21st December

Sunday morning was a dry warm start, probably because it looked like it was going to rain.
House dogs out and then Reo and Kiro in and fed.
First groups out at the kennels and the puppies fed and cleaned out.
Narla out and clean vet bed, food waiting for her when she comes back in.
Next two groups out, cleaned and fed.
Coosa’s group went out into the drive while I finished off in the kennel.
Insurance done for the puppy leaving.
I moved Coosa’s group to the paddock and field two and then picked up in the drive and opened the gates.
Narla’s vet bed in the wash and house dogs out in their yard, Shone and Cito out in the field.
The puppy owners came, after they left gates shut and the next group out into the drive.
I cleaned the puppy room in the house and fed the yorkies and the house dogs.
I put the food ready for Coosa’s group in the bottom block.
All the chicken that was defrosted in the house yesterday came up to the kennel ready for lunch time feeding, I fed the puppies first and then everyone else as quickly as possible as you could see the rain was coming in again.
I moved Coosa’s group and then got all the little dogs in just before it tipped down.
While everyone was in for a while I sorted out some bills and emails, then it dried up so I took the puppies out in the drive and let the yorkies out in the field.
I brought them back in as it was getting really cold and put Razzles group out in the drive and the poodles out in the field.

Everyone came in and the puppies and Narla were fed, I locked up the kennel and the gates, Kiro and Reo came out and had their food.
The house dogs went out in the bottom block and had their chicken carcasses while I cleaned the floors in the house.
After the dogs came in I disinfected and hosed the bottom block ready for the morning.
In for dinner and then I brushed three of the poodles and Cola the little cockapoo as Hannah could not make it last week I don’t want them getting matted.
I finished grooming at around 10pm and then did the morning feeds before going to bed.
Cola was very unsettled she was about to start whelping, we had an hours sleep before Cola started scratching up the bed and getting very restless, the first puppy was born at 11.30 pm a nice little chocolate boy with white feet, chest and nose.
I had to take the pups away as they were born because she was digging and picking the puppy up and trying to run around with it, I was hoping she would settle down once more puppies arrived.
I hate these whelping’s they are so stressful as you cannot leave them for a second until the mum is settled, being a first litter you never know if the mums will settle quickly or if they will lay on the pups when they ruffle up the vet bed.
The house dogs started getting restless at about 4.30 so I let them out and then fed them and gave them all cows’ ears and put them back
The next puppy was a parti chocolate girl, I struggled to get her off mum quick enough and she ripped the cord so tight it has just nicked the stomach so she may need a stitch.
Cola was very good as most bitches would not be happy for you to take the pups away; I was keeping my fingers crossed that she would be gentle with the pups when I put them back in with her.
All went well and I was just waiting for the last pup to be born so the rest could go in with mum, this was not so easy I could feel the last puppy and it felt like it was far too high up to be engaging in the near future, any way I put the rest of the pups with mum and finally got the last little girl out three hours later and she had a bit more fluid than I would have liked but after I had cleared the fluid she was fine, all doing well mum and pups all happy and mum has had her food and been out reluctantly for a wee.
I spent the evening checking on her and put a blanket over part of her cage so the rest of the dogs did not see her when they came out in the morning.
Monday morning was dark, cold and wet.
The house dogs went out in the bottom block and then came in for breakfast, Cito and Shone stayed out there for a couple of hours as I was going to need to put Coosa’s group out their when they were due to go out.
Kiro and Reo were waiting in the kennel for me they were both wet from running around outside.
I fed the puppies and cleaned them out and then did each kennel individually so the dogs weren’t out so long in the rain.
My last puppy owner arrived to pick up her little girl.
After everyone was done I moved Coosa group to the bottom block.
I cleaned the housed dog’s room and they went in the garage to have their chicken carcasses.
I changed the vet beds for Narla and Cola.
Lunch time feeds all done.
I put Coosa in the van and went to town to meet my sister and have lunch, when I got home I fed Coosa’s group and then everyone else went out for a while before food and bed time.
