20th September

Viccy – Sunday
Kirsty came first thing and put Kiro and Reo back in for the day. I then let the house dogs out and sorted their morning food. I cleaned the ninja’s pen. I let them all back in so they could have breakfast and have the run of their back yard for the morning. I let Buck and Shone out into the bottom block and garden and gave them their breakfast. I ran up to open the gates for when Kate arrived, she pulled in just as I got there which was handy.
We headed up to the top to shut Coosa’s group out and clean their pen. It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting which was a nice surprise. I shut the inside kennel to come back and do later when we had more time. Kate did the water buckets in all the fields as I washed the floor, we then swept it together.
We headed down to the kennel block on time, we were very pleased that this morning it wasn’t raining! We ran through feeds with all the dogs letting them out in turn. We decided it was best to let Jez and Henry out last seeing as he seemed to be a morning glory kind of performer and sure enough they were tied when we went to grab them in. I put the labs out in field 3 and ran the rest of the groups out the front. Once they were finished we let Narla and Siren out.
We left a couple of groups out and went to the house with vet beds to wash etc. we had a quick cuppa then went back to the kennel block. Kate then left and I carried on with letting each group out.
Kirsty popped over to pick up some food for her dogs and return the keys for the gates. I burned the rubbish and hung out the washed vet beds. Kirsty told me the weather for the afternoon was meant to be raining, which was handy so I started feeding slightly earlier just in case we were caught out. I went out and poo picked the drive with some of the groups. I steam cleaned the Ninja’s room and sorted stuff in the house. I let Shone and Buck out for a run and noticed Buck being a little off on his back legs, something that I will have to keep a close eye on. I did the inside pen of Coosa’s pen whilst them and the labs were out. Went and spoke to Coosa’s group, pretty sure they think I am mad but Amie did actually come and take a sniff which I was chuffed with.
I put all the dogs away to let the house dogs out in the drive. I hoovered the kennel block and washed the floor once most of the groups had been out for their last run.
Then headed out to clean the front pen before locking up for the night.
I got home really late and spent some time with the house dogs and had a coffee with Vicci before she left and caught up on the weekend.
I managed to get everyone out before the rain started, and then everyone was clean and fed.
I got the fire done just as the rain started and then I cleaned the back of Coosa’s pen.
I unloaded the van and got all of my washing done and the vet beds washed.
I spent some time with winter my new Labrador male puppy I brought home with me from my weekend away, the poodles were not too sure what to make of him so when I went back down to the kennel I put him back in his pen, he is so far very good when he goes back to his bed.
I cut up the chicken ready for lunch time feeding as I wasn’t expecting the rain to stop for very long.
I caught up on the weekends emails and then spent the afternoon hoovering in the kennel so when the rain did stop I could get dogs out as quickly as possible.
I picked up in the drive so it wouldn’t be too bad to finish off last thing at night.
It started to pour with rain and I called the dogs in but one of the poodles was still stood in the big bath this is for the Labradors and the paddling pool is for the poodles, she was drowned.
I got the meat out for the next day and made up the biscuit feeds in the kennel and then went in for a while to get an early dinner.
Everyone went out very quickly and had a pee before bed and then the labs went in and I was washing down the top track when the rain came down, I put Coosa’s group in the top pen area until the rain had slowed down and then moved them to the kennel and fed them.
I went back up and cleaned their pen ready for the morning.
I spent the evening with the house dogs getting them acquainted with winter the lab and then got the morning feeds ready and went to bed.
I got early as the weather was going to be ok for the morning I wanted to make sure everyone had a good run as the afternoon could be wet.
Every out fed and clean, then the fire done and Cito and Shone out into the field.
I cleaned the bottom yard and then bottom block.
Everyone was fed their chicken and the house dogs were out in the bottom block eating while I steam cleaned the floors.
I had a quick chat with my sister to sort out the structural engineer for the calcs on one of the new beams going into the house and then spoke to my planning officer to check all was In order to get the plans through by the end of this month, so far all looking ok she has just made us reduce the size of two new windows going in.
Both meat deliveries arrived so I sorted that out and then Kirsty and Kate arrived for coffee and to pick up their food.
After they left I swapped over dogs and then got the evening feeds ready and brought up all of the clean vet beds for the puppies.
I cleaned all the puppies out and then did some more hoovering.
The rain started again so I did some paper work and then had dinner and brought Coosa’s group in.
The house dogs all came in and then Kiro and Reo went out.
Shone is amazing with Winter she plays really well with him, I can leave all of the ginger ninja’s in the room with him when Shone is in as they won’t pick on him when she is around.
A good start it was dry which was unexpected, the house dogs all done and the labs out in the field I cleaned their kennel and then put Kiro and Reo away.
Kennel dogs all cleaned and fed, vet beds changed and then Cito and Shone in the field.
I rushed through the morning as I thought it may rain in the afternoon so I wanted everyone to have a good run as they could be in with bones early today.
