20th May

1 female wolfdog puppy left from Steel.
Last Sunday was very busy hence only one puppy left from Steel and only 1 labradoodle pup left.
Now hopefully I will have time to catch up on things as the next litter is not due until the 22 nd of June.
We are waiting for our next wolf dog to come into season as we will not have any pups for a while.
Kate had Sunday off and Annabel was in so it was a hard day, with new staff it is hard to get anything else done as I cannot leave them on their own
Two of Steels pups left early in the morning as they had a six hour drive luckily that did not take up too much time as the new owners came in on Saturday afternoon and picked up the food and we did all of the paper work.
I had a couple of people looking round in the afternoon for future puppies.
Coosa was looking very scruffy, so I spent a couple of hours brushing the dogs that were moulting the most, eventually I had to stop as it was getting dark and my arms were dropping off.
I finally came in at 8 pm for dinner.
Monday morning was good I had got most of the dogs out before Kate arrived thankfully as the weather then turned really horrid.
We thought we would make the most of the dogs not being able to get out for as long so we split up ten of the smaller dogs and did the swab tests for PRA and got all them sent off, so hopefully the results will be back in about three weeks’ time.
Kate was late leaving so we could get all the cages put away and all of the dogs back into their groups.
Tuesday morning was busy we moved Iman into a kennel on her own as she had to have her meat feed in the morning as she is leaving very late in the evening when the transport people come to pick her up.
Reo has now moved into the pack with tory, this is good news so now we have one less kennel to clean and a spare place to split the house dogs up for feeding.
A’Lupa is still in season so she cannot be moved for a while, but when she can we will have another spare pen; this makes life so much easier.
C and Rupert are out in a kennel during the day time then in the house at night.
Wednesday morning was an early start as I needed to get as many kennels cleaned as possible before Kate arrived as I had to pop over to see Shaun and Isla to have a look at Lakota’s leg as he has gone lame recently and has not been making any improvement with resting it.
I got back home at lunchtime to get Coosa in so the small dogs could go out as we had a busy afternoon to get everyone finished before training.
Ali came in at 4 pm to look after the dogs while we were out so she cleaned the two bottom pens that are spare as it was a nice evening she also picked up muck in the field.
We were back late as we had to help out putting the hall back tidy and then off to Tesco to get Echo some more fresh meat.
Thursday morning was an early start as I have people visiting and an appointment in town.
When I got home I power washed all of the bottom kennels and steps while Kate did the top lot.
Coosa, kia and Taska had to be brushed as they are looking like sheep at the moment.
The insurances and microchips had to be registered for the little dogs that have just gone.
I spent some time in with Roxy and Atlaz as she is a little shy and still not too sure about us yet.
I had to spend quite a while on the phone with the web site chap sorting out my labradoodle site.
Friday was a hard morning as Kate was not coming in till late and Annabel was working.
We had done most of the dogs before Kate arrived. So I left them to finish the last two kennels as Wolf was here we had to go to cash and carry for blue roll and washing powder, then off to Trago for dog chews, to keep everyone occupied.
We did not pick the best day with the traffic as it was Devon County show.
When I got home I spent the rest of the evening with the house dogs.
Saturday Kate was off as she was going to the show.
Sophie was here for her first day, she seemed quite happy and confident.
Saturday is never an easy day to start without having three of us as we always have visitors.
Our last labradoodle pup left today.
Will be kate and Annabel so we should get a bit more done and I will be able to spend more time showing Annabel all the little jobs that can be done when I have someone here.

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