21st April

Steel has wolf dog puppies still available; also Steel is looking for a new home she is a pure bred Czech outgoing and energetic.
Last Sunday was very busy with people viewing puppies and a labradoodle has also gone to his new home.
Ali came to have a look around and see how she felt about working here, so she is going to do Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and evening so that I can still go to dog training and shopping or whatever I may need to do.
I rang Michelle to ask her if she could give me a hand for a bit, she has kindly stepped in to help out as I was stuck when Kate left suddenly, Michelle was thrown in at the deep end as I was busy with customers, but she did ok.
I think given some time Kate will find a way to get somewhere to live with her boyfriend away from the family so they have some quality time together and she will be back with Lobo even if it is only part time.
One of her main issues has been that her partner’s family do not like wolf dogs, they do not understand why anyone would want a dog that could be potentially wild, given Lobo is a low ranking gentle natured dog this is a joke really.
The dogs are very unsettled with three new people in a week they are really struggling to come to terms with the sudden changes.
Matzi is finding it the hardest he is really on edge until 1 o clock when it is just me around.
Reo has not been coming in from the field, he is also finding the change difficult and to adjust to so many people in a short space of time.
Jo is great, she is efficient and methodical in the way she works she asks very practical questions and gets on with anything you ask her to do.
I had originally told Jo that there would be no need to introduce her to Kiro for a while until Kiro had seen her around the kennels for a while.
Due to everything that has happened I had to reconsider my decision with the introduction.
Thankfully Jo is level headed and well balanced and no emotional issues so all of this taken into consideration, we spent some time with Kiro and they got on well, Jo took her for a walk on the lead and had no problem with her, this in itself was a great relief as Kiro will catch you unaware and work out your weaknesses very quickly, I am sure Kiro’s IQ is far higher than some of my previous staff.
I spent the evening on the computer and then went to bed with a blinding headache.
Monday I got up with my headache and felt terrible, by the time I had my second lot of migraine pills I started to feel a bit better, we were busy but all went well, with most of the dogs only a problem with the two boys, so I have to deal with their groups, hopefully Reo will soon go back in with Kiro and this should help to bring him in from the field as she is brilliant when you call her in.
I spent the afternoon outside doing different things around the kennels and field so I could give the dogs some reassurance.
Coosa has been fantastic he has not been fazed by any of the changes as he knows no matter who is here it will only be me that does anything with him.
Michelle went out into field two and Coosa’s field and picked up all the faeces, bones, bit of toys and any rubbish that had somehow got out there, lycan was a bit noisy but not a problem, coosa just lay in the middle of the field and watched.
I finished at about 7 pm
Tuesday morning was cold wet and windy everyone got out and only the Labrador group got wet.
I have been finding some time for paper work and advertising in the day, the only drawback to new people here is not being able to go out and leave the dogs if I need to get out in the day time.
Kirsty has called her pup from Steel Beau, he is doing really well he weighs nearly 5 1b, he is eating well and travels well in the car he does not get sick or drawl ,so she is really pleased with him.
He is a very well socialized puppy everyone in the pub thinks he is a little star.
Wednesday was a terrible start the wind and rain was absolutely awful.
We had a mad rush to get finished in time for visitors.
We had a bone collection and I had two really horrid bins to wash and disinfect and a delivery but somehow all went well, poor Michelle has been run off her feet but she is coping ok.
Steel went out in the field with Siren today and managed to get her foot stuck in the mesh on a gate, she screamed the place down so I sent Michelle to grab the bolt croppers as fast as possible as every time Steel tried to get down her foot was trapped even more ,I kept her stood up on her back legs so take as much pressure off the toes as I could, then I cut the mesh and she still stood with her foot up for a minute as I don’t think she realised her foot was free.
She has been moved away from her pups she is now in with Siren until she can be re homed, this is a pain as it’s another kennel to clean but hopefully not for too long, when Steel finds a new home then Siren can go back into a pack.
Thursday morning I was on my own as Michelle had an appointment everyone got out and stayed dry on the first exercise then it turned black and the heavens opened up, I had two groups out so I brought the whole lot in to one kennel as the other one was still not finished, this is Starr’s group and Steel and Siren, so far they have been ok but there are some interesting and pushy character’s in the group so fingers crossed as Bobby is the bottom of the pack and I am hoping they don’t start on her.
Starr and Steel are fairly evenly matched which is a little concerning.
I really enjoyed being on my own as I spent nearly all day outside with everyone ,it’s nice but it doesn’t help with getting things done inside.
Pearl came down for a visit with her puppy Kai from Camouse, and Wayakin she is a stunning little girl, well not so little for 11 weeks and very well behaved she will sit and lay down and walks nicely on the lead a very confident little girl.
Pearl has brought us a huge supply of newspaper which is great as it is so hard to get hold of now.
Kate’s boy Lobo had his bandage off today it looks good it is healing well.
Unfortunately he does look like a bob tail dog now, it is very short, and next week the stitches come out.
When the hair finally grows back hopefully it won’t look as short as it does now.
Friday morning was heavy showers and hail stones, Jo was in for her third day, she has done really well all the dogs she has worked with are responding to her without any problems.
I can now leave Jo to get on with most things when people are here or if I need to pop out quickly, so this is good in just a few days.
Saturday was ok not too much rain, Jo was working some of the time on her own as mum came over to sort out some paperwork.
In the afternoon I went out with each group of dogs and brushed some of them.
Matzi and Coosa’s groups stayed out late as I took the house dogs out as Kia and Cito needed brushing.


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