21st June

Saturday evening just before I was due to go out Coosa came in with blood coming out of his foot, somehow he has managed to rip his foot and pull the nail out, by the time I had finished sorting out his foot I was late to go out for dinner.
Sunday morning was an early start as I had people coming today.
I put the house dogs out and made the feeds and then cleaned the house puppies out.
I put Kiro and Reo away and fed them.
The labs went out and had their food; I cleaned their kennel and then brought the house dogs in.
I picked up in the drive and the yard, the yorkies went out in the yard and then I let the kennel dogs out and started to let everyone out and feed them and clean the kennels.
Coosa’s foot is improving he has lost his nail; Taska hasn’t taken anymore stitches out.
My visitors came and saw their puppy and then I did the fire, the hybrids always come down and stand by the fence when I am doing the fire, all them came down except Coosa so after I had done it I went up the field to check on him, he doesn’t seem very happy today so I will go and give him a brush later today.
I came back down and washed out two of the big kennels and the hallway.
Next was to pick up in the drive again and open the gates ready for the wolf dog arriving; he is staying for a while until he can be homed.
I had visitors arrive to see the puppies; they were here for a while.
After they left I fed everyone there lunch time feeds and cleaned the puppies out again.
I spent some time with each group of dogs and cleaned the ears on the little dogs.
I went up and spent some time with Coosa’s group I gave him a brush and then in with the labs to play ball with him.
Evening feeds done and then the morning feeds done ready.
I did some weeding and then picked up in the drive, I locked up the gates and then let Kiro and Reo out and fed them.
The yorkies went in and I cleaned their yard, the house dogs all came in and had food.
Monday morning was an early start as I had a puppy owner coming at 9 am so I needed to get everyone done.
I did the hose dogs and then did labs and let them out in the field.
The house dogs all went back in and then Kiro and Reo went back in.
I let the yorkies out in their yard and then did the kennel dogs and opened the gates ready for my owner coming.
After she left I let the next group of dogs out and then went into town and dropped off all of my stuff for planning.
I got home and then let everyone back out and did the lunch time feeds.
Kirsty popped in to spend some time with my new dog and have a coffee.
I spent the afternoon sorting out paper work and house work.
Evening feeds ready, next was to take out the new rescue dog into the drive for a wander around on the lead as he doesn’t really come to his name.
We were out for a short while and then he wanted to go back into his kennel.
I left a group of dogs out in the drive and then I had dinner and then fed the house dogs.
I picked up in the drive and locked the gates, next was to take the house dogs out in the drive for a run before they came in for the night.
Coosa’s group came in and had food, I fed the rest of the kennel dogs and then let Cito and Shone out in the field and Kiro and Reo out in the drive for the night.
Tuesday morning was a nice warm start, the house dogs went out and then the labs went out.
The yorkies went out in their yard, and then I opened the gates as the fencing guys were due to arrive.
I fed and cleaned out all of the kennel dogs and cleaned out the puppies.
The fencing guys arrived and I went up and sorted out where they needed to fence.
The labs came in and Coosa’s group went out into the paddock.
Shone and Cito went out in the garden and the poodles went out in the yard.
I cut up the chicken ready for lunch time feeding.
I ordered more minced chicken for the little dogs and puppies.
Coosa’s group had to go into the top kennel area as it was getting too hot in the paddock and the fencing was not finished.
Siren and Narla went out in the paddock everyone else was either out in the drive or in their yards.
I cleaned the bottom block, and then visitors arrived to see their puppy, they were here about half an hour, after they left I brought shavings and food in to the kennel for the morning.
Meat out for the next day, I gave Coosa a brush and then went out in the drive for a while with my rescue dog, he was good, recall not so good but its early days.
I cleaned ears on the little dogs.
Nearly all the paper work done for the pups leaving.
Puppies needed worming and some needed a quick hygiene clip before they leave this week.
Evening feeds done ready, puppy food soaked.
I brought all of the washing in.
Puppies and kennel dogs fed.
The fencing guys left at 7.30 so Coosa’s group went out in field two the labs were fed and went out in field one.
Kennels ready for everyone coming in.
All in and fed by 9.30, kennel locked up.
Kiro and reo out for the night and the house dogs in.
Wednesday morning was an early start, house dogs out Kiro and Reo in, labs fed and out and their kennel cleaned.
Shone caught a baby rabbit in the garden so she had early breakfast, Cito did not get a look in.
Poodle’s room cleaned and puppies cleaned and fed.
House dogs all in with food.
Kennel dogs all fed and cleaned out and had a good run.
Drive all clean and gates open.
A puppy viewer arrived to look at the last poodle pup I have left well she was actually the pup I was keeping but I have decided to wait until next year to keep one.
After they left the next group went out in the drive and the dogs in the field swapped over.
Vaccines done for the pups leaving and all paper work finished.
I cut up the chicken and fed everyone.
Feed delivery arrived and then I had lunch and a quick bath ready for training.
Evening feeds done ready.
Everyone fed and in except Coosa’s group stayed out while I was at training.
I picked up in the drive and opened the gates.
Shiraz in the van and off we went.
We had such a busy night the puppy class was full to the max with new intakes.
Shiraz was really good stays were good and recall perfect.
I got home a little earlier than normal which was good as the bitches needed to go out and the house dogs had to be fed again.
Coosa group in and fed and Kiro and reo out for the night.
Thursday morning was an early start as puppies started leaving from 9 am and all of my dogs had to be fed exercised and cleaned out before anyone arrived.
After all the puppies had gone I cleaned their kennel out and moved each group up and hoovered and washed their kennels.
I cut up the chicken for the Lunch time feeds and then fed everyone.
My rescue dog went out in the paddock for the first time today he enjoyed having a good sniff around where all the other dogs have been.
My last customer came at 5 pm so then the gates were locked and dogs out in the drive and the fields.
Last dogs in and fed at just after 9 pm, Kiro and Reo out and then the house dogs in.
Friday morning everyone out done and finished by 9 am.
Fire done meat delivery sorted out, the labs had been run and so had Cito and Shone.
Customer arrived and after they had gone I loaded up the rescue dog and off to the vets with Kirsty for him to get a check-up and vaccinated.
We got home and Kirsty picked up her food and off she went.
I got everyone fed their chicken and then visitors arrived for the afternoon to see the labradoodles and the puppies as they may want one later on.
Everyone went out after they had gone and I picked up in the labs pen and let them out in the field.
Everyone was fed evening feeds and then all in by 9.30
Saturday morning was a little bit wet and then it cleared out nicely.
House dogs all done and then labs out.
Kiro and Reo in and then all the kennel dogs done.
I did the fire and then went out in the paddock with the brush cutter it seemed to takes ages as it had got very long in a short time.
I finished the paddock and let Cito and shone up from the garden into the field.
Puppies in the house and kennel all cleaned out again.
I washed the floors in the house and then brought Shone and Cito in and put Narla and Siren out in the field.
I went out in the paddock with my rescue dog on a lead so he could meet Narla and Siren through the fence, all was good so I let him off the lead and left him out for a while.
I fed everyone their lunch time feeds and then power washed the labs pens.
I spent the afternoon power washing and then did the evening feeds and brought everyone in and then locked up and let the house dogs in and Kiro and Reo out.

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