I locked up the gates and kennel and let Kiro out for the night, I had a quite night with the house dogs.
Tuesday morning was a damp start but not as bad as Monday, I let the house dogs out and the puppies, they all came back in for food and then Cola went out and came back in for breakfast.
I put Kiro and Reo in and fed them and then went to the kennels, I put Razzles group out with their food in the paddock and Siren and the two Labradors went out in the drive with food, the labs ate theirs but Siren obviously did not want his as he had cocked his leg in the bowl, dirty little mute.
I fed the puppies and cleaned them out and then swapped the group groups that were out.
Lastly Coosa’s group went out the paddock and field two.
I went and put the house dogs in the bottom block and Shone and Cito in field one, Coosa had one howl and then stayed quite while I dusted, scrubbed and disinfected his kennel.
I picked up in the drive and opened the gates for the first meat delivery; next I picked up in the paddock and then took the rubbish up to be burnt.
The meat arrived so I got 20 kilos of chicken cut up and then froze the beef and the lamb.
I locked the gates as the next delivery was not due until lunchtime.
I let a group of dogs out in the drive and took the chicken up to the fridge in the kennel.
I fed Coosa’s group and then the kennel dogs.
I sorted out emails and phone calls and then opened the gates for the meat delivery and for Tracey coming as she was helping out with bathing and grooming as Hannah could not fit me in this week as she is very busy in her shop with grooming.
After Tracey arrived I locked the gates and let the dogs out again.
Shone and Cito came in to the bottom yard and had lamb bones.
Siren the shaggy Saarloos had a brush and then I spent some time with Narla and the pups and then Coosa had a quick brush.
I did the puppy room in the house while they were out eating beef bones in the bottom block.
Tracey was grooming Razzles group as they are the heavier coated dogs.
I let everyone out again and then got the feeds ready for the evening and the next morning.
Everyone fed and in then Tracey finished off grooming while I did the feeds for the kennel dogs and house dogs, Tracey left about 7.30 and I went in for dinner.
House dogs all in and Kiro out.
Trying to sleep was awful the rain was hitting the widow and the wind was so strong you could hear the river flowing fast and the dogs joined the trees with their howling, I was still clock watching at 2am.
In the morning it was still very windy but not quite so wet.
House dogs went out and I put Kiro in she was soaking wet so more straw need in her bed.
I went down to the kennels and fed the puppies, as the rain had eased a bit I got as many dogs out as possible with their food and fed the puppies and cleaned them out.
After everyone was fed and cleaned I put Coosa’s group out and checked my emails, it wasn’t long before he started howling so I threatened him with a shopping trip if he continued.
Very soon it was raining really hard and the wind was bringing the rain down sideways.
This was a good opportunity to go shopping if Coosa was going to be noisy.
Coosa now in the van and the rest of the group had the top kennel area and field one.
I got changed and off we went to town, my last minute shopping trip was not going well I still needed to get presents for six people.
I ended up getting my new outfit for Christmas and new shoes.
I got home and the rain was much lighter so I let everyone out and then fed them in their kennels, Coosa was back up in his group with their food.
The house dogs were out in the bottom yard and the puppies in the bottom block.
I did a quick clean around the kennels and then got the frozen food out for the next day and got the evening feeds ready.
I changed Narla’s vet bed and cleaned all of the ripped up paper out.
The dogs that Tracey groomed and bathed all needed their ears cleaning as Tracey said they would not let her do them.
After I had finished them and gave Tease a quick brush and did her ears
I moved my yorkie into another kennel as one of the bitches she is with has started to bully her, this is most likely due to the sister being In the house with her own puppies.
I put the housed dogs away and then cleaned the bottom block and hosed it.
Next was time to let everyone out for a quick toilet before food and bed time.
I soaked the feeds and then everyone came in, Coosa’s group in as it was dark.
All locked up and Kiro out.
I cleaned the puppy room and then fed the house dogs and puppies.
Bath, dinner, phone calls and paper work for me for the night.
Thursday morning I was hoping to be dry so I could get all the dogs out for a long run before I was going out.