I wormed the puppies and then cut up the chicken for lunch time feeding.
Shone and Cito in and groups swapped around, Coosa’s group fed and then the labs had their bones.
I ordered more cows ears and chews for the wet days coming.
I fed everyone their chicken early and got out bones for the evening as they were in early last night and it looks the same for today.
I fed Coosa’s group and changed he water as the labs had been playing in the bucket.
I hoovered the next couple of kennels while dogs were out as the dust building up.
I spent some time out weeding while it was dry.
The afternoon stayed dry which was great so everyone went out for the whole afternoon, I got the feeds done for the evening and then took all of the house dogs out on the drive and took some pictures, and winter loved his first run out with the big dogs.
After they all came in I let the next groups out and fed the puppies.
I had dinner and then brought Coosa’s group in and fed them.
Kiro and Reo out and then Shone and Cito in, Shone spent most of the night playing with Winter.
Another dry start house dogs out and fed outside while I cleaned their room.
Shone and Cito in the garden and Kiro and Reo in.
Labs out and fed and their kennel cleaned out ready for the evening.
All the kennel dogs done and exercised, the fire done
I picked up in the drive as it did look like a possibility of rain.
While everyone was out I weeded up by the steps to the old kennel block and then picked up in the yards.
Hoovered in the house and changed sheets from Vicci’s visit, washing machine still working over time
The clinic dates came up today for the hip and elbows for the labs so all booked in for next month.
The next call was a bit of a shock my builder has had the job he was planning to do for my sister postponed so they are looking at starting my house next month, this will be a major upheaval to sort out a new sleeping area and night area for Kiro and Reo, also the house poodles will have to move down to the kennel block and Cito and Shone will have to have a new day area.
Also the house has got be emptied out ready to be ripped apart, I thought I had until next spring to organise all of this, long days ahead.
I was just heading towards winter mode shorter days which I have been looking forward to for months, best laid plans never quite work.
This is exciting but also nerve racking how the dogs will cope with it all, people in and out and constant noise; hopefully it will only be a few months.
We had a massive down pour and all the dogs came in rapidly, I stopped for lunch and then after the rain had slowed down I fed the kennel dogs and then the house dogs.
I picked up in the drive ready for the meat delivery to arrive.
I did a few odd jobs sorting out washing and doing the list for Hannah for the grooming tomorrow.
Coosa’s group were all sat inside when I went to see them I think they are fed up with the rain.
I did some packing in the house and then let everyone out again.
Winter had his first vaccination, he didn’t even notice it.
Coosa’s group came in and then I went in for dinner.
Kiro and Reo out for the night and then the house dogs all in.
A very wet start to the day labs out house dogs out and then Kiro in and then Hannah arrived to groom.
I did the kennel dogs and then the fire; I picked up in the drive and then popped out quickly.
I got home and let everyone out, Cito and Shone in the field and the house dogs in the bottom block.
I sorted out in the house and then swapped over dogs; Cito and Shone in the bottom block eating lamb ribs.
Everyone had a good run so if it rained they could happily stay in for a couple of hours.
Lunch time feeds done and now time to spend an hour in the house getting some bits packed.
My sister arrived and the structural engineer to sort out what is needed for the beam in the house for building regs, we had a coffee and quick chat and then Kirsty arrived to pick up food and then the delivery for bedding arrived, the driver was a complete ass, I told him if it was too much trouble then take the pallet back I really didn’t care, he then helped me unload it.
I spent the next couple of hours with the dogs and then brushed Shone.
Evening feeds ready and then the house dogs fed meat out for the morning.
I had dinner and then let the house dogs out on the drive.
House dogs in and Coosa’s group in, Kiro and Reo out.
All fed and the kennel locked up.
House dogs in for night.
A nice morning the house dogs went out with food and then the labs out and cleaned out.
Shone and Cito in the garden with their food.
Kiro and Reo away.
I did the kennel dogs and then the fire.
Shone and Cito went out in the field.
I washed the bottom yard and the bottom block and then Kate arrived to drop Saffi my lab bitch back home.
We put Saffi back with her group and then Lobo went out in the garden with Shone and Cito into the house with the poodles as she hates her son Lobo for some reason she likes very few wolf dogs but is great with the little dogs.
Kate helped me move some stuff from the house into the container and we got down from the top cupboards some paper work that can now be shredded as its past the 7 year date.
After Kate left I fed everyone and then had lunch.
I swapped dogs over again and then went up and hosed the labs outside pen while they were in the field.
I spent a while pulling up stinging nettles from the fence line and gateways I can’t believe they are still growing.
I came back down and wrote the blog and sorted out some pictures for the web site.
Evening feeds done ready and then I went in for dinner while the dogs were still out.
I papered the poodle’s room ready for bed time.
Last groups of dogs out and I hosed the poodles yard ready for the morning.
Everyone in and fed, Kiro and Reo out and the house dogs in.

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