21st February

A nice bright morning everyone out, fed and clean.
Coosa’s group out and fed.
My first phone call of the day was the woman cancelling coming to see Coco after asking me not to let anyone see her until she has been, so I listened to the usual rubbish I am not a time waster etc. etc. , god knows why I listened to her I should have done what I would normally do and just let anyone see her that wanted to, I get so sick of being messed around it’s no wonder I am really not a fan of bull and people.

After all the groups were fed then they started to go back out for a long run 4 groups out at a time so this gave me chance to get on with rearranging my room so Shone and Cito have more space.
I moved out Shone’s giant heavy duty cage and then moved the bed and hoovered all of the cobwebs and put everything back slightly different so now Shone can’t see the shadows of the dogs passing the door when she is in her cage on a wet day.
Next was to strip out the kitchen and wash the wall and hoover the walls.
I had so many rags to wash I went and put the washing on and hosed the bottom yard where the builders have been doing the extension.
Next I started to feed everyone their chicken and then hoovered the mats in the kennels.
The dust from this bedding is awful, Dave hoovered every inch of the kennel last week but it doesn’t look like it now.
At 2 o clock I decided I had enough of cleaning and hoovering so I went out with each group of dogs and played with them out in the drive.
I picked up in the drive and wet to get the labs from field three they all got back to the kennel before me and Breeze came running back up the drive dragging a 10 kilo bag of chicken she wasn’t too keen to part with but thankfully it was still fully frozen.
Everyone came in at about 6 pm I was sat in the office on the computer and I heard a really strange noise so I rushed out to the kennel and saw the last part of a 10 ft rubber dirt mat disappearing into Coosa’s kennel I opened the door and tried to retrieve the mat no chance so I threw a scoop of biscuit in and grabbed the mat while they were eating, now I will have to remember to fold the mat back past their door way when I put them in at night.
I went out in the drive and had a quick game of ball with Cito and Shone.
A freezing cold morning, everyone cleaned fed and exercised.
I gave Shone and Cito a really good brush as they are both blowing their coats so the field is covered in fluff nice bedding for the birds.
I did the washing and a few odd jobs and then my friend arrived for a mating with Chili, her bitch is from my girl Coco they are mirror images, the bitch is called Meg, she is in beautiful condition and a very happy girl, she was really good to mate.
After the mating she came and sat quietly in the office while we had a coffee and a chat.
I let dogs out and then Suzanne left and I fed everyone their chicken carcasses.
All the dogs spent the afternoon out playing; I spent most of the afternoon trying to sort out the filming and moving appointments around as the dates suddenly changed last minute.
As the nights are getting longer the dogs were out until 6.30 when everyone came in for food.
Another freezing cold start
Everyone finished by 9 am as I started earlier than normal.
I had a two hour meeting with a dog food rep as I have been looking for quite some time to change the dogs over to a different food.
I still had groups out while we were going through the feeds.
After Andy left I fed everyone their chicken and then the meat delivery arrived so I cut up 30 kilo’s of chicken and then my sister arrived to sort out a few things with the builders.
I made time to spend with my bitch that is due to whelp today; she is like nelly the elephant so I think the pups will be big.
The afternoon was drier than I had expected so it was good to get everyone out for as long as possible, I had planned to see Laura and Sophie in the evening but Yazmin looked like there was a good chance she was going to have her puppies late in the evening so I cancelled going out.
I was in and out of Yazmins kennel all day changing vet beds and cleaning the floor, she was sick most of the day and didn’t eat.
I did some tiding up in the kennel and then made room in the overflowing container for the new food coming in.
All the dogs were out until 7.30 they are happy to play out in the dark.
Shone and Cito were last to come in and have food.
Kiro and Reo out for the night.
Yazmin started whelping at 9.30 pm and finished at around 4 am, she has a really nice litter of pups with varying colours and all big.
I got a couple of hours sleep and then started again.
A very wet start, everyone done and then I picked up in the drive and got soaked.
I spent quite a while on the computer and phone letting everyone know the pups had arrived.
Suzanne arrived with Meg for the second mating with Chili, he was very good, he is quiet and gentle with the girls.
Suzanne brought cakes again bless her she is very thoughtful, we a coffee and then she left.
I had two people here viewing puppies and then an ordinate survey chap came to take some pictures.
I fed everyone and then got the feeds done for the evening and the treats all cut up ready for training.
The rain stopped so everyone out for a good run before feeds and bed time.
Everyone in and then I went to training with Winter.
We had a good night the bronze and silver class all passed their test and then I did the gold class and home for some sleep.
It was a very icy start I had to use de – icer spray to open the gates and the padlocks.
Most of the dogs were done before Hannah arrived to bath, groom and clip the little dogs.
After the I had finished the morning kennels I popped into town for bones and shopping I left three group of dogs out.
I got home and swapped over dogs and unloaded everything, Cito and shone came in from the field and went down the bottom block with bones.
I checked emails and made a couple of calls trying to case up prices from suppliers.
I wrote the blog for the last couple of days, as I hadn’t had time.
Hannah needed a hand with Rupert to do his ears.
Everyone has their chicken and then I put the next lot of washing on.
I changed the puppies vet bed while Hannah was bathing Yazmin, she was so good in the bath and made no fuss about leaving the puppies.
Everyone had a good run in the afternoon and then all in by 6.30 fed and bedded down for the night, I had an early night I was still shattered from Tuesday night and had a headache all day.
Everyone out and done nice an early, all fed and cleaned by 9 am.
I went out and picked up bones again as the butchers didn’t have many the day before, a quick trip to pay the builders merchants.
When I got home I swapped over all the dogs outside and then moved Cito and Shone to the bottom block and they sat out in the yard watching the builders.
I washed a couple of the windows in the kennel and had a play with the puppies.
I hosed the front pen and then cut up the chicken for lunchtime feeds.
Everyone fed and then I went up to spend some time with Coosa’s group, River is so cheeky she nips when you are not looking and then runs off.
I ordered some more timber for the builders and then had a chat with them on the next month’s detail of what we are doing.
I spent a short time shredding some more cardboard and paper for bedding and then had a tidy up in the office.
Evening feeds done and everyone in and then Kiro and Reo out.
A bit of a damp morning so everyone out fed and cleaned before Wendy and Brian arrived.
I went up and moved Coosa’s group and then fed them.
Cito and shone had to stay down the bottom block as the fields were too wet.
Today’s job list was to get the panels put up in the yard and an overhang to stop anyone going up over the rock face to the top field by the house as a back-up for Reo and Kiro if ever I am out for the night.
Brian changed the panels at the end of the run for me as we needed to use a couple of them and I also wanted to get the fence line straight.
We had a look around the house at the progress as Brian hasn’t seen it for a while.
Wendy and I had a fire it was really hard to get close to it as the wind really picked up just as we had started it.
We went out for breakfast as we were all starving, Brian whipped into Mole valley for some bits.
I fed most of the groups their chicken carcasses but then the rain got quite heavy so the last two groups had to wait a while until the rain had slowed down.
Brian put new panels over the door ways were the builders are going to put new doors on so Kiro can’t eat the new doors.
Everyone had a good run and then in for food.
Coosa’s group came in and Cito and Shone in, Kiro and Reo out and then I went to get my hair cut at 5 o clock, I got home and let Cito and shone out and then had dinner and a quiet night.

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