22nd December

Sunday morning was a reasonable start I did the house dogs and then the first group of puppies.
I went down to the kennel and let the labs and poodles out, while they were out they had their food, I fed and cleaned out the puppies and the group kennels from the dogs that were out.
Next out Reo and Siren, then Coosa and the hybrid group.
I finished cleaning and them the rain started, I washed all of the bowls and the weather looked like it was going to be murky, damp and miserable.
I got the hybrids and Coosa in and gave them bones and went to town to get the very last of my Christmas shopping.
I got home and fed the puppies and let the groups out in the same order as the morning, and then the house dogs were out while I was washing down the first yards.
I fed everyone their chicken and got the frozen feeds done for the morning.
I cleaned the next yard and then loaded up my van with more things to move down to the kennel.
Cito, Coosa and Matzi had a brush, not for very long but just to get some more coat out of them.
I cleaned the last yard and the bottom block then I went up and cleaned Coosa’s outside pen.
I brought the last two groups in and fed them all and the bitches and pups.
I sorted out some phone calls and emails and that was it for the day.
Monday morning the house dogs were finished and back in having breakfast when Amy arrived.
I was cleaning the first group of puppies and then we went down to the new kennels and put the first two groups out and fed the puppies and cleaned them all out.
Siren and Reo went out next and we cleaned the next group of puppies out and then Coosa and the hybrids went out and everyone was fed and cleaned out.
We did the house dogs next.
I had another licence inspection for the new kennel building, this took ages as the new laws have come in and the forms have all changed.
I was trying to sort out dog details and stuff with the licensing officer and phone calls as my mum is ill and my Nan is dying, this doesn’t help my day run smoothly.
All I can do to help is phone calls and try and make arrangements as I cannot go and visit my nan, it’s not possible to find someone that can do the dogs properly, I am not risking something happening to any of the dogs so I won’t leave them.
Amy fed the puppies and did some odd jobs.
Next we vaccinated the litter of pups in the front whelping area.
We put Coosa away and let the two doodle and poodle groups out and then I fed the house dogs.
I did the meat for the next day.
Then had a tidy up and got beds down and ready for dogs coming in later.
I picked up several bones out in the field and had a play with the Coosa group.
I got everyone in and fed and finished with the puppies.
Tuesday morning I had finished the house dogs and done the feeds for the puppies out the front whelping area when Amy arrived so we fed them and cleaned their pen.
Next we went down to the kennels and put the lab and doodle group out and fed and cleaned the puppies and the two pens from the dogs that were out.
Kiro and Reo’s group went out next, we cleaned them out and put their feeds in, then Coosa and the hybrids went out both of their pens were really dirty so we cleaned them right out and got all the rubbish out and burnt.
The meat arrived so we unpacked it and did the feeds for the day and the next day’s frozen feeds.
Amy did the house dogs while I cut up chicken for the little dogs.
Amy fed the puppies while I brushed Cito and Shone and then we microchipped the puppies.
The afternoon I sorted out paper work and tidied up in the house.
We fed the little dogs down at the kennels and then Amy left.
I put dogs in and out for the afternoon and then fed everyone and locked up.
Wednesday morning Amy came in as the weather was bad she decided not to go hunting today.
Amy fed the first group of puppies while I washed up all the bowls and finished off the house dogs.
We went down to the kennel and let the labs and doodles out.
We cleaned them out and fed them then put the next groups out; after everyone was cleaned out we took pictures of the puppies and checked all the microchips were in and fine.
The window guys turned up to finish off the trims around the velux windows and to put some more insulation around them to stop any condensation.
Simon arrived to fit the new galvanised bucket holders in all of the large kennels and to put the metal window strips on so the dogs can’t eat the windows, and then he made a box around the outlet for the water heater.
He has also put a decent latch on the gate out to the poodle yard.
Amy sorted out leaves and re cleaned puppies, I went to the bank and got some shopping, when I got back we did the lunchtime feeds for the puppies and the house dog and little dogs had their chicken.
Amy left and I sorted out some things with Simon and then Rach phoned to say she was not far from here so I put the oven on and started a late lunch.
I got all of the dogs in except Coosa’s group as the weather was appalling.
