20th October

Sunday morning was a dry start so I let Kiro and Reo out and cleaned their pens.
I came down and let the house dogs out and did the feeds for the puppies and the house dogs.
Maddie arrived and we fed the puppies and cleaned them out and then we did the poodle and the doodle groups fed and cleaned them out.
We went up to the top, and dried the two pens I had cleaned out earlier.
The two groups came in and then we cleaned the next two kennels out and next Idaho’s pen had to be scrubbed.
Wendy and Brian came down for the day to put the office furniture together and do some odd jobs.
Under the kennel panels in the bottom block needed some bars as the yorkies were getting out, so Brian did that for me.
We went off for breakfast and then came back as I had intended to power wash the pen Maddie was disinfecting while we were out.
When we got home I tried to power wash the pen but it needed cleaning again before I could get the fat from the bones to lift, Wendy gave me a hand to do it and then she washed the pen while I sorted out puppy viewings.
Maddie fed the pups and cleaned them out again.
My friend arrived to pick up Moon, so she had a look around as there have been so many changes since she was here a year ago.
We went down to the new kennel to have a look as even I hadn’t had much time to see how things were going in their until today.
Wendy and Brian left and we had coffee and a long chat about Moon and other dog related things.
The dogs were all now locked in except Coosa’s group as the rain was coming down with a vengeance.
After Moon had gone I let all the little dogs out in the bottom block and fed everyone, Shone and Narla came down to the house and I spent the evening with the house dogs.
Kia was happy with the little dogs playing and crawling all over her back, I did the morning feeds and went to take Kia up to bed, she made two stairs and wobbled and froze, I picked her up and laid her on a bed in the kitchen, I put a blanket over her and laid on the floor with her.
A couple of times in the night I thought she had gone, at 4.45 am I realised she was not going to give in and that an internal bleed had started, I rang Kirsty, Gavin the vet and Kate I didn’t manage a sentence with either of them I just said Kia and both were on their way, Kirsty was here in seconds, we gently rolled Kia onto a blanket and put her in my van, Kirsty sat in the back with her and off we went to the vets, we had a terrible drive with rolling fog and mist, we arrived five minutes before Gavin so Kirsty got out of the van and had a cigarette I got in the van and laid down with her and had lots of cuddles and talked to her.
Gavin arrived and did the injection to put her to sleep; she went very quietly and peacefully within seconds.
We came home and Kate was here we had a coffee and more crying .
Kirsty left, Kate went home to feed her pups, Amy and I did my dogs and Kate was back here by 9 am we went off to Dartmoor to get Kia cremated at a private crematorium. Kate thought it would be a good idea to have her ashes put in the same box as Ollies, but she made it very clear to the lady the ashes must not be mixed and Kia must have space and most certainly not be squashed, I think the lady thought she was mad but she assured her they would have enough room together.
We got home and Amy left I spent the rest of the day catching up with jobs and phone calls.
I finished late and had no real enthusiasm, the house dogs were really quiet none of them ate their food all they did was sleep all afternoon and evening.
Tuesday morning I started at 6 am so I could get as much done for Amy as possible before Kate and I had to leave to go and pick up Kia and bring her home.
I put the house dogs out at 6 am I made their food ready for them to come back in.
I went up to the top kennels and took Shone and Narla up for their breakfast, Reo and kiro went out with their biscuit, I cleaned their kennels and came down to sort out some things in the house and put the house dogs back in their pens.
I did my emails and a couple of ads before Amy arrived and the puppy’s food was all ready for them.
I put the two groups in from the top as they had been out for an hour and half, and then I let Coosa’s group and Shones group out in the field with their food, I came down and we did the pups feeding and cleaned them out.
I had a big meat delivery to sort out before we could leave.
Kate and I left to go to the crematorium to pick up Kia, Amy looked after the dogs and fed the puppies while we were out.
After getting Kia’s ashes we went down to Trago to pick up loads of Hide chews for the dogs and some more toys for the little dogs and puppies.
We got home and Amy left so I fed the little dogs and the house dogs their chicken.
I had another delivery of 10 bags of carcasses to unpack and freeze.
I put Kiro out as Amy doesn’t yet deal with her; I fed the hybrid group as the pups still have three feeds a day.
I had a customer come and pick up a puppy and then Andy arrived with Koko for the afternoon.
I cleaned down all of the yards and then put everyone away and brought Narla and Shone down for the night.
Wednesday morning was a horrible start it was so wet and windy each group went out into covered yards while we cleaned them out.
They all came back in for food.
Coosa’ group went out in their run with their breakfast.
We fed and cleaned the puppies out and the house dogs got the first lot of washing on and then back up to clean out the three pens that were left.
After we had finished them the rubbish was burnt and we came down to do the house dogs pens, I spent two hours on the phone talking to the fraud squad still trying to get my money back that Sam stole from me when she was working here.
We fed the pups and cleaned them out.
I had a customer here looking at pups.
We cleaned the bottom block as the rain had stopped and the wind had picked up so it was a good time to get it dry.
We washed all of the yards.
Maddie went home for a while and I fed all of the little dogs and the house dogs.
I swapped groups in the field and then Maddie was back to help for a few hours before I went training.
We cleaned the floors in the house and dried them.
Frozen feeds were done for the morning and evening feeds were ready.
We cleaned Coosa’s outside pen and left him in the field so he didn’t trample mud all over the pen.
Everyone’s beds were put down ready for them all to come in, Maddie fed the puppies while I hosed all of the yards. Next Maddie got the three cages ready in my van for the dogs going to training.

