20th June

A good start to the week hot and dry if not a little too hot for the dogs, it put them again on short exercise times.
The worst thing about this weather is the flies, no matter how many hanging fly catcher bags I have they are still bugging the life out of me, I was driven out of the office by so many keep landing on me, in the end I resorted to the emergency spray, I hate the smell but it had to be better than pushing my patience to the limit.
While the flies were dying I went down to check on the labs even the poor dogs had flies on their backs so I got the natural oil mixture and sprayed their backs.
I had two families here viewing puppies, it was bad timing as they both arrived at the same time which makes it hard to talk to so many people, when people travel a distance it is hard to judge when they will arrive and the ones who come using sat nav are always late as they get lost.
The hybrid group spent a lot of time in their covered pens rather than out in the field, occasionally they went out for a while but soon came jumping back through the hatch.
I went down to the house to put the washing on and heard a really strange noise as I opened the door, my first thought were oh no Rosie my yorkie had caught a mouse and brought it into the house, I gingerly crept in to see what was going on.
I couldn’t have been more wrong, Rosie was running around in the bath playing with a toy, what a strange little dog, Rupert was just watching her he was sat on the toilet, it’s a good job the seat is always kept down.
I did some more training with Breeze my older Labrador as she is going to be homed after her next litter to an older gentleman who is very active and wants a companion.
I will keep a couple of puppies so Jezebel is not on her own, I may even keep another stud dog as I miss having bracken.

While the house dog hybrids were out in the field I played ball with soldier, he is so funny just like a great big over grown Labrador with a ball, he doesn’t give it back to you but throws it towards you and jumps around.
I have put Rosie the yorkie back down in the kennel block so her puppies have a week on their own before going to new homes, they are so cute to play with and so full of energy, Rupert came in to play with them for a while; he is surprisingly gentle with the tiny pups.
I had a friend come in and do the dogs for the afternoon as I needed to go to Mothers and get the garden done again.
I finished earlier than expected so I went for dinner with Nathan before coming home.
I got back and finished the dogs and then did a bit of training with Shone.
Wednesday was really hot so the dogs were not out for long periods of time.
I went training with Shone she was very good still a little work needed on her A recall but fingers crossed she will do it ok on the night, we have two more weeks of training and then the test on the following week.
Kirsty has re-joined with Lupus he will be doing his bronze test so hopefully he can move up into the silver class.
After we had finished training we went out for a meal and then I came home and locked everyone up at about 10 pm.
Thursday morning was a cooler start but then it started to get dark, I put the yorkies back in the kennel after an hour or so as it did look like the rain was coming.
We had constant power cuts all day; the rain came down with a vengeance at lunchtime for a couple of hours so the only dogs to stay out were the hybrids.
After a couple of hours they all went back out but still came in soaked, things have gone from one extreme to the other.
I spent some time with Shone practicing her A recall but she is still not very keen to do it at home, she is not toy or food orientated so it makes things more difficult.
I had some time while it was raining to do paper work and house work.
Early evening got nice and bright, without rain for a while so everyone came out again before bed time.
Friday morning started off dry but then the rain got really heavy so everyone came in again.
I was doing the feeds and sorting out the meat delivery when Hannah arrived, all I could hear was Kiro’s horrendous barking and Reo screeching.
I got to the point where I thought I can’t really stand much more of this so I sat down for fives minutes and had a coffee and a think about how to solve the problem without causing more of an issue.
I moved the labs from the bottom yard to the new kennels.
The in season bitches are now in the bottom yard, Enya was a little confused and barked a bit when she looked up and saw all of the hybrids.
Kiro in with Reo in the front whelping area right next to the house.
Siren in with the house hybrid pack, this also gives Solider someone to have for a companion at night when the girls are in the house.
So far so good Siren is very good with Soldier, the girls are happy to have another male to play with.
Kiro is much better out of the way and not half as much noise, this also makes life easier when people come to view puppies.
Kirsty popped down with Lupus to get his claws cut as they were getting too long and he sounded like a horse when he was doing his heel work at training.
I had an earlier finish as the weather was terrible and did not seem like it would get any better.
Saturday morning was an early start as I wanted to be finished when Wendy and Brian arrived.
Brian had to go to mole valley and get a 12 foot gate for the bottom end of the drive to stop people driving down outside Kiro’s pen.
The gate posts were put in and then the panels out of the whelping area and the office in the house, this just left one more panel form the area where bitches are in season.
I had someone come and view hybrids for a possible pup in the future.
The entire yard was taken down at the front of the new kennel and the new yard put up, this took hours, by the time we finished it was dark.
Al dogs locked up and time for humans to eat.

New yard, 22 x 5.5 metres

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