22nd January

Wolf dog puppies due from Quannahy and Wayakin on the 4 Th of Feb.
A very cold start to the week and nearly a very wet one too, I was happily power washing away and a large hole blew in the high pressure hose so water was flying everywhere thankfully Kate turned off the electric before I was drowned so it was Wolf to the rescue and a quick trip to the hardware store for a new hose as its impossible to work with only one power washer here as it means carrying it up and down the steps which its not only very heavy, but time consuming.
I have spent some time working with Rupert today and nearly froze, the wind has been terrible.
The tension is building up in the top kennel block as Tory is in season and Lobo really wants to mate her, this poses a problem Lobo has had a vasectomy so from that aspect it is ok but as the other bitch in with her really hates Lobo we are having to put up with him whining and barking.
The three bitches in with Lobo are really starting to have a go at him as he is getting on their nerves, I know how they feel.
Coosa is on form with his howling, when I go out he is giving a very depressed sound to his howl, I went over to visit my neighbour and he howled for an hour without stopping for a break, hopefully this will change as Idaho is due in season anytime from now.
Due to trying to keep down the noise in the top kennel, I have just bought a two way radio as my last one broke. I am hoping this will work as its freezing cold running up there at night.
An early trip to the vets on Tuesday to get Rupert castrated, all went well and Rupert is fine.
Tarna went to a new home today this was very sad but due to cutting down on the wolfdog breeding I felt there was no need to keep as many pure bred Saarloos and I have her sister Tory.
Poor D’Quilla is very unhappy even thought I have put her in with Tory and Koko, it has done Koko the world of good as she was getting a little above herself lately.
I spent the rest of the afternoon power washing as the mornings have been too frozen to chance too much water turning to ice.
Wednesday was a horrible wet start to the day so it turned into a paper work, bathing little dog’s day and rushing around getting organized for training with Peaches and C.
Kate took Peaches in on her own as I had phone calls to sort out, she did very well with her, I think it helped as she didn’t have to worry about me watching over her.
Simon was training his hybrid Narla and also a little labradoodle pup from Saffi his name is Bazz.
C was in the next class with the older dogs, I was impressed with the amount of knowledge she had retained even after the Christmas break.
She even learnt new things, which she completely took in her stride.
Thursday was Kate’s day off so she popped in to pick up Lobo in the morning and still stayed and helped out with cleaning and doing toast for our breakfast, then she went off to the farm to check the sheep with Lobo, he was very good meeting the sheep he was not phased by them nor did he want to chase them which was a bonus.
After the cleaning with Hannah in the morning I did the dogs for the rest of the day and helped Hannah with bathing and grooming the small dogs.
The weather was really horrible wet and miserable it got dark so early, but this did give me a chance to get a little bit organized with who needs worming and vaccinating ready for the weekend.
Late afternoon Cito our 7-year-old pure Czech bitch was returned due to a change in circumstances with her home.
She is now in the house with Rupert, her grandson and C her daughter.
I am looking to put Cito in a permanent home for her retirement, as I really do not have the space for another big dog in the house.
Friday morning a big meat delivery then a puppy went off to his new home.
A family came over to look at the Yorkshire terrier pups, all went well they have picked their puppy.
So far so good then the day started to decline rapidly, I had a major falling out with the hire company from which I had a van from while my van was being repaired they demanded that I pick my van up from the garage without giving me very much notice and said I had been told by the garage my van was ready.
This raised my temper very quickly, I spent the rest of the day running round like mad trying to get finished in time to pick my van up from the garage before it closed.
I had a terrible drive home in the fog.
Saturday should have been training with Rupert, but Unfortunately Wolf had a problem at work and couldn’t make this weekend so I changed my plans from training with Rupert to just working with him in the afternoon.
Kate only worked mornings for this weekend as she will cover Tuesday and Wednesday all day if Wolf can make it next week, then Rupert will be off home for a while.
Saturdays weather was wet, windy and cold not very nice for any of us.
All power washing has been done and finished for the weekend.
Sunday has been really windy but dry so far, unfortunately last night was so bad that the metal gate panel on Coosa’s field has been snapped clean in half on the frame, this will mean some sweet talking to the supplier to get another one sent out as soon as possible.

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