We got the dogs in from the field and brought Shone, River and Narla down.
River and Shone went into the van and Narla stayed in the house with Cito and Rupert.
We left and Kate came in to look after the house dogs.
I got to training with very little time to spare so I was gratefully relieved that neither of the dogs had done anything unpleasant in the van I took River in and gave her to Daisy.
I had 11 dogs in my class, so it was a busy training session but all went well and River was really good she did the gate and her heel work was very good, I have said to Daisy don’t worry about sit and stays I am only concerned with heel work and socialisation at this stage with her.
Next I was in the silver class with Shone, now we have a new trainer with some refreshing ideas for different training methods the class is fun for the dogs and the owners we are really enjoying it and Shone is brilliant she is far easier than ever C was to train, I am so pleased with her, maybe she can fill some of the gap in my life from the loss of Kia, like Vicci said Kia was one in a million so poor Shone will have to be amazing to come close.
We got home and unloaded the dogs and then had a quick coffee with Kate before Shane arrived to pick her up.
The morning feeds were already done and the house was tidy so I had nothing to do except feed Shone and River.
Thursday morning was a wet start so everyone went out briefly and I fed them and brought them back in, I left two groups out while Maddie and I fed and cleaned out the little dogs and the puppies.
We went up to the top and cleaned all of the pens and power washed Idaho’s pen and dried it.
We cleaned the bottom block and the yards, I had a puppy viewing while Maddie swept all the yards and did the odd job.
The rain got really heavy so everyone came in and had bones.
Maddie fed the puppies and cut up the chicken for the little dogs and fed them.
I popped down to the new kennel and saw micky so I could check on some last minute things.
I de frosted the freezer ready for the next big meat delivery and sorted out the bags of dry dog food, I got all the frozen feeds ready for the morning.
I cleaned everyone’s yards while it was still raining so when it stopped I could let everyone out for a while.
I power washed Coosa’s pen and the spare outside pen that took ages.
I tidied up in the house and hoovered upstairs which doesn’t need doing too often now as No dogs go upstairs now Kia is not here.
All the dogs came out for a couple of hours and then I put all their beds down, I was about to get the puppy feeds ready and one of the builders came up and by the time I had finished with him it was gone 6 o clock so it was a mad rush to get everyone in and fed.
I did the puppies and came in at 7 pm by now it was fairly dark, all the house dogs went out for a short time and the rain started again so we spent the evening doing very little.
Friday morning I had the house dogs out at 5.30 it was dry which was nice.
Maddie came in and I went up and put two groups out at the top while she started feeding puppies, I came down and helped her clean them all out and we got all of them done and the labs out.
We went up and cleaned all of the top kennels and Idaho’s pen which was not too bad today.
I had a meeting with the Royal Canin rep, due to the problems Royal Canin have experienced lately with the sponsorship for bear baiting they have now decided as damage limitation they are not going to support bigger breeders with feeding information , puppy packs or vouchers, even though we have supported them for several years.
I have decided I am going to take all of my dogs off of their food and change everyone over to Devoted a pet food which is what we have been feeding our wolf dogs on, now I am putting all of my little dogs onto the same food.
I felt sorry for the rep she has the horrible job of explaining this to all of the bigger customers.
After she left we had a meat delivery so we unpacked it all and fed the little dogs a bit earlier as the weather was unpredictable.
We burnt all of the boxes while it wasn’t too wet and got the beds ready for the evening.
I had some paper work to get done before mother comes at the weekend to get the books up to date.
I fed the house dogs and washed all of the bowls.
I picked the last of my apples and pears for the dogs rather than leave them on the ground to encourage rats.
I cleaned all of the yards and got everyone in, Shone Narla and River came down to the house and I fed and cleaned the puppies.
I brought the three wolf dogs in with everyone else and gave them all hide chews, all was good for a couple of hours until boredom set in and River wanted to investigate everything she shouldn’t be getting into, so it was time to take the wolfdogs out to the bottom block and play ball for a while to wear her out.
Saturday morning I put the house dogs out in two separate groups and did everyone’s feeds.
I got the puppy feeds ready, house dogs in and then Amy arrived, she put one of the bitches out and changed the vet bed while I took the three wolfdogs up to the top kennels and put Kiro and Reo’s groups out in the field, I fed the group of six then came down and helped Amy with the feeding and cleaning out the little dogs and the puppies.
When we had finished all of them we went up and cleaned the top kennels and Idaho’s pen.
Then we burnt the rubbish and came down and cleaned the house dog’s pens.
Amy did some odd jobs and then swept all of the leaves from the bottom yards ready to hose everywhere, I went on the computer and sorted out emails and wrote the last two days blog.
We wormed all of the puppies and then fed them all; I had to vaccinate the pup leaving next week.
All the dogs except Coosa went in for an hour as the rain was tipping down so the little dogs were fed their chicken inside.
While everyone was in I put the house dogs in the bottom block and hoovered and washed the floors.
The rain stopped and everyone went back out.
I got the morning feeds ready for the wolf dogs and the puppy feeds ready for the evening.
I gave Cito a brush as she is still blowing her coat.
I put all the beds down in the top kennels ready for the night.
I had a puppy viewing late afternoon so I cleaned the bottom yard and then Kate popped round my viewers turned up so Kate finished off hosing the yards while I spent time with them.
We vaccinated the puppy and Kate sorted out the paper work while I explained routines and things to the new owners.
Everyone left and I fed the pups and cleaned them out.
I got the top groups in and cleaned Coosa’s outside pen.
I came down for dinner and spent the evening with the house dogs.

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