20th November

A busy start to the week with weaning the hybrid pups. They have been really good with eating and very comical ploughing into the food bowl.
Dora has been really easy as she is happy to let the pups eat without getting in the way.
D’quila on the other hand would happily eat the pups food so she is having to be brought out so they can eat and make a mess in piece.
The doors on the whelping boxes are now open so the pups can explore.
Soon it will be time to take the bitches out for longer periods of time.
Remaining two puppies to sell is a male from Quilla and a female from Tarna.

Tarna boy

Tarna girl

Daquilla boy

Meli went to her new home in the early part of the week I was happy for Meli to be leaving as I think it will be nice for her to have more of a one to one and a family life.
I do miss her but I am sure she will be settled in no time to a new way of life.
Re homing an adult is not just about making room for a new younger dog but also it changes the structure of our day as we lose a role model and very often a female that can balance and give better structure to younger dogs.
Meli was with Cassy so now it means trying to find the right dog as a companion; this will be more difficult as Cassy is mostly a housedog.
Bobby and Cassy have been the two I have chosen to put together and so far it has worked brilliantly, they are together in the day in a kennel and go out together on exercise, but they are split up to eat.
At night they are caged in the house Cassy is in the lounge and Bobbie in next to the poodles.
This will only be for a short time as Cassy goes to her new home in two weeks time.
I hope to find a home for Bobbie and they could both go around the same time.

Tarna is much better now so she has joined Rainns pack, which is good, as now Rainn is not getting so above herself now.
A’Lupa and Roka are also in the group and they are easy they just fit in.

Iman and Reo are getting on really well, Reo has started to stand up for himself now and not let her eat all the food.

I have had an email a lady requiring someone to walk her dog with details below.

Special Requirements: I have a 4-year-old inuitx saarloos male dog family pet his pack here is now smaller down to three and dog walking in open spaces v difficult here due to livestock area so he is restricted. We used to know other wolfdog owners but they moved we want to take him to meet his own kind for treks in the midlands/Shropshire area can you let me know if there are any owners wanting to meet for walks with mine, also have gsds, my boy is neutered and well behaved. thanks
Name: Deb

Email address: roscoedog@hotmail.co.uk

Siren has now moved into Steels kennel to give Coosa a break, as Siren can be a bully.
I thought this was a good move but now Coosa has got all-macho every time Siren walks past his pen, you would think Coosa was going to flatten him.
You can tell winter is coming Coosa is on a non stop howl fairly much most of the day and night
It sounds great but the neighbors and the village are not so keen.
We are in for an early finish tonight as Kate and I are off to Shaun’s for the evening.

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