20th february

Wolf hybrid pups for sale

Wolf hybrid puppies are now one week old and doing very well, they are growing rapidly, they seem to grow at a far quicker rate than our normal wolf dog puppies.
Camouse is ok, she has got used to Breeze being next door with her pups.

Idaho has now come into season so all being well we should get a mating with her and Coosa soon.

Sunday was a dry but windy day until the evening when the rain came in very fast, thankfully I only had two groups left to get in so I didn’t get too wet.
Monday was busy with people looking at Wolf dogs and Labradoodle pups.
All the puppies are doing well and Camouse was even happy to go out for a short walk.
A nice dry day so everyone was out for a long time and finishing late was not too much of a problem.
Molly our little black doodle who was in with our last litter of hybrids was homed today so I have a little more space in the house for my new poodle girl.

Cito is moulting really badly and the house is covered in fluffy undercoat so I spent an hour brushing her, which made a nice mess in the yard.

Tuesday was busy with several hours power washing and lots of visitors viewing and purchasing dogs.
I had some spare time in between visits to go out and play with Coosa before he came in for his dinner, which was nice after a long day.

Wednesday morning went well we finished in good time.
I had a second visit from a police dog handler looking at a pup from Camouse, they had been to the pub to see Lupus, one of our hybrids from a previous litter and totally fell in love with the breed.
This will be a fantastic home for one of these puppies as the couple has many years experience with police dogs.
Camouse was very happy to let them sit in the kennel and observe the puppies feeding.
The afternoon was easy, everything went very smoothly and then we went off to training. Peaches did well, Kate handles her well as she is a little bit of a madam.
C was great I couldn’t have asked for anymore from her, everything went well from the start even the travelling, as tonight is the first time I have fed her before travelling as she was always sick before.
After training we went and picked up my new Cocker spaniel bitch called Abadabi, she is beautiful, I am hoping to introduce her to the labradoodle pack tomorrow as I feel she would benefit from being outside as that group get more exercise than the house dogs especially in the very wet weather.
All the house pack were fine when we came home with her except Cito was not too impressed but that should not be a problem in a few days time.
Thursday was good the weather looked like it might turn wet but managed to hold off until late afternoon.
I spent some out in the field taking a few pictures and brushed a couple of the wolf dogs.
Thursday evening was brushing Cito and C then ear cleaning on the little dogs.
Friday was good our last Cockapoo puppy went to her new home.
Kate finished off Coosa’s pen and drying the rest of the pens while I went and did the dreaded shopping.
Late morning Coosa had gone lame on his back leg this made him grumpy so he just lay out in the field and would not come down while I was playing with Lycan and Taska.
I went up and sat with him for a while and could not find any thing to be too much of a problem, I think maybe he has just bruised his foot but Kate would come in early on Saturday so I can take him to the vets if need be.
Wendy and Brian turned up for a surprise visit on Friday evening, which was nice; it got me out of doing the hoovering.
We had a nice Chinese and a chat for an hour before they went home.
Saturday morning Coosa seemed to be fine so that saved a trip to the vets.
We got all the kennels cleaned and then did a bit of swapping around.
Lobo and Koko have both been getting above them selves lately and they are starting to bully Tory and Tarna, my two Saarloos girls, I thought it was about time they learnt some manners.
Lobo has moved in with Matzi and Eba.
Koko has gone in with Bobby, Starr and Siren, this has quietened her down somewhat.
Rainn, Roka, and A’Lupa have gone in with Tory and Quilla so hopefully this will also make cleaning quicker as this means we have one less pen to do now.
After moving everyone it started to rain heavily so I spent the next 3 hours power washing and got fairly soaked myself.
Koko decided she was going to bully Bobby and Starr so after getting fed up with her being horrid I put her in with her mum Kiro for a couple of hours, that seems to have improved her, she has now gone back in with Bobby and Starr and is behaving in a more civilized manner.
After a long day and a puppy going in the evening it has been a really long day
Our last Labradoodle girl from Saffi has gone tonight, so just two boys left to go from that litter.
Sunday morning after I have finished cleaning I am off to look at another Cocker spaniel bitch then out to lunch with mum.
Kate will do the dogs while I am out.


C sitting half way up the wall looking at the Labs in their yard

Tory and Quilla being civil and the 2 CsV's testing the boundaries

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