20th February

The weeks seem to be getting more hectic as they go.
I hadn’t got over the wedding when Miakoda started to whelp on Tuesday evening.
Poor Shaun and Isla had only just got into bed not 3 minutes and I was on the phone, in no time at all they both arrived to help out with the whelping and the puppies.
Shaun was great he tied off three puppies where Mia had gone far to close on the cords, one poor little mite barely had anything left to tie.
Isla was mopping up blood all round the room.

Mia jumped up and made a bee line for Shaun at full speed we wondered what was coming next then she grabbed the cake from his plate then Islas cake, so I quickly cut her three large slices of banana cake which she devoured at full speed.
I didn’t mind what she eats, anything that she wants she can have at the moment.

We had a very long night I had an hours sleep at 6 am before starting the rest of the dogs.

Both mum and puppies are doing well even though she looks like a whippet.
She is so pleased to see you every time we take food in she jumps up smiles and wags her tail and talks to you.
She is eating anything up to 61b of tripe some biscuits [not her favorite food] 3 tins of Ambrosia creamed rice with ½ a pint of double cream and 3 tins of carnation milk and the odd tin of dog food to help get some biscuits into her a day.
She has probably not seen this much food in a week before.

Shaun, Isla, Wolf and I have chosen Wolf’s pup from Kiro , nice big numbers dog with a very sweet nature.
Cathy and Bruce have also been down this week to pick the male pup they wanted to complete their pack, they have chosen a mid ranking male, a very nice silver boy.

It has been great having Bruce here as he has helped with heavy work and Cathy has helped out with the cooking.
Abbey has been socializing with Mia and her puppies.

With everyone helping out this week it has made things a little easier as there is so much going on to keep ahead of the builders.
Another 3.400 blocks have arrived this week so weather permitting we should get good progress on the new kennel.

Most of the drive way is nearly finished, just needs a little more dressing.

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