20th March

Just sat down to a quiet Saturday evening and got a phone call from Barry to say Vika was having pups Brandon was whelping them and Rach was in the ring at Crufts with Napu, and could I give Brandon a ring as see if he is ok with the pups, all was going well apart from the shock of so many boys being born but that is just the way it goes sometimes.
Rachael left Crufts as soon as she could and then rang me on the way home and after she had checked the pups, all was looking good the pups arrived a little earlier than expected well 4 days earlier !
Another nice bright start everyone out fed and cleaned and then out for the next run, puppies fed.
I spent the morning ear cleaning the little dogs and playing with the puppies.
I spoke to and emailed several people about puppies and then did the lunch time feeds.
Three bitches were mated today it’s such a pain how the seasons go nothing and then everything in one go.
The afternoon was outside with all of the dogs until dark.
I came in and fed everyone and then got the morning feeds ready.
A nice day but very early start as western power wanted to start putting in a new power supply to the house at 5 am.
I let them into the house and then did the dogs.
We had no electric until Nathan had connected everything back up at lunch time.
I spent time dusting in the kennels and then ear cleaning to pass the morning.
Lunch time feeds done and then a well waited for coffee and toast.
The afternoon was hoovering in the kennels and catching up on emails and phone calls.
As it was a nice day the dogs were out until nearly 7 pm and then everyone was fed and bedded down for the night.
All fed cleaned and done by 9 am and then I had to collect bones from town.
I got the frozen feeds done ready for Kate to take up late afternoon for the hybrid group.
I had several things to sort out for the builder’s orders and then making arrangement for a meeting with the plasterer and the scaffolding chap.
I did the lunch time feeds and then my sister came over and we had a chat with the builders and went out for lunch.
Next we went over to get a sample of wood flooring.
Kate sorted the dogs out for a few hours while we were out and then I helped her finish off the feeds and get everyone in.
I went up to see Nathan, Laura and Sophie we had an Indian take away as it was Laura’s birthday.
I got home quite early as I was really shattered and still had things to do when I got back home.
Everyone fed and cleaned and Coosa’s group fed and finished by 8.30, even Cito and Shone had been out in the field as the sky looked a little grey and I wasn’t sure if it was going to rain.
I left dogs out and then went to the house to sort some stuff out with the builders and get measurements for the heating engineer, and then had to speak to the Architect to get a scale drawing for the ground floor.
I fed everyone and then had to go back to the house to sort out more things, I will be pleased when this is finished it is so time consuming it drives me mad.
Chicken cut up and lunch time feeds done.
I wasn’t feeling too good as I had an abscess in my gums so I spent most of the afternoon playing with dogs inside as going out into the cold was making me feel a lot worse.
I brought everyone in and then off to dog training for the evening with Winter.
I wasn’t too bad in the first class but as the night went on I felt worse, I was so pleased to get home and take another dose of pain killers and anti-biotics.
All the dogs out and finished vet beds already in the wash and then I fed Coosa group and had a meeting with the builders.
I opened the gates as my cleaner comes on Thursdays for 4 hours, I let her in and then went into town to get some banking done and get some antibiotics from the dentist.
When I got home I did the lunch time feeds and got everyone fed.
The afternoon was ear cleaning and worming bitches.
I had some spare time to spend with the hybrids and then got the evening feeds done and everyone in at 6 pm.
I got everyone done and then went to pick up in the drive and the building supplier’s lorry was already at the gate waiting to drop the plaster board and insulation.
Hannah arrived to groom and then I hoovered everywhere and sorted out some paper work.
Chicken cut up and everyone fed
I spent the afternoon swapping over dogs and moving timber and stuff for burning out of the house.
Evening feeds all done and then the dogs came in at 6 pm.
Wendy and Brian arrived before I had finished the cleaning.
They started on splitting a pen for me to move the labs as I needed the kennel space in the main block.
I finished of the dogs and then Kate arrived to help out, so the day was spent making pens and letting dogs in and out and feeding.
Kate left around 4 o clock, Lobo had been out playing in the field with Shone and Cito.
We finished around 5 and then I went out and got dinner when Wendy and Brian left and then I came home and finished off the dogs.

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