21st October

Sorry for the last blog last week but Jaq was away at a dance competition this is why it did not go up until late evening.
Kate and I were working last Sunday; we had a dry start for a change.
I was even more grateful than usual as I was really tired from being up and down most of the night with dogs howling and checking bitches.
The morning went well so I spent some time on the computer before we had a family come to pick up their puppy.
Kate finished off the odd jobs outside.
The house dogs got out into the field quite early so they were happy and settled for the day running around in the yard.
Coosa was vocal today so I had to spend most of the afternoon weeding and doing odd jobs up and around the top kennel block or he wouldn’t stay quiet.
Matzi was not helping by answering him constantly, the two boys like to be together but at the moment it is not a good idea to keep Taska and Lycan together as I feel Lycan will bully Taska and this is not what I want just before Taska is due to come into season.
After I had finished feeding I gave Atlz, Coosa and Kia a brush.
At around 5 pm it turned really chilly so I went and put the heat lamps on the puppies and checked all of the water buckets.
The bottom two kennels went out again for their last run and I had Kiro in the yard for a while, she was not happy to be out so she started trying to open the gate and being very noisy and bouncy, best move take her back to her kennel before she falls over or something stupid as she is really big, I think she has a few puppies that hopefully will be joining us soon, her first due date was the 13 th and the last day could be up to the 17 th, I am shattered even before they get here.
I can’t wait for them to be born as it can be stressfully for the last few days when they are nearing the due date and then once they are here the first week it just as worrying.
I enjoy from the third week the most with any litter as they are just starting to change, by week four you can see the personalities coming out.
All the rest of our pups are doing well, which is great they will be going on to solid food next week; this will make a lot more work.
But by the time we need to be sending more time with the hybrids the other pups will be fairly independent.
Finally the anticipation was over I called Kirsty in for 6 am and the first pup had been born.
Kate came in at 7.30 to do the rest of the dogs while I helped her and went back and forth to Kirsty.
This all worked well as kirsty only had to telephone from the whelping area so I could be there before each pup arrived just in case a problem arose.
Apart from Kiro being a bit rough on some of the cords everything went well.
She is on the web cam with eight healthy puppies and mum and pups all doing well.
Kirsty stayed for 6 hours, which was really handy to have the third person to keep constant watch on the mum and pups to make sure she was as settled as possible.
I changed all of wet and dirty vets beds she had whelped on and got the washing machine on overtime.
The weather was awful all day; Kate was run ragged with dogs in and out and getting caught in very heavy down pours.
I did the feeding and helped Kate for the afternoon and checked Kiro every half an hour for the next 6 hours.

We finally came inside and Kate finished at 6 pm.
I got the morning feeds ready and spent the next couple of hours doing odd jobs and checking on bitches and pups.
Bed was calling at 1 am, it was a short night.
Tuesday morning was Kirsty and I.
We had a slow start as I was not as awake as I could have been, everyone got out and we had the odd small shower and quite windy.
I cleaned most of the kennels with Kirsty and then I came in to do the house dogs and bitches.
Kirsty gave me a hand to put the new lamps up, that was fun as we have no power points in the new build I was climbing across the top of a wire pen.
Another job sorted before tory has her pups.
I did a few emails and phone calls.
I spent the afternoon brushing Atlz and sweeping and hosing the leaves from all of the concrete areas.
I changed all of the water buckets and then did the vet beds.
I put the house dogs out for an hour in the field then cooked all of the chicken for the housedogs.
Wednesday morning Kate and I did the cleaning and Kirsty sat with Tory as she was looking a little stressed.
After we had done most of the cleaning Kate finished off and I went out to get some shopping and dog food for Kia as she has been ill on the food we have just tried her on, unfortunately at nearly 12 years old I am struggling for the first time I her life to keep weight on her.
I got home and hoovered the house and changed the house dogs bedding, then spent a few minutes on the computer.
Kiro wanted to come out so we quickly wiped her box round and changed her vet bed; her puppies are all doing well.
We have one male and 2 females available on her litter for sale.
I cooked up the next lot of chicken and mince ready to freeze for the little dogs.
After I had fed and finished everyone Kate came in and sat with Tory for a couple of hours so I could go to training with C.
We had a reasonable night training but not her best as we went a little backwards on the send away again.
When I got home Kate left and I checked all of the dogs again and let the house dogs out.
I spent all night in and out checking on Tory, she started whelping at 3.45 am.
Kirsty came in at 6 and stayed with tory for 6 hours while Kate and I did cleaning and getting all the other jobs done.
We had a delivery of shredded tissue that we are going to use for the bitches as the pups get bigger.
Hannah was here grooming so I was helping her with a number of dogs in the morning and then I spent the afternoon, grooming, checking on bitches and pups in between letting dogs out and feeding.
We bathed and clipped about 9 or 10 dogs so a late finish.
I had people viewing dogs in the evening and had to pop in to town for 10 minutes.
I had several phone calls to sort out before it got too late.
I finished and went to bed at 1 am.
Friday was a dry day; we were very busy in the morning with cleaning and changing vet beds.
All of the girls are doing well with their puppies; we have just changed one litter over to our new tissue bedding to make less washing.
I spent an hour or so doing jobs in the house while Kate did the outside dogs, then Kate went out in the field and got a couple of photos that I needed.
We then photographed the little pups.
I had a couple of viewings of cockapoo and doodles.
I spent some time out in the field with the wolf dogs.
I let my last two groups out then took some pictures of the house dogs.
I had an evening viewing of little dogs.
I fed and locked everyone up then spent the rest of the evening sat with the house dogs thinking of names for the next litters.
Saturday morning was Kate and I we had a really nice dry day, all the cleaning was finished early and vet beds changed.
I had a hybrid viewing and then took the families off to the pub to see Kirsty and Lupus.
They were very pleased to meet Lupus and really impressed with him as everyone is.
Kate stayed on late as usual.
I started feeding when I got back.
Matzi was lame last week and then he was fine as he was only out with Lycan, today he went out with Coosa and then came back in very lame again.
I am fairly sure he has broken his toe as it’s the only part of his foot he is not happy about being touched.
When I fed the house dogs all their carcasses were out in the yard ready I let the little dogs out first and then C as she always goes straight to her part outside the labs yard to eat, well not always as she ran into the little dogs yard and grabbed a carcass and ran to where she would eat, she did not make it back to her area as she had a long line of yapping dogs on her heels, she dropped the carcass and ran for safety, it was so funny to watch the little ones chase her, they have no fear.
Maybe next time she won’t try and steal their food.

I left Coosa and Taska out in their pen while I put the house dogs out for an hour and a half and hosed down all of the day pens and put the bitches with pups out and got everyone settled for the night with their heat lamps on.
I spent a bit of time with Coosa in his kennel before locking him in.
After all the dogs were back in from the field I downloaded some pictures and wrote the rest of the blog.

C sat watching the little dogs

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