The weather was not in my favour, so I put Shone and Cito out in the yard and left the garage pen open so they could get inside.
The house puppies went out in the bottom block with lamb bones as that would occupy them for quite a while.
Kiro went in with food and I went to the kennels and let Narla out while I fed the first group of puppies and cleaned them out, she came in and Breeze and Jezz went out with Siren for food while I fed and cleaned the next puppies out.
Next out was Razzles group and then budds group.
The yorkies went out next and the Coosa’s group went out in the paddock and the Labrador pups went out with Jazmin the multi gene doodle.
I cleaned the hybrids kennel and then finished off with cleaning buckets and changing water.
I bagged all the bones ready for Vicci arriving.
I let Shone and Cito out in the field and got the lunch time feeds ready.
Vicci arrived with Buck her nice but dim Saarloos and Bucks side kick the jack russel terrier nel.
We had a coffee and then Vicci went to see Narla and the pups.
My sister phoned up and asked if we wanted to meet up and go for lunch.
We met Kate and went for a walk around the wreck just out of town and then met my sister for lunch.
When we got back Vicci and I fed everyone and then wormed the puppies.
Next we cleaned one of the top pen areas for the hybrids.
We did the evening feeds for everyone, I brought Coosa’s group in and then locked up the kennels and Vicci and I both left at the same time as I had a hairdressers appointment.
After getting home from the hairdressers I had a guy desperate to view a puppy, 7.30 at night..great, he was going to let me know the next day but never did!.
I fed the house dogs and let Kiro out.
I had dinner and an hour with the house dogs and bed.
Friday morning was another damp start not too bad, but not dry.
House dogs out and puppies in the bottom block with their chicken carcasses.
Kiro and Reo in.
First was Breeze, Jezz and Siren out, I put Budds group out in the field, I fed the puppies and then let Narla out while I changed her vet bed.
After everyone was out, fed and cleaned I picked up in the drive and opened the gates ready for the meat delivery arriving and an hour after that the prospective new owners of Breeze were due to arrive.
The meat arrived while I was doing the fire, so after I had finished burning two days’ worth of rubbish I went down and started to sort the meat out.
The lady’s arrived to see Breeze so I spent a while talking to them about Breeze and her likes and dislikes, they were very happy with her and she loved them, so now Breeze has gone to her forever home to spend her days being thoroughly spoilt.
I finished off the meat delivery and took the feeds up for lunch time and for the next day.
I fed everyone and put Coosa back in his kennel for an hour as I had to do vaccinations on mass, fifteen dogs all needed their boosters and the puppies needed the first vaccine.
After I had finished and made up their cards I had to let Coosa back out in the field.
I power washed the bottom yard but the power washer was not working very well I am sure I could have hosed it just as well, I have put that on Dave’s list to have a look at when he comes down.
I let the last groups of dogs out and then brought Coosa’s group in and fed the rest of the dogs and cleaned the puppies out.
I locked up the kennel and let Kiro out; I brought the house dogs in and fed them.
My last job of the day was to go through the drugs and do a stock list and check the expiry dates.
Saturday morning I was quite disappointed as I thought I had heard on the weather that today would be dry, it was not.
I put the house dogs out and fed them and went down to the kennel.
Everyone out fed and cleaned out.
I picked up in the drive while Coosa’s group were out and then got the feeds ready for lunch time, I got the frozen feeds out for the next day and did the puppy room in the house.
I had a chat with Kirsty and then my puppy owners arrived to pick up their little girl.
I had the morning for idiot phone calls so I had enough for the morning I decided to go and meet Kirsty and Jess for a late breakfast, it was nice to get out for a while I took Coosa with me and we met up for an hour, it was very nice and Jess treated us both so all together a better morning with normal people.
I got home and fed everyone while Kirsty was spending time with Narla and the puppies for an hour.
Everyone had a run in the damp miserable afternoon and then came in for food.
I brought Coosa’s group in and locked up for the night and let Kiro out and then fed the house dogs.
I wrote the blog and then sat down for the evening.

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