1st September

I spent hours most of last week dealing with problems caused by other people.
And to finish the week off nicely some moron from India hacked my pc and cost me nearly 400 pounds, on top of the fraud I have going on with a previous member of our staff, it just goes to show how wrong you can be about people.
Now is time to concentrate on the dogs and what really matters.
Wendy, Brian, Kate and Kirsty were fantastic, they have put in so much time helping out with different things this last week.
We have put a new bed in for Idaho and she loves it as she still likes to have straw even in the summer.
Sunday morning I fed all of the puppies and had two groups out up the top, everyone was cleaned out and fresh water done.
Rainn has gone back in with the pups for now.
Coosa, Matzi and Taska are together, the only problem with this is that Matzi is very protective over Coosa .
Reo is in with Tory.
The reason for the changes is because Kiro now runs loose around all of the kennels with Siren and Shone at night.
Kirsty came down and spent some time in the field with Rainn and the pups so I could carry on and power wash one of the outside pens at the top for them.
Kiro is in the kennel in the day time as she sleeps most of the day now after running around all night.
Shone comes back into the house and sleeps in the day.
Narla goes out with Cito and then Shone goes out in the afternoon with C for a run.
I did the lunchtime feeds and re cleaned everyone and then started washing yards again.
I had a couple of people viewing puppies and a couple of pups leave.
I spent the afternoon power washing and cleaning up in Coosas field.
I cleaned the yards and fed all of the puppies.
Everyone except Coosa’s group was in by 7 pm as I had a family come from overseas to view the dogs.
After they left I did a puppy re clean and then brought the rest of the dogs in.
Mum cooked dinner and then I put the little dogs away and we did an hour of paper work.
Monday morning I had fed and let all of the dogs out in the top kennels and got the house dogs feeds done, when Maddie arrived we fed and cleaned out the puppies and then Razzles group and the poodle group.
After they were all finished we disinfected and cleaned all of the bottom yards while the house dogs were out.
We went back up and cleaned idaho’s pen while Moon was out.
I had two people come and view puppies and one doodle puppy returned as it was too lively for the old dog the family already have.
I gave Kia a brush as her coat is really coming out as she is having to wear a jacket to stop her from pulling her stitches out like she did a few months ago when she had the tumours removed.
I got the lunch time feeds ready and Maddie fed everyone while I was sorting things out with the locksmith as I needed to get a good lock on the top kennel door.
I microchipped a litter of puppies and did the insurance for the puppies that had just left.
I got the frozen feeds done and left in the freezer for the morning.
I had a quick tidy up the in the garage.
I cleaned all of the yards and did some ear cleaning with the little dogs, that took an hour.
I popped up to the new kennel and burnt some rubbish.
Evening feeds done and the house dogs out in the field.
Tuesday morning was busy, I had three of the top kennels cleaned and all the dogs fed up there before Maddie arrived.
We had two meat deliveries and a dry food pallet all in the space of a few hours.
We cleaned all the pups out and fed them.
I went to the bank and shopping while Maddie cleaned the bottom yards.
I power washed Coosa and the Coosa pups pen while they were out in the field.
We did the lunchtime feeds and the little dogs chicken.
Pups cleaned out again and yards re washed.
C and Cito had a brush ready for C going to the vets this week to be spayed before she leaves for her new home in Guernsey after she has had her stitches out.
I changed everyone’s water buckets as it was really hot and most of them had climbed into the buckets.
I printed some paper work as I had a bit of time while Coosa was quiet in the field.
Rainn is leaving on Friday so Narla and Shone will run with the Coosa pups for a while, this will give us a bit more time.
I sorted out my training bag ready for Wednesday night.
I sorted out all of the towels back to the kennel areas that require them.
I went around the fields and checked for any digging near the fence.
I washed the yards and then put the dogs back out so it made cleaning easier at night.
Peaches has now gone back outside after leaving her puppies, they have been moved into another group to help to bring them on a bit quicker as they are lazy with their food and prefer milk when mum comes in.
