21st July

Sunday morning the dogs were noisy at 6 am and my neighbour wrote a letter and hand delivered it saying I had to cut down on the dogs we have here but as I explained in my reply if you have 6 noisy dogs it makes no difference how many dogs you actually have, so that was a good start to the morning.
I did the house dogs and Sam started doing bitches feeds and puppy feeds.
We changed all the vet beds and then put two groups out up the top kennel, Kiro is not helping with noise as everything she does is vocal.
We cleaned all the bottom groups out and then brought the two top groups in and put Kiro in her day pen.
After we had fed everyone and cleaned them we came down to clean yards and put the house dogs in the field.
Sam cleaned the whelping area.
Stuart arrived to do some more strimming and cutting the grass in between the new trees.
Ranger was loving his new bath in his pen he spent most of the morning sitting in there.
We defrosted two freezers as we are short on chicken this week.
Kirsty came down to pick up bones for her dogs and stopped for a short while.
We had no one booked in to see dogs today so it was a nice peacefully people free day.
We stocked up everywhere with paper, shavings, blue roll and disinfectants as we had some spare time.
Sam cleaned all the meat trays and feed bins, while I checked on the poodle group and did a quick clean.
I wormed the Coosa pups and played with them throwing their ball up and down the pen.
I put all the chicken that had defrosted into the fridge ready for the lunch time feeds.
I went back and defrosted the third freezer and put the ice out in the yard for the dogs to play with.
I took my Coosa pup for a walk down the drive and then up the field to see how well Stuart was getting on finding the trees amongst the long grass, I have named my pup River, we walked back down the drive as it is gravel and the tarmac on the road would have been too hot, she was very good.
I hosed all the yards down again and changed everyone’s water as it was warm and horrible; Ranger had fresh water in his bath to play in.
I got the morning frozen feeds done and then put the vet beds out in the whelping areas ready for the morning change.
I wormed the bitches that have puppies.
I gave Coosa a wash off with the hose as he was looking hot, he loves to play with water and try and eat the hose pipe.
Al the dog went out again from 5 pm, I did the feeds for the bitches and pups and washed all the yards again, the last dogs came in at 10 pm.
I left the Coosa pups out as it was so hot, the temperatures here today was in the thirties.
Monday morning was a 5.30 start; I did the top groups and then came down to the house dogs and the bottom groups, everyone was out cleaned and fed by 8.
I started the cleaning and changing vet beds, while I was down by the house doing bitches I put C and Shone out in the field.
All washing was done and finished.
My meat delivery came a day early so I got that all sorted and packed away.
I put the Coosa pups in the yards with Shone and cleaned their pen and then put them back in with their chicken carcasses.
I had a builder here sorting out prices for the new kennel so I was up there with him for half an hour.
I came back in and fed all the bitches, pups and little dogs.
I sorted out my emails and adverts and washed all the bowls.
Next was clean Coosa’s ears and one of the bitches needed ears cleaning.
I filled up the bath for Ranger to have a play and gave Kiro a quick brush.
I then came in for lunch while Kiro was out; all the dogs stayed in for a few hours and then back out until 10 pm.
I got all the vet beds done and put back in by the bitches whelping areas for the next day’s change.
I took my Coosa pup, river, for a walk down the drive and to have a look in the new kennel while I burnt the rubbish.
I got all my own washing done and then washed the floors in the house while all the dogs were out.
I took Ranger for a walk around the field, he was not impressed as he is lazy, and so it was a slow walk.
When Kiro came in I put Moon out and came back in the house to get the puppy feeds done and feed the bitches.
I hosed all the yards and gave the doodle yard a good scrub with a new cleaner it is a really good degreaser it took all the fat up from the chicken carcasses.
I hosed off Narla and Shone and then came in for dinner.
