21st April

Male hybrid pup still available due to time wasters, we have planned to keep the female but if the right home became available then I would let her go, she is a fabulous bitch and very well behaved she was very good with the children at the last filming season she attended.



Sunday morning was Sam and I we were doing really well as I had started long before Sam arrived in the hopes not to have a repeat of Saturday were we were rushing constantly.
Everyone was out fed and cleaned by 10 am including the house dogs back out for a second time and vet beds and washing well on the way to being sorted.
I had one of my poodle girls come back for a mating, Razzle had just got the tie and the bitch was screaming the place down when the phone rang, I ignored it but as I was trying to hold her still and stop her screaming, within seconds the phone rang again, I am pleased I answered it as it was my son and he was in a terrible state really upset and shocked as he was sat on the bed with his Staffie Roxy she started to have a fit and it lasted quite a while.
I calmed him down and explained what he needed to do with her now and told him I would speak to Gavin about blood testing her and deciding if we put her on a phenabarbatone such as epifen.
Mating and phone call over with Sam swapped dogs round and let the next groups out while I had someone viewing dogs, this was my only appointment so I was looking forward to a quiet day and time with the dogs to do some training.
We did the lunchtime feeds and some tiding up in the garage and ordered some more food, we got the frozen feeds done for the next day.
I defrosted one of the freezers as we were running a little bit lower on meat until the next delivery.
While Atlz and Bobby were out in the field I spent some time with them doing recalls with them both and then gave Atlz a quick brush.
Next out was Matzi and Taska so I had cuddles with both of them and gave them both a brush, I left them out for a while and brushed Coosa as this will take weeks to get his coat out, he won’t really finish a full moult until June.
My arms were aching so I gave up on brushing and went out with Moon and practiced some digging with him before Kirsty came to pick him up to go out for a walk.
While he was out with Kirsty I gave Bobby a brush when she was out in the field, she is quite good about being out without another dog with her.
I cleaned all the yards and got everyone ready to be locked up for the night; Kirsty came back with Moon and stayed for a drink before heading home with Ranger.
I had just brought all the house dogs in from the field and was about to do my dinner and hopefully have an evening of doing very little when the phone rang and Laura my son’s girlfriend was hysterical Roxy had just had another fit, I told them to get her down to me and I would ring Gavin and tell him we were on our way in with her.
I rang Sam and she came in to look after my dogs and do some odd jobs until I got home from the vets.
We got to the vets and Gavin went through everything with Nathan and took a blood test and put her straight on to Epifen.
We got home just after 9 pm and Nath went home and I got the feeds ready for my dogs for the next morning and had a bit of time to spend with the house dogs before bed.
Monday morning was Kirsty and I we didn’t have a good start as I had not done anything before she arrived, I was feeling terrible I had a real pain in my neck and my arm, we had a really slow start and the dogs seemed dirtier than normal, we stripped out all of the top kennels and cleaned them top to bottom so this took longer.
After they were all finished we came down and let Razzles group out and did the house dogs, then straight into the whelping area cleaned and fed them.
I power washed the bottom yard and part of the bottom block when a big flash like a flame came from either the extension lead or the power washer I am not sure which.
It had tripped the electric so I flipped the switch on the main box and tried again, no luck so I tried just the power washer without the extension lead no still did not work so I gave up and scrubbed the pen instead.
I phoned Nath to see how Roxy was and thankfully no more fits but she is not back to her normal self yet, he was exhausted as he sat up and watched her all night.
I had people here spending time with their puppies so Kirsty did the odd jobs and sorted out dogs while I was with people.
We did the lunchtime feeds and I had a couple of phone calls to sort out while Kirsty did the washing and the bowls.
I cleaned a few of the poodle’s ears and checked on which dogs were going on this week’s grooming and bathing list for Hannah.
I cut up the chicken for the little dogs and got the evening feeds ready.
I spent the afternoon picking up bones in the field and muck it’s a never ending job.
I got everyone in and fed water buckets done for the next morning and then came in to finish off doing the house dogs.
I cut up 10 kilos of beef and cooked it ready for feeding.
Tuesday morning was Kirsty and I when she arrived I had done the house dogs and the puppies feeding, washed all the bowls, and I had just finished disinfecting the yard.
We went straight on to two groups out from the bottom and then to Razzles group and the last litter of pups.
By this time we were already washing the second load of towels and vet beds.
We did the bottom block and then the meat delivery arrived, so we sorted that out just before we had people viewing pups.
Next was lunchtime feeds for pups .
Kirsty did some odd jobs and let dogs out while I was cutting chicken and sorting out phone calls.
Atlz and Roka are both booked into the vets to be castrated and spayed this week.
Saffi the lab had her stitches out today, I could not believe she had 17 stitches, but it was a really nice neat job.
After kirsty left I spent time cleaning and brushing dogs, I am trying to brush at least 4 a day as they are all starting to moult now.
I watered some of the trees while brushing Taska so I could move the hose pipe down the hill every so often.
I did some training with shone, she is great at home and out but not so good at training club, she is not too happy in the hall, hopefully she will settle down more as she gets older.
I downloaded some pictures from when Dan came last week ready to put on the web site and then went on to clean the yards feed and lock everyone up.
Sam came round to look after the dogs while I met Helen and dropped off my Lab to be mated with Bracken our stud dog that lives with Helens pack of Labs.