I did a bit of training with Shone and Narla, they can be quite hard to train together but they are slowly getting the hang of it, I do also train Shone on her own which is much easier.
I went out in the field for a while with the Coosa pups then came in and fed the puppies.
I got the frozen feeds done for the morning and then did the biscuit feeds.
I cleaned the yards and then came in for dinner.
When I went back out I let the last two groups from the top out and cleaned their outside pens ready for the morning.
I let the house dogs out in the field and cleaned their yard.
Wednesday morning I put everyone out and cleaned out two kennels from the top and then fed them all.
I came back down to the house and let the little dogs out and fed them.
I did the puppy feeds ready for when Maddie was arriving so we could go straight out and get them fed and cleaned out.
After the pups were done we did the poodles and then Razzles group.
I went back up to the top and cleaned the last two kennels while Maddie did one of the bitches in the house and cleaned the pen the pups were in before they moved outside.
I popped out to town while Maddie cleaned the yards, when I got home I did the lunchtime feeds for the puppies and house dogs.
I had a long chat with a lady who is looking for a job, I have to be much careful about who I have around my dogs after nearly losing Kia as some vile member of staff hurt her and taking on an ex-convict into my home and kennels it makes you feel really sick when you judge someone and think they are ok and actually you could not have been more wrong, it’s no wonder I am not really a people person when some of them are totally disgusting.
Maddie has turned out to be a little star and to think I nearly did not have her here due to the lies I was old from someone else, thankfully Kirsty set my mind at rest and said maybe you should think about the person telling the lies and she if she should really be trusted.
The dogs love her which is more than I can say for the last one Narla hated her, I should have realised from that she was not all she made out.
I went out in the field with the Coosa pups for a while and then came back in and cleaned out the puppies in the whelping area.
I made up the feeds for the evening and the frozen feeds ready for maddie to take up to the kennels for the morning and feeds to do the evening for the pups.
I left early to go and help out at training I took Shone and River.
This was probably the worse nights training we have had so far, as I got River out of the van there was a real commotion two cars had a crash and one of the drivers was shouting so this really unsettled her.
Shone was a cow her recall was not straight and not enthusiastic, but everything else was ok.
I got home and Maddie had all of the dogs put away in their kennels for the night including Coosa, she is very good with him as she has a nice quiet nature and is confident.
The pups were all fed and clean, all of the yards were cleaned and bowls washed and ready for the morning feeds to be done.
I sorted out the two dogs I had taken with me and fed them, Shone and Narla went out in the field, I had to bring Peaches back in as she was howling and barking, she stayed in the house with Rupert and Cito for the night.
I did the biscuit feeds for the morning and had something to eat; I spent some time with the house dogs before doing emails and bed.
Thursday morning I had everyone out at the top and fed them I then came down and did the house dogs and feeds for the pups.
Maddie arrived and we fed all of the puppies and cleaned them out, everyone had been out in the field.
We cleaned three of the top kennels and did the lunchtime feeds and left them ready for Maddie to feed, I put C in the van and picked up kirsty and Lupus Kirsty took me out for breakfast which was very nice and then off to the vets for a castration for Lupus as Kirsty has started to take in the odd re home dog and does want any accidents with Lupus mating anything.
C was spayed as she has a new home to go to when her stitches are out.
We had them both done all went well no dramas, I dropped Kirsty off and came home and put C in her cage where she slept for the afternoon.
It was raining but Coosa didn’t mind so I let them out and answered the phone messages and checked emails.
I fed the house dogs and the little dogs outside and then brought Coosa’s group in and put two groups out.
I cleaned the yards and got the feeds ready for the morning, my afternoon appointment didn’t turn up so I had more time to spend with the dogs out in the field.
I gave Rainn a brush as she was leaving on Friday, then I went on to cleaning little dogs ears as Hannah was not able to come in this week.
I did the paper work for a puppy leaving in the morning.
I spent some time sorting out about our next terms dog training and who if anyone was going to be taking River as I am not able to.
I will only be training Shone hopefully all being well if she passes her bronze test she will move up into silver.
