21st september

Sunday morning was a slightly later start than normal, I let the house dogs out and fed the hybrids, puppies had their food in the yards and then Kiro went in with her food.
I put Coosa’s groups bones up in the pen ready for them and then fed Millie and Rupert.
I went down to the kennel while Rach was getting her van ready for the bitches leaving.
I let the three bitches out and the labs and fed everyone else.
After the girls had been for a run Rach and I loaded them into the van and off they went to live with Rachael, a sad morning but the girls will be ok.
I put Coosa’s group into their pen and then let Razzle and Buds groups out with food.
Puppies all fed and then I started cleaning the kennels.
I finished cleaning and washing bowls then lit the fire and put the two hybrid groups out in the field.
I spent all the rest of my day in between feeding and letting dogs out either ear cleaning or doing paper work for the puppies leaving next week.
Everyone had their chicken carcasses and all of the dogs were out in the field or in pens outside
I had the house dogs and Ollie the yorkie out in the drive for an hour while waiting for someone to come and look at the yorkies with a view of having a puppy, when he left Shiraz got out of one gate and into the air lock and started messing around and would not come back in, I opened the gate to go and get her she ran in and I caught Chilli’s leg under the gate, he cried so I picked him up and took him back into the house, hopefully it is nothing serious.
I brought the house hybrids in and then Coosa’s group and went and hosed the puppies yard in the dark, thankfully I have got good flood lighting in that yard.
Monday morning was a dull start but dry, I woke up with the most awful back and chest pains I could hardly breath, I telephoned the doctor at my osteopaths clinic and had a chat with him, appointment booked for Wednesday afternoon, not great timing with having to get back for training but it was the only appointment they had for this week.
I put the house dogs out and fed them, Kiro back in and then up to the kennel, everyone out, cleaned and fed.
Coosa out in his own field as he has been howling in field two so I put the house hybrids out there and left the door open for Rupert and Millie to go out in the bottom yard.
I cleaned the yards and then checked the feed supplies to make sure if I needed to order anymore yet.
I had to clip feet and faces on the poodle puppies that are leaving, only one was a nightmare he would not stay still he thought it was a game so he does not look as tidy as the others.
I scanned and wormed the puppies and double checked all the paper work was done for them leaving this week and then soaked the feeds for lunch time, all the adults had their chicken carcasses and pups all fed.
I cleaned up in the drive as I had the scrap metal people coming down to see how much had to be picked up when they are passing.
I shredded a load more paper for the puppies beds and then put the hybrids out in field one and moved Coosa to field two.
Puppies all fed and the next group of little dogs were out, I got all the washing in and folded the towels.
I stopped for dinner and then cleaned the puppy yard by the house.
I brought the two hybrid groups in when I eventually managed to get Coosa in as he was being stubborn and stayed up in the field, by the time I had walked up to the top of the field and persuaded him to get up I could hardly breathe.
Tuesday morning I got up still feeling not too good, after everyone was out I cleaned the kennels and then unpacked both meat deliveries and did the fire.
I came down to clean the bottom block and Rupert had been out and took all of the bones into the kitchen, so after I had hosed the yard I put all the bones back out and shut him out of the yard.
As the morning had been slow it was already lunchtime feeding, everyone was fed and then I spent the afternoon registering microchips for previous litters and the litter leaving this week.
I fed everyone and then washed up all the bowls and did the morning feeds ready.
House dogs fed and chicken out for the next day’s lunchtime feeds.
I spent a short time on the internet and then hosed the puppy’s yard and then had dinner.
I got the two hybrid groups in and then spent the evening with the house dog puppies.
Wednesday morning was an early start as I had planned to phone the doctors at 8.30 and hoped to get an appointment for the morning.
I had everyone fed and out, I ended up at the doctors and then straight off to the hospital for chest x- ray, bloods and an ecg, all was ok so the outcome was skeletal and muscular so I have rebooked an appointment with the osteopath for next week was the earliest I could get in.
I cleaned most of the kennels out and moved all the puppies into clean kennels.
Kate came to the rescue with Millie and cleaned the rest of the kennels and fed everyone and let everyone out.
I got home from the hospital and had a coffee with Kate and let Coosa’s group out and the house hybrids out and the puppies.
While everyone was out I power washed all of Coosa’s top pen area and then came down to feed the puppies.
I finally finished well after dark and then had a couple of hours with the house dogs, it was a nice peaceful evening as I would normally be a dog training the phone was quiet which was nice, I had an early night as I was still feeling rough.
Thursday morning was a little slow as getting used to this much pain was hard to deal with; I got everyone out and swapped all the puppies over into clean kennels and then cleaned and washed all of their kennels out.
I put the hybrids out in both fields and Razzle group in the drive.
Dave arrived and we had a quick coffee I fed everyone lunch and then a feed delivery arrived so I put that away and then did the insurances for puppies leaving.
I cleaned the boom yard and the bottom block, by this time I was shattered so time for more pain killers and lunch.
We started to paint the new kennel block as we were expecting the possibility of rain coming in soon, 160 meters two coats of paint was our project for a couple of days.
Dogs were let in and out in between painting.
We did the evening feeds and carried on until dark, we had dinner at about 9 pm.
Friday morning was very busy, owners coming all day to pick up puppies a big meat delivery and more painting.
Gavin my vet came out and vaccinated a customer’s puppy and check over one of the poodle puppies due to leave at the weekend to travel to the Isle of Wight.
Everything was fairly much as the day before and still we didn’t finish until nearly 9.30 pm and still had feeds to get ready for the morning.
Saturday morning everyone out and cleaned and one owner coming to pick up their puppy, so we carried on painting.
We did the normal day dogs out most of the day, the only time they had to stay in the pen and not on the drive was when some ignorant person booked to view lab puppies and did not turn up, they were even as rude as you can be when I rang them I only said my name and the woman put the phone down on me, I really did not care if they didn’t want to look at the pup but I did have someone else waiting for me to call them as they really wanted the last boy.
I let the dogs back out on the drive and we carried on painting until nearly dark, all that needs to be finished is ¼ part of the top of the gable end.
I did the evening feeding and then we did paper work until 9.30 pm and then got all the dogs in and let kiro out.

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