I popped into Sainsbury’s to grab a few bits, I had just got to the check out when the fire alarm went off and we had to leave the shop, I decided that waiting in a car park until we could return to the shop was a waste of time so I left the shopping, that was the end of dinner, I came home as Sam was only able to be here for a short time and I didn’t want to make her late, this not being able to leave the dogs even for half an hour is a pain, but it doesn’t take long with dog thieves to get in and out with any number of dogs.
Kirsty popped in with chicken, so we sorted that out and got it all bagged and frozen, then I spent an hour with the house dogs.
Wednesday morning was Kirsty and I another early morning as we had a lot to get done I had finished the house dogs and picked up in both yards I had disinfected one yard and washed all the bowls from the house dogs.
Kirsty put the first two groups of dogs out while I got the feeds ready for the pups.
After the pups in the whelping area we did the next pups and Razzles group, and then into the two kennels from the dogs that had just gone out.
After these we did the top groups then the house dogs and the washing.
When we got to Razzles group going out in the field we had time to do a mating with Rupert and the difficult cocker bitch, the mating turned into an Ai so this took longer than we had planned.
Razzles group came I and then the other dogs started to go out for a longer time.
We had people viewing dogs, then I quickly went to the town to get a few bits and go to the bank.
I came home and did the lunch time feeds and cut the chicken for the little dogs.
Kirsty had to leave early as she had a lot on with her other job and needed to get her own dogs sorted out.
I had some time to brush Taska and Matzi, and then I cleaned the yards down and started to get ready for finishing off before I went to training with Shone.
Sam came in at 4 pm, she sorted out washing let the house dogs out and fed the puppies and cleaned them out again after all that she picked up bones and cleared all the muck from top to bottom in two fields.
Apart from the normal mess in the van Shone was quite good, it is still taking her a long time to settle in the class with her constant dribbling.
I got home and just had to check everyone so I didn’t have much to do for the rest of the evening this gave me chance to clean everyone’s ears.
Thursday morning was Kirsty and I.
Hannah was here grooming the little dogs.
The house dogs were finished when she arrived so Kirsty let the two bottom groups out while I washed bowls then we both did the hybrid pups to make things quicker.
Razzles group came out to eat so we did the doodle pups and got the meat out ready for the dogs up the top.
We went straight up and cleaned all of the top kennels then the house dogs went out while we cleaned then out and the pups in the house.
Kirsty cleaned the bottom block while I was with people, after they had gone we did Idaho and the muck buckets and washing out on the line.
We sorted out the food delivery and got the frozen feeds out ready for the next morning.
I wormed puppies and then spent a couple of hours grooming with Hannah as she needed to do bitches with pups and they do not like being out from the pups for too long, then we had to do Rupert and he does not much like being groomed by anyone other than me.
We did the lunchtime feeds.
I went and picked up Jezz after her mating and dropped off my cocker bitch as she will be staying with Helen for a few weeks as she is a misery when she is in season and it’s not fair on the other dogs when she picks on them.
Jezz was happy to be home and Budd was even happier to see her.
Kirsty left as she had stayed later for me to go out.
I helped Hannah in between letting dogs out; I didn’t start cleaning the yards until nearly 5 pm so I finished very late.
Friday morning was Sam and I the house dogs were done and everything picked up and ready for the bottom groups to go out.
We did the pups and Razzles group then cleaned the bottom two pens.
We did the top groups and moved Reo in with A’lupa and moved Roka and Atlz down to the bottom kennel ready for Kirsty to pick them both up to take them to the vets as Roka was being spayed and Atlz was being castrated.
We were all done and ready to load the dogs for Kirsty, after they had gone Razzle group went out.
We sorted out the meat delivery and burnt all the boxes and the rubbish.
The feeds were in the freezer ready for the next day, the yards were all cleaned ready for the dogs coming in.
We fed the pups and cleaned out the whelping areas changed vet beds.
I had a chat with Gavin as my sons staffie is still very unwell, she is like she’s drunk and keeps falling over, we have reduced the medication so fingers crossed for her.
I went to town and picked up a van load of shavings for the kennel floors.
Sam swapped dogs round and did some odd jobs.
When I got home and unloaded the van Sam went as she had to be at the dentist.
I had people viewing dogs, then I brushed Coosa for an hour I didn’t make much progress but it will all come out eventually , Taska has nearly got all of her coat out and the same with Matzi he won’t take much more before all his summer coat is through.
Kia had a quick brush then I went out with Narla and Shone and gave Shone a quick brush over.
Kirsty came back from the vets and the two dogs were put in the bottom kennel were they will stay for a couple of days and just come out in the bottom yard.
I had my last lot of people for the day visiting their puppy before they take him home in two weeks’ time.
I cleaned the yards, fed all of the pups and locked everyone up and left the doors open for the house dogs to go up in the field.
Saturday morning was Sam and I we had a good morning everything was done quicker than normal for some reason.
After we had everyone cleaned out and fed we did the house dogs and the pups.
We managed to chip the puppies before one of the owners came to see their puppy.
I had chance to take Shone for a walk in town while Sam swapped dogs and sorted out the washing and got everything out on the line.
After the new owners had been to pick up their puppy we fed all the little dogs and pups.
The meat was all done and ready for the next day, Sam disinfected the yards and I hosed them.
All the odd job’s like washing meat trays and washing buckets were sorted out.
After Sam had left Kirsty came round and did some training with Moon, Ranger and Delta, so we had a really productive day.
I had the afternoon to let everyone out and spend some time out with them without having to do anything but play and just enjoy being out in the field without visitors.
I finished outside at 6 pm and let the house dogs out, wrote the blog and had dinner before doing a bit of paper work as I had decided I was going on strike from 7 pm to watch the voice.

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