I fed the little dogs and did the biscuit feeds for the morning; frozen feeds were already in the freezer done.
I brought the last group in at 6.30 as the rain got heavier.
I had a few things to sort out with the new kennel building and then dinner.
I took C out for a very short walk so she could have a wee, she was a little sore and very tired.
Friday morning I had cleaned all of the top kennels and everyone had been out and fed.
I came down and put the house dogs out and fed them, all the feeds were ready for the puppies when Maddie arrived, so we got straight on with them and cleaned them all out and changed water.
I was sorting out a puppy leaving and then with one of the builders so Maddie carried on with Razzles pen and then with Idahos pen.
We had a meat delivery so we sorted that out and burnt the boxes and the rest of the rubbish.
I cleaned the floors in the house and got the washing done and bowls washed, Maddie put all the bags back in the whelping areas and tidied up in the garage.
The pups had another quick clean out and then Maddie left.
I had a pup to vaccinate as it is going to France next month and wormed the rest of the pups.
We sorted out all of the clipper blades that needed to be sharpened and Hannah sent them off for me, I have two sets so we are not without them.
Rainn has now gone to her new home with Taylor, she took to him nicely which was good as she is not really used to males.
Rupert the poodle had an abscess by his bum and I nearly lost my fingers trying to clean it Kirsty thought this was highly amusing, I was not so impressed.
I did the lunch time feeds for the puppies and the house dogs and then put Narla and Shone out in the field with the Coosa pups.
I gave Kia a brush as she is still wearing her coat to stop her touching her stitches so she is really moulting.
Simon came in and we talked about the next plan for the new kennel, all the door frames are now on and both security doors have been fitted.
Simon is away for a week now but when he returns he will be fitting the boards for the wet room.
I am hoping the rest of the tiling and grouting will be finished by the end of next week.

I picked up all of the bones in Coosa’s field and checked all the holes they have dug but nothing is too close to the fence.
I cleaned the yards and put the dogs in for a while as it was raining.
Pups all re cleaned and fresh bedding put in, waters changed.
I fed the pups and the bitches and swapped groups up the top and came in for dinner.
I went back out and re cleaned puppies and locked up everywhere, just leaving Coosa’s group and Shone and Narla out.
They came in at 8.30 and then I did the morning feeds and the frozen feeds for the morning and took them up to the top kennel.
I spent an hour with the house dogs and an hour on the computer before going to bed.
Saturday morning all the top kennels were cleaned and dogs out and back in and fed by 7.15.
I let the house dogs out and fed them, puppy feeds were all done so I fed them and cleaned them out, and then Wendy and Brian arrived with the new furniture for the office.
We have taken the yorkies cages out of the office and they are now in a big pen as there are 4 of them with the two puppies.
We have measured for the pipe for the new drainage to be put in next when Brian is next here.
Wendy and Brian both helped me disinfect the bottom yards as it takes ages to do them on your own.
I changed the vet beds for the bitches and then burnt he rubbish.
All the kennels are ready for the evening, water in shavings down.
I did the chicken carcasses feeds for the house dogs and the poodle groups, the puppies all fed and cleaned again.
I pulled out some stinging nettles and cut back some blackberry bushes, this was short lived as I got stung to high heaven and gave up.
Coosa had been out for a couple of hours but then started howling when tory went out so I put him back in the big pen looking down on the house and went on the computer looking for companies to get quotes for heat resistant electrical black out blinds, for the velux windows in the new kennels.
I sent an hour printing paper work for puppy files so I have them ready in advance for pups going out.
I went out and gave Matzi and Coosa a good brush before there winter coat comes back to get all of the dead skin out now while it’s easier.
I had half an hour out in the field with Narla Shone and the hybrid puppies, they have a lot longer out than the other dogs as there are 6 in there group and they are no trouble out they don’t start any of the howling.
I fed all the puppies and cleaned the yards and came in and wrote the blog at 7 pm.
Time for dinner while I still have two groups out, they will be in at about 8 pm.

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