I went back out and did some weeding and tidying up, after the last dogs came in I did the frozen feeds and the biscuit feeds for the next day.
I went to bed just before 12 and the dogs got me up at 3 am I went back to bed twice by 4 pm I had enough of them and let Coosa out, this turned out to be a bad move by 4.20 he back in his day pen as he kept howling.
I left him there and went to get a coffee, he was howling again so I fed him, no this did not work either, so I gave in and stayed up the top and cleaned all of the kennels.
When I had done them all I left coosa in his day pen and left matzi in the field and Kiro out.
I came down and did the house dogs and changed three of the vet beds in the puppy areas.
I had breakfast at 5 am and then back out and cleaned the yard.
Sam arrived at 7.30 so next we did the bottom groups and cleaned the whelping areas.
Sam took the feed bins up to the top kennel and we got the dogs in and fed everyone.
Next we cleaned Idaho’s pen right through and then down to hang out washing.
I had two lots of people visiting puppies so I needed to go into town before they arrived, I took river with me for a drive and got back a few minutes after the first lot of people arrived.
We did the lunchtime feeds and I cut all the chicken up for the little dog’s feeds.
My next viewers were 45 minutes late so we had dogs shut in that were waiting to be fed, this was rather annoying but people very often are.
Finally after a couple of hours they left and took the puppy so I could carry on with my day.
Sam was cleaning a panel in the doodles kennel and I had a look at it she had done a really good job it was sparkling all the grease gone.
Kate was a star she went hunting around the shops to get me safety cotton buds for the poodle’s ears as we have so much trouble getting hold of them, after clearing out two shops she has bought enough for quite a while.
I washed all the yards down again, next was cleaning up bones and muck in Coosa’s field, that was a night mare Coosa is constantly wanting to take the bones back out of the bucket or sit on my lap, after an hour in the heat I gave up and came down to be more productive.
I loaded up the kitchen cupboards with dog food and wrote a list of things to do for the next morning.
I left everyone out in the fields and yards I came in and cooked dinner and sat down for an hour.
Back out started putting dogs in and cleaning yards.
Malcolm came down with this week’s chicken order, so I sorted that out.
Narla and Shone went out in the field at 9.30 while I was doing morning feed preparation.
I went to bed at 11 for a change as I was shattered after my 3 am wake up call.
Wednesday morning was 4 am shutting the dogs up and 5 am start outside.
All the top group except Moon had been out by 7 am, I then put Shone and Narla out in the field while feeding the rest of the house dogs.
Sam arrived and we fed the bitches and pups and got the rest of the dogs out in their yards.
We cleaned the whelping areas and changed all the vet beds and did the water in all areas.
Shone and Narla came in at 8.30 and C and Cito went out, we moved Narla to pen four as she was being too clumsy with the Coosa pups.
Coosa pups went into the yard with Shone and played in the bath of water while we cleaned out their pen and disinfected it.
I took River for a quick walk as it was really hot and only going to get hotter as the day went on.
All the dogs went out in the field until 12 o clock and then everyone stayed in for three hours.
I got the frozen feeds ready for the morning as I didn’t want to have it sort it out when I got home from training.
Sam got my van papered out and ready for the three dogs.
I did the lunch time feeds and cut all of the chicken for the little dogs.
I got my chicken cooked for River and Ranger for training.
As I had some time before leaving I hoovered all of the upstairs and had a quick tidy up in the house.
I cleaned ears on a few of the little dogs.
Sam arrived to look after the dogs and Kate arrived just as we were loading the last dog, she was running a little late as she had to help a cow that was calving before she could leave.
All three dogs were very good; Ranger is struggling a little with the heat as he has got a lot of coat.
River was really good; so far I think she is the best hybrid I have taken to training.
Shone’s heel work has improved so much she shows a lot more enthusiasm than C ever did.
Shone at training..pic taken by Kate Brown

