20th December

An early dry start to the day, everyone fed and clean.
Coosa’s group already fed and in the field, Cito and shone both ate well today which I am pleased about as Cito has been a little off with food some days, maintaining her weight is important at her age she is now 12 years old, they are out in field two.
The labs in field three, and a group of small dogs and the two bitches with pups out on the drive.
I checked messages and then brought in more bedding and food.
I picked up on the drive before bringing the labs back in.
Next was to cut up the chicken and feed everyone.
Shone and Cito were in Coosa’s kennel for a while and then they went down to the bottom block.
I had a chat with one of my hybrid owners she is doing really well with her bitch who has just turned a year.
I got the food out to defrost for tomorrow as it is taking longer to defrost now.
Everyone was out for the afternoon so I spent the afternoon out playing with everyone as it was dry.
I did the evening feeds and then brought everyone in and fed them.
Coosa’s group came in and then Cito and Shone came up for the night and had their feeds.
I was really pleased everyone went out all fed all cleaned by 8 am.
The rain started just before the builders arrived.
I put Coosa’s group up the top and fed them, Cito and Shone went down to the bottom block until the rain had stopped.
After an hour the rain improved so I took Cito and Shone up to the field.
I let everyone back out again and then cut up the chicken ready for lunch time feeding.
Everyone fed just before a customer arrived to view one of the doodles that will have pups next year.
My friend arrived to stay for a few days and then the shot blasting guy came back to do the other fire place and the kitchen beams.
I brought Cito and Shone up to the kennel with me as I knew it was going to be difficult to bring them up later in the day with the shot blasting guy and the compressor making a real noise.
Finally after 9 weeks my cooker has been wired in so now time for decent meals again.
The dogs all went back out and had their last run before food and bed time.
The builders left and then the gates were locked again for Cito and Shone to have a run in the drive.
Coosa’s group came in it was pitch black but they were good they were not at all bothered about the noise from the compressor.
We had dinner and fed Cito and Shone and then had a quiet evening.
We did the dogs and got everyone fed and cleaned out.
I washed Coosa’s kennel and the hallway.
Shone and Cito went down the bottom block after they had been out in the field.
I ordered the concrete ready for Saturday morning.
I cut up the chicken and left it ready for Kate to feed and left Narla out, I went off for the afternoon to see my granddaughter.
I got home and all that was left to do was to scan the puppies so the paper work was ready for a couple of them going on Wednesday.
We wormed the pups and then I brought Coosa’s group in, Kate left and I sorted out the emails and phone messages.
A grey murky day but not too wet, everyone out and fed, kennel cleaned and then had to go and pick up meat for the hybrids.
All the kennel dogs had bones as it started to rain.
I cut up the chicken ready for lunch time.
Two of the puppies left to go off to their new homes.
I fed everyone and then let them all back out again, they were a bit more noisy out in the drive as there is now sheep in the field next to mine and the dogs haven’t seen sheep out there before.
I got all of the washing done and put away.
We did some odd jobs around the kennel and then everyone had a good time out in the afternoon.
Evening feeds done and Coosa’s group in and fed.
The builders left so the house was locked up and Kiro and Reo out for the night.
Everyone else finished.
Nearly everyone out and just before the last group went out it started to rain so I moved Coosa’s group up to the top kennel area and fed them.
When the rain stopped Cito and Shone went out into the field for an hour.
The labs went out on the drive.
Everyone had a run and then in for a couple of hours as the rain was heavy, I cut up the chicken ready for feeding as this was going to take a long time if the rain carried on.
Cito and Shone went down to the bottom block with their food so they could stay dry.
Everyone out for the last run before food and bedtime
Cito and Shone came back up to the kennel and Coosa’s group came down for the night.
I had a long chat with Gavin as Coosa has a tumour on his face and it has just started to weep, we are going to try him on a high dose course of antibiotics and pray it doesn’t have to be removed as Coosa can’t have aesthetic, unfortunately it is too close to his teeth for Gavin to be happy about doing the op under Ketamine so we will just have to see how the next few days go.
Everyone nearly finished when Hannah arrived to groom.
The builders arrived.
I was waiting for a 100 kilo of chicken to be delivered so the dogs were out in the fields and pens but not the drive.
After the chicken came I split all the bags up for the next week and cut up what I needed for the day.
Lunch time feeds done and the dogs were all out for the afternoon, the labs were running between the field next to mine with sheep and my field were Narla and Siren were, they were all laying down at the gate when I went to get them in totally shattered so I put them in the kennel for two hours before they were fed.
Everyone else fed, the puppy’s paper work and insurance all sorted out and ready for them to be collected on Saturday.
I held Rupert for Hannah to do his ears and then got the evening feeds ready.
Everyone in and fed.
Cito and Shone up to the kennel and Kiro and Reo out on the drive.
I had to start just before 6 am as all the dogs needed to be fed cleaned and exercised before the concrete lorry arrived for the builders to lay the floors.
Everyone was done but it started to rain so I only left Coosa’s group out and Cito and Shone down the bottom block as they could all get in the dry.
Everyone was here just after 7.30 so we went down to wait for the lorry it was still quite dark.
My sister and I did traffic control and then we had 4 men on the wheel barrows and my nephew was shovelling the concrete down the shoot as it was too dry to pour.
It was cold wet and boring stood the road for just over an hour.
After the lorry left the men carried on levelling the floor and my sister and I went up to the kennel to sort out some Christmas presents.
I had a couple of pups leave and then let some of the dogs out again.
After the men had finished they all went up to our local haunt for breakfast, Brian waited with me and after the last morning puppy went off to her new home we went up and joined everyone for breakfast.
We got home and the last customer of the day pulled in the drive right behind me, they already have a 4 year labradoodle of mine she also came for a visit, she is a stunning girl I was proud to have bred her.
I introduce Cracker to her new pack now the puppies have left and she was good as gold and the rest of the dogs were great with her so all went smoothly.
Brian put up a much higher mesh on the gate that Shone jumped the other night and then we had a chat about a few jobs we need to get done early next year and then Brian headed off home.
I fed everyone and they all had a good run.
All the dogs were in by 5.30 and then I fed everyone and brought Shone and Cito up.
I washed the outside pen while Jez played out in the drive.
Morning feeds ready and then wrote the blog.

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