in with a really nice chocolate cake she had made herself, even though the weather was a let-down it was wet and nasty so after Kate and I had finished the cleaning and feeds we clipped two of the Cocker Spaniels as they were starting to get matted and scruffy.
I painted the bed area of pen 4 so I could get the second coat down later in the week.
As the rain started again very heavy at about 5.0 I took the opportunity to nip out quickly and get some shopping.
When I got home the sun was out so I took all of the house dogs up the field to wear them out for the evening so I could have an hour’s piece.
Not quick but nearly as I then had a big straw delivery ready for the first part of the winter.
Tuesday morning was going to be me supervising and kate showing one of the new girls what has to be done, normally when I go away kate does everything on her own but I thought with having three litters and two more on the way it would help kate if she had someone else here .
This did not go as planned as the new girl could not make it in so as usual just the two of us.
We finished cleaning and unpacked the meat order, I went off to get a lead light so I could see to paint inside the d area of pen four in the bottom block as we have no dogs in there at the moment.
Kate carried on with the rest of the odd jobs and letting everyone out.
I managed to get the first coat of paint done then swapped dogs and did all the afternoon feeding.
I have had a couple of emails and phone calls from Francesca, Quilla and Quannahy are both doing exceptionally well, she has got them walking into town and now taking both of them out together, this is brilliant, I am so pleased with the progress she has made in such a short space of time.
It’s so true if you get the right person with an understanding of these dogs how well they can get along with them.
When I spoke to Francesca on the phone for the first time I could tell she was a lady who would be a real asset to know, and that any re home or older dog she had from me would really benefit from being with her, I will be honest I was a little unsure how my older dog would be with the westies and I did express this to Francesca but she told me see new there would be no problem with Quilla and she was very happy to have her in the house as part of her pack, even with the cat.
The dogs all went out for an hour I the afternoon before they were fed and I went out with the house dogs as Cito , C and Kia all needed brushing.
Wednesday morning was wet until 2 pm so after we had finished the cleaning I spent some time on the computer and doing paper work.
I went out and got a load of shavings and food while I had the chance.
After Kate had gone I did the afternoon and then went to training with C, this was our last class before the silver test next week.
I am not expecting any real issues with C passing.
Emma came over to have a look round and meet the dogs with a view to taking some of Kate’s hours when she leaves at the end of the year.
I got home late but it was nice and dry so all the house dogs went up the field before bed time
Thursday morning was a little wet to start with but then soon dried up and became fairly hot, so after we had finished cleaning I quickly put the second coat of paint on pen four then rushed off to the vets to get Cito spayed as I was having concerns with her, the boys in the house were acting like she was going to come into season and this would have not been the right time of year for her to do this so rather than take any chances of a pyometra I thought it was best to spay her quickly.
When I came home I put her in a cage for a few hours then she got out and took her normal place on the sofa.
I let everyone out again then fed them all.
The house dogs stayed out for most of the evening so they were not climbing all over Cito.
Friday Kate was off so it was Sophie and I, the morning went well I power washed most of the pens and Sophie dried them and put them back together.
I watched while she did Idaho’s pen, there were no problems there.
I have been teaching Sophie what she will have to do on her own as there will be a number of puppies to look after soon and it is easier if she is working with Kate that she will do the pups and house dogs while Kate does the wolf dogs.
I had half an hour to sort out the list of jobs that need doing on Sunday when Brian comes down.
I had a couple come to view dogs, then we did the caustic soda in the labs and labradoodle yard before Sophie finished.
After lunch I spent time weeding and going out with the dogs.
I finished feeding around 6 o clock
Saturday morning was Sophie again, after the kennels were finished she did the house dogs and Biscuit, while I power washed the steps right down through.
Shaun popped in to have chat about one of our girls who was recently re homed and the new owners are struggling with her.
It is very hard to both juggle around dogs and appointments to set a day when we can go up and see what the problem is.
A’Lupa only has a few days left before she whelps so this is making it difficult for me to be able to get out for any length of time.
By the time I finished with cleaning in the afternoon feeding did not start until 6 pm so, I had a late finish.
This week has flown by and we don’t seem to be any further ahead with any of the other jobs that need to be catch up with.

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