20th January

Last Sunday was Lisa and I; we had a really cold start which only got colder as the day progressed, I must of thought a hundred times I can’t wait to finish today and get in the warm.
Everyone was out and cleaned by 9.30.
I took Kiro’s stitches out and then the yorkie had her stitches out from the c section.
Both bitches have healed well.
Kiro was so happy to get her lamp shade off of her head, this was the first time in ten days that she has been able to play with Shone, the pair of them were running around like lunatics, after a while Shone was so tired she came in and went to sleep on the sofa.
Raz, C and Cito came back in from the field looking like mud monsters they were so bad that Cito had to spend the day in the office in the pen with the other two until half a ton of mud had dried off of her.
C then somehow managed to pull the pump on the odourgene container to the door of her pen and eat the pump and drown her bed, but it was a really nice smell so a couple of towels mopped that up.
I took some pictures of the new puppies and spent some time with the labradoodle pups.
The straw delivery arrived which the farmer unloaded for me.
By the time everyone was fed and in was just after 5.
Monday Kirsty and I were freezing it was so cold your hands were burning.
We got everyone out and cleaned out.
The house dogs went out and then my Yorkie started to whelp, so I spent time doing the house dogs pens and some work on the computer so I could be in the house with her just in case there were any problems with the pups, all went well and she had four puppies.
I did the afternoon feeds and let everyone have a good run.
I cleaned all of the outside pens ready for the morning, got the yards all salted so we didn’t break our necks in the morning on the ice.
I came in and had dinner then a friend came down with her male dog she is having problems with so I have agreed to have him and see how he gets on here for a while.

Moon went in with Kiro but it was not very successful so I am looking at where he will go now as he was very aggressive towards her and not much better with me, I was really not impressed by a full set of pearly whites and a wrinkled up nose.
This was an unpleasant experience for all of us.
Moon was imported at 15 weeks old, he was not good with other dogs when he arrived in the uk.
My friend has had an uphill battle with him from the start.
My first meeting with this dog was not a good one.
Last September some of you will recall him as at the Wolves of Willersley show organised by Rachel.
He was in the most wolfie class next to Coosa, well he did not stay in the class as Tessa removed him swiftly when he was aggressive towards Coosa and tried to lunge at him, and I can assure you this was not to play.
Anyway some time later Tessa came to me to apologise for his behaviour and ask for advice.
After a while it became apparent that Moon was getting worse with most of his traits.
Tessa was at the end of the line with him, as much as she loves him dearly she knew him well enough to know that she could no longer keep him.
He was not the low ranking sweet little dog that she thought she was getting, but a very dominant male with a serious lack of socialisation with other dogs.
I agreed to take him on and see if I could help him and change some of his unpleasant traits that he was showing.
as he was very aggressive towards her and not much better with me, I was really not impressed by a full set of pearly whites and a wrinkled up nose.
This was an unpleasant experience for all of us.
God only knows what would have become of Moon had he have gone to another owner.
I feel for Tessa but she has made a good judgement with her head and not her heart.
People need to think very seriously before importing a dog they have never met.
Going on trust with a breeder who may not have enough experience to know what nature and rank the dog is they are selling.
My motto is you get what you pay for but Tessa got a lot more than she bargained for.
We moved Moon and put him next to Idaho for a while before putting them together, so far he seems ok but he does not much like being in a kennel and does make a lot of noise.
Moon has had a chemical castration and will not be fertile so he will not be a problem when Idaho comes into heat soon.
I hope to bring you good news and progress of Moon over the coming months.

