20th August

Sunday morning was good all the dogs were out and finished by 8.30, vet beds in the wash and puppies all done.
We had so many odd jobs to get done, two of the yorkies needed vaccinating and then the freezer needed sorting out ready for another delivery.
I had people come and view puppies.
All the dogs came back out for a long run and the lunchtime feeds done.
Kate arrived and we rushed off to Taunton to have a major sort out in mum’s garden, we took down the rose arch and burnt it all along with all the weeds and stuff we had taken out, we cleared a whole bed of plants and loaded them in my van to bring back here.
We left and arrived home and sorted out the dogs and then had dinner, it was too late to unload the van, so we left that until the morning.
Monday morning was terrible the dogs all went out for a short run and then came back in for food, knowing that the weather was not going to break for quite some time we unloaded the plants and back up to Taunton to pick up the fridge freezer, washing machine and tumble dryer and some other bits.
We got back and let the dogs out and did the lunchtime feeds.
Dolly my poodle had been away to stay with a family that has a child with severe allergies, all went very well no adverse reactions so one very happy family, they have booked a puppy from my poodle litter, so with a little forward thinking and a very good little girl Dolly all had worked out well, and the puppy will have a fantastic home.
We planted all the plants that had come back from mums.
Kate arrived and gave us a hand to unload the van and helped with the dogs.
The rain was not so heavy in the later part of the day so the dogs stayed out for quite a long time and then back in for bed at around 7.30 just leaving the hybrids out.
Dave did some odd jobs while I did emails and some paper work.
Tuesday morning we did the dogs and then Hannah arrived to brush dogs and look after everyone while Dave and I went up to Taunton to meet the agent and Dave dug out 16 roses from the garden while I did some packing with my niece.
I left and came home mid-afternoon and finished off the dogs did the evening feeds.
Quick bath and out to dinner with family for a celebration of my mums first birthday since she passed away in April.
It was a nice night late home and finished off dogs then bed just after 1 am.
Wednesday morning was a damp start but not too bad; all the dogs were out and fed by 8.45.
I dug the holes with a pick and planted the 16 roses that I had brought back from mums; I just finished before the rain.
I cleaned up in the drive and the paddock.
I spent some time on the computer and then got the lunchtime feeds ready.
I fed everyone and then got the frozen feeds ready and the dry feeds for the evening.
I took Rupert and the three puppies out in the drive for a play as the rain had stopped.
I put the cage back in my van ready for training tonight.
As I had left the hybrids out until gone 12.30 am last night I spent a bit of time playing with them as they were going to probably have to come in early so as I can come home from training and not have to worry about getting them in and waking all the other dogs up.
I unpacked the bag of stationary Dave had bought me for the office, I think maybe he is hoping it will organise me a little better.
While all the dogs went out for the last run before bed I wormed the Labrador puppies and then got changed before getting Coosa’s group into the top kennel area and off to get the puppies loaded for training.
Shiraz my poodle was really good; heel work needs a little bit more work, Kirsty did well with Noodles.
Lupus was very good he loves training, there are also 3 more Wolfzone dogs in the silver and gold class all doing exceptionally well, I have some very good owners who commit so much to their dogs it’s nice to see them do well.
When I came out of training the weather was terrible I could hardly see on the way home, I got home and sneaked into the kennel to get the doors ready for Coosa’s group coming in; Dave has sprayed the hinges so I can now open the doors quietly without the rest of the dogs knowing I am in the kennel.
Everyone in, the house hybrid group were happy to be chilling out in the lounge for a while before bed.
Thursday morning some dry spells in between the heavy showers but everyone got out and stayed dry until the hybrid groups went out and then it did come down hard again for a good 20 minutes.
All the kennels were clean so after I had finished I did emails whilst waiting for a couple coming to view dogs, after an hour I gave up and decided they were not coming so I shut the gates and let the dogs out of the pen and into the drive.
I cleaned the yards and then did the lunch time feeds.
Shiraz and the Schnauzers came for a walk up the drive and then I had a couple come and view the lab puppies.
I painted a little bit more of the fence in between the rain showers.
When I got rained off I did some paperwork and then stopped for dinner, after dinner I cleaned Coosa’s outside pens and then got all the dogs in.
Friday morning I had a feed delivery arrive with a pallet of biscuit at 7 am, I had finished the house dogs and Kiro’s kennel.
I did the kennel dogs and then sorted out the meat order, after the lunchtime feeds I went up to Taunton eventually arriving at mums house to meet with tree surgeons for prices.
When I got back home I did the evening feeds and let everyone out again.
I left the hybrid groups out for a while and then put everyone away and had a late dinner.
Saturday morning was a dry start so I got everyone out early and then light a fire before the rain started.
Whilst it was too wet for dogs to go out I did emails and adverts and had a quick chat to my sister about mum’s house.
I did some training with the three house puppies and then went back to the kennel to soak feeds and feed everyone else there lunch time food.
I finished painting the first coat of paint on the fence by the house on one side.
I cleaned the bottom block while the hybrids were out and then picked up in the drive.
I left everyone out for a couple of hours while it was dry, the yorkies looked wind swept.
While everyone was out I gave Coosa a brush, he is now coming back into winter coat and looks really nice, I find the summer coat looks very straw like and not soft and flowing when he runs down the field.
I got the meat out for the next day’s feeds and then did the evening feeds and the dry food for the morning.
I stopped for dinner and then put Coosa’s group in and left the gates open for the house hybrids to go out.

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