20th March 2011

A good week but very little sleep two litters of Labradoodle pups born.

Kiro still has a few pure csv puppies left, they are loving, lively and very playful, and they have enjoyed the nice weather this week, as they have been able to play outside more.

Mia’s puppies are doing very well they are totally independent from mum now, Mia had to be taken away from the pups due to her needing to put the weight back on.
She has a mixed litter of silver grey and dark grey pups, they are very social little guys.

Taska pups are doing well, the two that live in the house are more sociable than the three in the whelping area.
Shaun and Isla have been coming up more this last week to spend time with them and making assessments on the new homes they will require.
They are as a breed more on the cautious side.
They seem to come alive in the evening; I often see them running around in the early hours.

The Coosa pack is still in the changing stage at the moment, Matzi {hybrid} has accepted his position under Coosa {hybrid} but Siren {Saarloos} is being more persistent and challenging but Coosa is not going to let him take top status if he can help it.
Tarna and Tory {both Saarloos} seem to have taken sides with Coosa and join in to put Siren in his place.
The outcome maybe that Siren takes over the pack.
Should this be the case then he will be maturing and then he will be moved into another pen with a couple of females due in heat, it would be a waste of time to move him until he has proved he is capable of running his own pack.
His two brothers Wayakin and Lakota owned by Shaun Ellis they both have their own packs, but they are much more confident dogs than Siren.
Hopefully given more time he will become as good as they both are.
They are a real credit to Shaun, very well balanced and a joy to be with.
It is good to have the constant feed back on the litter.
We have learnt so much from these few litters we have reared in the uk.
From the knowledge we have was what made the decision not to breed pure Saarloos.
The dogs are great but people really cannot understand them.
The hybrids are a little easier as they are reserved in a different way, they also do not seem to have the stubbornness.
Still they are not for novice owners and you need plenty of space and the right lifestyle for a hybrid.

Cedar is in the house with her pups she is enjoying being in here with Kia and Echo.

Zeajai is an 8 month old girl who is up for sale she is doing very well I am very pleased on how responsive she is her recall has improved considerably she is looking good with her weight, her interaction with other dogs is good.
She will be a very nice tall bitch.
She has a really nice nature, happy to live in the house or in the kennel with Lycan and my Labrador boy Bracken.
She is good with children walks well on the lead, not fussy with any food you put her way.

Still available a 2 yr old ¾ Saarloos female, she has one main problem she does not like being left alone she craves human company, this will be a problem for anyone who works to take her on.
Idea home would be will someone who works from home or could have her with them.
She is very good in the car and likes to travel, near perfect in the house except she steals food from the worktops.
Good with people, children and dogs.

Our recent rehomes Titan, Smokey and mini Mia are all doing very well.
A slight blip with Titan and his eating but nothing too drastic.

A few older ex breeding bitches will be available though out the year so please email me if you are interested.
These girls will range from 3 to 6 years old.

Building work has stopped on the kennel now for a while.
We have got as far as the shell with the inside walls and sub floor done.
Later in the year this will resume after a little more saving for the next phase being the roof.

Kate has been a star this week working longer hours due to the workload being extremely intense with new puppies and photographs of the existing litters.

Today has been my day off as it’s the first round of the motocross season.
Nice early start

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