Rach arrived and we had a chat and some food then she went off home with Vika, hopefully I may get some sleep now, Vika was great but Rupert was a complete nightmare trying to get her out of the cage and pulling her bedding out.
I let the dogs out for a quick wee and then everyone was in and fed, then I did the puppies and that was the end of my day.
Thursday morning was a dry start I got the house dogs out and fed and then started the puppies and Amy arrived, after we finished the first group we went down to the kennels and let the doodles and poodles out with their food while we fed and cleaned the puppies out.
After we had cleaned the kennels from the dogs that were out they came in and the next two went out which was Kiro and Reo’s groups we cleaned them out and put their feeds in ready for them coming in.
Coosa and the hybrid groups went out and had their food out in the field, we cleaned them out and moved the yorkies from the house over into Coosas kennel as he has a large kennel and it gives them a dry place to play during the day.
We finished cleaning and tiding up in the kennel and Hannah arrived to groom the little dogs so she started in the house with the two yorkies and the poodles with puppies.
We came down and did the house dogs and then the meat for the next day.
Amy did some odd jobs while I was busy with a customer.
I had to go to mole valley and pick up more shavings and meet with my sister.
I had insurances for the house and the kennels to get done and then we fed the puppies and the little dogs their chicken.
I spent an hour on the net searching for another poodle male for my labradoodle girls and a couple of my own poodles, not very successful.
I did my kennel club registrations for the poodle litter I have at the moment.
Next we microchipped and vaccinated a couple of pups and one of my doodle bitches.
Hannah cut all the puppies nails and cleaned their ears.
The weather in the late afternoon turned really wet so all the dogs came in by 3.45 pm.
I did some paper work while I knew they would all be quiet.
I did the evening feeds and finished outside at 5.30.
Friday morning was an early start I had all the house dogs done and the bed from the spare room in the house already stripped and in the washing machine.
Amy arrived and I had started with the first group of puppies.
Next we went down to the kennels and put the first two groups out and fed the puppies, we cleaned the five kennels and then Reo and Kiros group went out, we cleaned them out and then Coosa and the hybrid groups out we washed their kennels right down as they were dirty.
I came back up to the house as Amy had said Shone had opened the puppy food container and it was all over the floor, that was not the worst of it she had ripped up loads of my paper work and letters and smashed a pack of light bulbs, I put all of the house dos out and cleaned up the mess.
Shone stayed out all day after that I was not very happy with her, as she is ok in the house at night I have brought Narla back up from the kennel so they can go out together in the day and both come in at night, they seem much happier with this.
After we had finished cleaning Amy did the house dogs while I was with the plumber sorting out the certificate for the water heater, we had a coffee and a chat and then I had someone come to look at puppies.
I sorted out the meat delivery and got the feeds done ready for the day and then the frozen feeds for the morning.
Next I went up the field to feed the hybrid groups and saw there was tree laying over the fence it was held up by the top strand of high tensile wire, I was worried the dogs could walk up the tree and over the fence so I tried to lift it back over the top, all went well until I realised that I had grabbed a part of the tree that was wrapped in black thorn I was not impressed it hurt like hell, but I did manage to get the tree back over the fence.
Amy helped with some vaccinations and then she left and I fed the little dogs and the house dogs.
The afternoon was nice and the sun stayed out until just after 4, the last dogs came in at 4.30 and then I did the feeds locked everyone up and fed the puppies in the house.
Saturday morning I woke up early which was just as well as it took me 20 minutes to get out of bed, my shoulder was giving me excruciating pain.
It eased up during the course of the day but I still had to be careful.
I did the house dogs and puppies then went down to the kennel leaving Shone in the yard.
After I had fed and cleaned everyone out I took Narla up to be in with Shone which pleased them both.
I had a customer come and pick up their puppy.
I did the lunchtime feeds and the frozen feeds for the next day.
I sorted out a couple of phone calls and then swapped dogs around; the lab group were only out in yards today as they were causing my neighbour a problem yesterday.
Jezz was running around with a kong in her mouth barking.
The hybrid groups stayed out all day and Reo and Kiro alternated with the paddock.

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