21st August

A nice quiet morning a couple booked in for 10 am.
All the dogs fed cleaned and exercised first thing and then the top pens washed and hybrids fed.
I came down and let the puppies out in the drive and the front pen.
My customers arrived they are really nice people they have left the puppy for a couple of weeks so they can get everything ready for him and get all the new things puppy owners need.
No lunch time chicken today everyone is having dried beef for a change.
This also gives me some extra time.
I went through my vaccine book to order the next batch of vaccinations.
Kirsty popped in and one of my customers to give me an update on her puppy and the older boy she has.
It was starting to get hot so I went down to the house and watered all of the lime render that went on Thursday.
I walked around checking each group and re filling water as it was really getting hot and no one really wanted to be out.
The pups all went out in the drive for a short time while all the bigger dogs were sleeping.
I got evening feeds ready and had some food.
Next was to take pictures of two of the labradoodle boys this was fun they love the camera but make it very hard to take a picture.
Everyone fed and then swapped over dogs in the field.
I did a few jobs in the kennel and then registered the microchips for then older girls that have been re homed.
Shone’s group up and fed and then the rest locked in for the night.
I did all the dogs and then opened the gates for the builders and did the top block.
I cleaned all the top kennels and then had a chat with the builders about the lime on the outside.
The lady came to pick up Puzzle it was sad to see her go but she will have a good home.
Another family arrived to view puppies this is her second visit with her husband.
After they left I had a couple friends arrived to see the hybrids, they already have one of mine.
Lunch time feeds done and then the dogs all went out in the field for a short run as it was really hot.
I had a really good time with playing with the puppies and then I power washed the front pen.
Evening feeds done and then I had another customer come and view her puppy.
I fed Shone’s group and then brought them up to the kennel, I left them in the drive with access to field three, so they were up there most of the night.
I got the morning feeds done and then I brought Shone’s group in.
Everyone was done and the gates opened for builders and then I did the top group and washed all top kennels.
I finished off all of the top kennels and then came down and had a quick chat with Steve.
I let the puppies out in the drive and then did the blog.
I got the lunch time feeds and then Kirsty came down for a coffee.
I had a customer arrive to see puppies.
Evening feeds done ready for later when I come home.
All the puppies went out in the pen for a short run and a play.
Everyone came in and then I left Narla and Siren out in the field and then I left the labs and the rest of the dogs out where I could in pens as it was hot.
I went up to see Nathan and Sophie I had some time to spend with Sophie and then we had dinner and I came home early to get the puppies fed and the rest of the dogs in.
A humid morning everyone went out for their run while I cleaned the kennels and then fed them all.
Gates opened for the builders and a delivery and then I did the top groups.
I quickly went into town to the bank and pick up bones.
I got home and Cliff and Sonya arrived with Cee cee and Koda, two hybrids I had bred both beautiful dogs and so well behaved, they stayed for a coffee and chat and then had a look around the house and met Shone’s pack, Voodoo was happy to meet new people even Fern came up for a sniff.
After they left I let everyone out again and fed them all their chicken and fed the puppies.
I had to do ears on a few of the little dogs and then order some stuff for the builders.
We had a little rain in the later part of the afternoon bit not too bad.
Someone came to look at one of my older girls but she wasn’t keen on them so that was a no.
I went to the vets and picked up vaccines and stopped in my sisters on the way home for a coffee.
I got home and fed the pups and then put all the wolf dogs away and fed Shone’s group.
Morning feeds done ready and bed time.
Everyone done and the gates open, top groups all done and then off to town to get cement for the plasterer and then a quick in and out of Sainsbury’s for their doughnuts.
I got back and the house was full we had the plumbers and electrician, painter carpenter and plasterer with his labourer; they were all cracking on with their jobs.
I fed them and made tea.
I had a customer come for another viewing of puppies; they bought the pup and then popped off to pick up some new bits for their new addition.
I fed everyone and then they came back and picked up their puppy.
Another quick clean on the pups and then swapped over dogs and cleaned a few dogs’ ears.
I got the evening feeds ready as it kept threatening to rain so I got Shone’s group fed earlier than normal.
I left the hybrids with the gate open to the field for the night and locked everyone up.
I just managed to get Shone’s group up and a quick wee before the heavens opened up.
A very wet start but everyone got out and fed and cleaned.
I opened the gates and then did the top groups.
I came back down and Hannah had started grooming and the builders were all here.
I cleaned the yard by the house and then I could barely breathe so I relented and rang the doctors for an appointment to get my ribs checked.
The family came to view Cola and fell in love with her so she has now gone to her new home in south Devon.
I got the lunch time feeds ready and left them in the fridge and went off to town to see the doctor.
Today i finally relented and went to the doctors after 9 days of agony and that was just breathing.
He checked my ribs and said yes they are all cracked at the top of your chest and the chest cavity wall is damaged, his question was how did you do this?
I explained my puppy jumps on me in the night when he wants to go out for a wee! The doctor said what sort of puppy is it, I told him he was an American wolf dog he said he must have feet like a horse to have done that much damage, I am now wondering if I was Voodoo’d or Shone’d I am heading towards it was more like Shone as she jumped on the bed last night and felt like a ton weight landing on me.
Anyway the upshot is 6 weeks min before any improvement so I took the anti-inflammatory tablets but gave the pain killers a miss.
I got home and fed everyone and then took the doughnuts down to the builders and then had some food to get these pills down.
I got home and fed everyone and then a chap came out to meet cracker and spend some time with her, he is going to come back every week to see her before she may leave in 6 weeks or so.
After he left I swapped over dogs and then my sister arrived, we had a look around my house as she hasn’t seen it for quite a while and then we popped up the road to see an auction property that she may be interested in as a development.
We got home and had another look around the house and then had a coffee I fed the pups and left another group of dogs out.
Everyone else was fed and then my sister left.
I got the rest of the dogs out for a run some did get wet and then the hybrids and labs fed and all locked up.
Shone’s group came up for food a run in the field and then bed.
I woke up really early and it wasn’t raining which really shocked me as the forecast looked terrible for the day.
I got everyone out, fed and cleaned and then the puppies all went out in the drive.
I did the top groups and then cleaned Kiro’s pen.
I came back and swapped over dogs in the drive and then disinfected the bottom block and hosed it all.
I had a customer view pups and then a chat with Kola’s new owners, they were worried she hadn’t had a wee in 24 hours so we thought it best she spoke to the vet, no sooner had we finished talking and she rang back to say no problem we have just had Niagara falls on the lounge rug, bless her the lady didn’t mind at all.
I cut up the chicken and fed everyone and then had a constant stream of phone calls all afternoon, I decided to stay around the office and do paper work as the phone and emails were not stopping today.
I microchipped and wormed a litter of pups and spent the day around the kennel.
I had another family view pups but they are not too sure if they want a pup or an adult dog.
We had a couple of short power cuts late Afternoon so I went down and hosed Kiro’s yard in the tipping down with rain.
Another customer arrived with the family to pick up their puppies and they wanted a quick look at the wolfdogs.
After they had gone the farmer arrived to pick up the digger bucket to empty it.
I locked everyone in at about 7.30 and had an early finish so I brought Shone’s group up to the kennel with me.

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