Tuesday morning was another cold start but dry, the little dogs all go out first if it’s dry while we clean the bitches and pups; this means we don’t have to worry about any of them getting through the fence and being breakfast for one of the wolf dogs.
Everyone else went out and then Kate came in and dropped off Lobo while she went to the hospital for a check-up as today is her due date.
Lob is much better mannered now he has been castrated; he was nice to Siren unlike before when he would bully him.
Kate gave me a hand to unload the meat delivery that had just arrived then we fed everyone there lunch and wormed puppies.
Kirsty did the odd jobs and made sure everything was stocked up ready for the morning.
I spent some time training with the two male pups that are here at the moment.
Kiro went out for a play with Shone, she is much happier in her kennel on her own now that Moon has moved.
I fed everyone and then got the frozen feeds out for the next day.
After everyone was in and fed I let Reo out in the field and took Moon out on a long line and did some training with him right along the fence line where Reo was.
I was pleased with him and let him off the lead after a while, I was surprised as the two male dogs were play bowing and running around the field then back to the fence to talk to each other, so far all is well.
I will see what Moon is like with other dogs out in the park, I will meet up with Kirsty and Lupus and see if we can walk them alongside each other.
Lupus is a great dog to train with as he will ignore any dog that shows any aggression towards him.
I had everyone in and finished by 4.30 as the weather had turned horrible and the rain was quite heavy.
It was now time to feed the bitches and check on the pups and do vet beds again.
I had time to write the blog which was good as it’s hard to remember what has happened three days ago unless I make notes.
Wednesday morning was freezing, we did the little dogs and all the bitches and pups down the bottom groups.
Hannah was grooming she had an early start today so we could have almost all of the small dogs cut and bathed.
Kirsty and I finished the top block.
We went out with Moon and Kiro for a short walk, they were both very good they tolerated each other but will never be best of friends, that is not a problem I am happy for them to ignore each other I just will not except bad behaviour towards each other.
Kate came over and helped for the day, she has printed all of my worming sheets for the new litter and updated the diary.
I had a pallet delivery of Fish4 dog’s food today; I sorted that out while Kirsty did the odd jobs and fed Roxy and Atlz.
Kate took pictures of Budd the poodle Roxy and Atlz for me which was great as I would not have had time to get them myself.
Kate did the dogs for the rest of the day with me, and still I was late leaving with Kirsty to take Moon C and Shone for a walk in the park before going to training.
Kirsty had Moon and I had the other two, they were all very good we saw a couple of dog but nothing too close.
After our walk we went off to training, this was Shone’s first night, she was very good sits and downs and stands were great she talked to all of the other dog’s children and adults.
Her heel work was a little slow and not confident and bouncy as it is in a different environment.
I was very pleased with her she is a 100 times brighter than C was at that age, well actually probably brighter than C is now.
I walked around outside with Moon and he was good no problem towards male dogs, he was a little unsure of himself and kept looking at me for reassurance.
I was pleased with him as he has only been here a few days.
We got home and I got all the dogs out for the toilet and let all of the house dogs chill in the lounge while I wrote today’s blog and answered emails they were all asleep not a peep from anyone.
Thursday morning was cold and trying to snow but thankfully it came to nothing.
Kirsty and I were both so tired today the morning was hard work.
We got everyone out and fed by 10 am.
We went for a walk with Moon and Shone they were both good Shone is not too keen on cars so she stops every time one passes, Moon is good he sits and waits patiently until the cars have gone then off again.
We are walking in a fairly people free area at the moment which is good for Moon as he is learning not to pull on the lead.
I am hoping this will also apply when he goes into a more built up environment with other dogs around.
I think my neighbours know there is a change in the weather as the dogs have been particularly vocal, this was probably a good time to bring in Moon as he howls a lot and has not yet settled to being outside, it is difficult for him as he was brought up in the house, I am afraid he cannot come in here as my own dogs are happy and so am I without too many in here now.
Friday morning I woke up to snow like most of the country.
Lisa phoned in at 7.15 to say she could not get in which surprised me as cars were coming along the road by my house.
I got all of the house dogs and bitches with pups out, they went into pen 1 as I did not want them to walk on the snow as it would compact and be more difficult to move.
Kiro had to say in her pen to eat and then I fed the 2 hybrid pups and cleaned out the worst of their pen.
I did the bottom group and cleared the snow from the bottom yards.
The last group of pups were fed nearly an hour late.
I was pleased with the top block as it was 8.30 by the time I had cleared the steps and salted them.
I was lucky that I put the lab and doodle groups out first, I did their kennel and Idaho’ and Moons kennel.
When the first two groups came back in I put Moon in field 1, Reo in field two and the four girls in field three.
I cleaned all of their kennels out and then did Roxy and Atlz.
Moon has started to settle with Idaho, he now realises that she is no threat and he is not aggressive toward her so much now.
They all came in and Coosa’s group went into 1 and Siren and bobby went out, they were not out long.
I phoned to find out if today’s meat delivery would be here, due to the meat van not being able to go out I went to town and picked the order up as I may have had to wait until 5 pm for the chicken and I wanted to get everyone fed earlier than 5.
When I got home I let the house dogs out and fed the bitches and pups.
All of a sudden I had the tooth ache from hell I could not tell which tooth it was as the pain was top and bottom on one side of my mouth.
I could have cried it hurt so much in the cold.
I hit the antibiotics and grabbed a scarf and I took Moon for a walk while
Coosa was in his pen and the lab group was out while I was walking Moon.
He was very good which was just as well with the slushy snow everywhere, I did not really want to end up on the road on my backside.
I got home and my new whelping box had arrived, I unpacked it but did not get chance to put it together.
I did the frozen feeds for today and Saturday.
I disinfected the yards and cleared the snow from the gutters along the garage so it did not get too heavy and come down.
I went out in the field for a short while when the three groups were out, it was nice to see all of them running around playing, Reo and Moon were both in their own fields but they were just as happy to run around like mad things.
I had everyone in by 5.15 as the sleet was coming down again and the dogs were getting soaked, even though they have deep beds of straw I did not want them going to bed wet.
After I had done the bitches and pups I had dinner and then answered my phone messages and emails.
Saturday morning
Kirsty dropped Lisa in as she did not want to drive herself.
We fed everyone down the bottom and the puppies all got their breakfast early as normal.
While we were cleaning down the bottom the former house dogs were out in the field, they get an hour out as they can only go out once a day, this is because being poodles and little people they get very wet and muddy, I don’t want them to get cold.
After they were in we did the top kennel and scrubbed Idaho’s pen out while Moon was out with the other two groups.
Next Coosa pen and Bobby went out while I cleaned his kennel and Lisa did Roxy and Atlz.
After they were all done and the rubbish burnt we stopped for a quick coffee.
Next we did Kiro and the two pups that are staying.
We did all the house dogs and the itches and pups vet beds.
I put the new whelping box in for Bon and her pups.
Lisa did pen 4 while I sorted out washing and getting the towels all put back out.
We did the lunchtime feeds and then got all of the bitches out for the toilet, none of them wanted to be out for long.
I dropped Lisa home and came straight back to start the afternoon feeds for everyone.
After all the feeding was done and everyone had been out again I disinfected all of the yards and hosed them ready for the morning.
I got all the frozen feeds ready to go into the kennels for Sunday.
I spent a short while training with the pups and Shone.
I wanted to finish early so I did not stop for lunch as I was meeting Tessa to go out for an Indian and have a chat about the progress with Moon this week.
We had a nice meal and Tessa is happy that I am getting on well with Moon and all is well.

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