We had a quick trip around Tesco’s on the way home to get some more cotton buds for the little dogs.
When we got home we got the three in and fed them, I took Ranger up while Kate let the house dogs out.
Then we cleaned out my van that was pleasant.
I got Coosa and Matzi’s groups in and moved Kiro to her night kennel.
We had a coffee and Kate left.
I sorted out the morning feeds and washed the yard again.
Solo, Jasons Hybrid male with Luna one of our Hybrid girls

Thursday morning was unbelievably hot, I put Kiro and Reo out first, then down to get the house dogs out and bitches and pups fed
I changed all the vet beds and had everyone out and fed by 8.30 as they were not going to want to eat in the heat.
I went back up and cleaned all the top kennels and then down and cleaned all the bottom groups and the whelping areas, by this time it was nearly 11 am so I soaked the feeds for the pups and changed their water, the next lot of beds were now out on the line.
I put Shone, Narla and the Coosa pups in the yard and cleaned their pen, I moved them back into their pen and left the gate open to the isolation kennel as it is really cool in there.
Matzi and Taska had field two with the gate open to the track as it cool and shaded, Coosa group had their pen and field.
I left them for a couple of hours as it was too hot for the other dogs to go out in the field.
I fed the bitches and pups and cut the chicken for everyone else.
I spent an hour on the computer doing microchip registrations for pups that have gone, and then started looking for another yorkie bitch.
I thought I was going to fall asleep at the computer so I abandoned that job and went and bathed two of the little dogs as they have pups and they were getting sticky.
I hosed the yards again, then put out Moon or an hour while I cooked my dinner and fed the pups.
Next out was Kiro for an hour while I cleaned the pups and washed bowls.
Reo and A’lupa went out while I cleaned outside pens and got the inside kennels ready for them all coming in later.
I got the frozen feeds done for the morning and fed the Coosa pups.
Matzi went out for a couple of hours while I wrote out a list of who needs worming and a list for Sam for the next morning.
I had dinner while Narla and Shone were out in the field and then cleaned the yard and moved the Coosa pups into their night pen.
I gave Coosa and Moon a brush and did all the outside pens with clean water.
Vet beds already in the whelping areas for the next morning.
I finished the yards and got everyone in for 9.45 and sat down for a couple of hours with the house dogs.
Friday morning the dogs started kicking off at 3 am I shut them up and then stated to let them out from 5 am, I was so tired all I wanted to do was go back to bed, no chance of that.
Kiro and Reo’s groups out first, Coosa pups fed as I wanted to take them all out for a walk at around 10 am.
House dogs out and fed and then bitches and pups, the first two vet beds in the wash.
Sam arrived and we fed Razzles group and the poodles, all their pens cleaned.
I went out with Kia and the 4 Coosa pups, I met Kirsty at the park and we took them for a walk two pups at a time.
They were all very good they sniffed around at everything and spoke to people and other dogs quite happily.
Pics of the Coosa pups out for a walk with Kia, Kirsty and myself

I want to play

Kia just watching

the girl gang out in the park

those people look strange

what can I smell

yum this lead tastes good

When I got home it was time to feed the rest of the puppies and re clean everyone.
I wormed all of the puppies; some did not take well to the wormer but most were ok.
I hosed all the yards again and then washed a couple of dogs, the Coosa pups went in with Shone and I cleaned their pen and then they went back in as it was too hot for them in the yard.
I did all the rest of the dog’s chicken feeds and hoovered in the house.
I then was time to get all the frozen feeds done and left in the freezer ready to get out at 10 pm.
I spent a while picking up bones and muck in Coosa’s field as he does not like Sam in his field, he tries to bark at her, it would be funny as he sounds really stupid but I would rather not upset him.
I left everyone in for a couple of hours while I washed all the Coosa puppies.
Everyone went out again from just after 4 pm and then they stayed in their yards until 10 pm.
I cleaned the rest of the yards and came in to bed at 11.30.
Saturday morning they wanted to go out at 3am but I did not let anyone out until 4.30 as I am not letting them dictate to me what time they go out.
Kiro and Reo went out first, then Coosa and Matzi
I left the wolf dogs from the house out in the yard with their food, while I cleaned all the top pens.
I came down and fed the little dogs in the house and cleaned their pens.
The house dogs went out in the field and their yards were cleaned.
I cleaned the bitches and pups and got the washing on and then fed all the bitches and pups.
Razzles and the poodle group went out next.
Wendy and Brian arrived, with blankets and newspapers, Brian put some covers over the drains so the yorkies could not escape, and next he cleaned and oiled the hatch to Razzles pen.
I cleaned Idaho while Brian was strimming, Wendy was helping the tiller and putting some tanking paint around the bottom of the walls.
Sam popped in for breakfast and cleaned out the Coosa pups pen and hosed that all down for me.
I came in for a short while and wrote the blog.
Wendy, Kirsty and I went for a walk in the park and the woods with the Coosa girls, they were all very good, they get better each time we go out, not so much mess in the van, but they were fed at 4 am and we didn’t go out until 10.30.

When we got home I fed the bitches and pups while Sam cleaned out my van for me and repapered for our next trip out.
I brought Matzi in and left all the dogs in for a few hours.
Brain did loads of strimming and then put the dividing panel back into my pen in the office, this is handy as I can either split the coosa pups up if I want to or I can put the slightly bigger pups from a litter in there as I am weaning them from mum so she can just stay with the 5 pups from another litter that she has adopted.
My niece came for a visit today as she is over here for a month with her two girls from New Zealand.
It was great to see them all as it has been a year since she was here last, the girls loved the puppies, and we spent a lot time with the labradoodles so the girls could play with them, when we came in they saw the wolf dogs and the hybrids but they were taken with the yorkies.
Jaimie my niece had a chat with Wendy and said it was nice to talk to someone who had actually been to New Zealand and knows where she lives.
After they left I fed the bitches and pups and put dogs back out in the field.
Everyone went out and back into outside yards.
I fed the Coosa pups and Narla and Shone went out in the field, I washed the yards and brought the girls in at 10 pm after locking up everyone else.
I had an hour with the house dog’s before doing paper work for another hour and then off to bed.

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