21st August

Wolf dog puppies for sale.

Another busy week it started with two litters of puppies one on Sunday night then straight into the next one on Monday morning, I felt like the walking dead for a couple of days.
All the pups are doing well, no problems.
The weather has made life a little easier as the little dogs can go out in the garden with Kia Meli and C, this means 15 dogs can play out while the other wolf dogs are in the field.
C has been doing very well at training she loves other dogs and is sociable with people, the only problem we are having at the moment is people’s lack of respect when approaching her when she is out for a walk.
I cannot understand why people always feel the need to launch at her, putting their hand straight over her head then wanting to hug her; she is a puppy not a teddy bear.
I am fed up with trying to educate people so now when they say oh dear she is nervous I say how would you feel if a bear raised this paw over your head.
Dogs for re homing
Meli is still available 6 yrs csv x female lives in the house.
2 females 5 month old csv, Saarloos /Inuits, both are friendly and good with other dogs.
The darker faced girl is called Seal and the pup with the one blue eye is called Roxy, she has been returned to me after her owners had her for a month and could not cope with her.

8-week-old pups from Meli and Reo there are some very nice greys in the litter.
Both male and females available.

Coosa has taken to sleeping out in the field at night with Siren, this is him making a point that he really does not like Idaho, I have seem evidence that he does come into the outer pen so he can be under cover if it rains.
It’s a bit of a give away as he leaves bits of chewed biscuit on the floor.
Tease my home bred Labradoodle F1 b girl has just had a litter of second generation puppies from Ruebin it was a nice straight forward whelping she was accompanied by her mum Saffi until she got to pup number 4 and then Saffi wanted to go out and have her breakfast and join her pack.
I think we have finished on 6 puppies.
Wolves & Woofers GSD Rally & Show

Rachel did very well with our young Czech female pup Vika at the show not only did she get reserved best puppy in show but several people who have never met a Czech wolf dog commented on how exceptional well behaved and nice natured she was.
They say bad news always travels fast but in this case all the comments and emails have been to say how amazed they were at such a nice puppy.
Even the judge said they couldn’t wait to see her in a few months time.
Well done to Rachel and Vika.

Echo and Rupert are both doing very well with Wolf, neither will ever want for anything they are probably the most spoilt dogs ever but still both fantastic examples of their breed.
They are walked in parks in London with several dogs and both very well behaved with other dogs and people and never a problem with recall.
Considering these are the first dogs Wolf has ever owned he can be proud of these two as he is an example of you get out of a dog what you put into one.

Cito is doing well in her new home with a Boots female pup, she has fully settled in a really enjoying her retirement, to Sarah’s relief as going from one dog to three has proved to be not as hard as she was expecting.

Lobo another Cito pup owned by Kate is settling in very well in his new home with a Jack Russell terrier female for a companion.
Lobo was originally reserved but when the new owner changed her mind Kate decided that she really liked him as he was so laid back for a pure csv she would have him.
Its fatal everyone who works here ends up with a wolf dog, I was expecting when Kate said she wanted a dog for it to be a Labrador or Labradoodle, well I was wrong on both counts.

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