1st November

A good start to the day cold and windy but not raining as I was expecting so that was a bonus
I did the house dogs and then put Kiro and Reo away.
The labs were down in the kennel after our South Hampton trip so straight down to get the kennel dogs done.
Everyone out, clean and fed by 8.30.
Shone and Cito went out in the field and I did the fire.
I had to finish off the last weeks late blog as the weekend was so busy I hadn’t got chance to get it done.
Next was to sweep up more leaves up by the gate as the top end of the drive looked like a lane.
I moved a few more bits from the house and then cleaned the poodle’s room and steamed the floor.
I changed the vet bed for the puppies and stated getting the mountain of washing done from the travelling at the weekend.
I then had to spend some time on the internet looking at kitchen designs ready for the kitchen planner chap coming out this evening to design the utility room and kitchen.
I cut up the chicken and fed everyone, all the dogs were out in the yards and fields making the most of a day with a little sunshine.
I had a few things to catch up on in the house I got on with my jobs and then put some dinner on before washing yards everyone in and fed, it was dark when I got back into the house, it will take me a few days to adjust to the clocks changing.
A horrible cold wet and windy start house dogs out and then back in as it was cold, I did the kennel dogs and then had to take Coosa’s group up to the top kennel area as it was so wet they could go out in the field if they wanted to but actually they stayed around the pen area.
I cut up the chicken for lunch time feeding and then steamed the floors in the house.
I got the leaf blower out and cleared the leaves all the way from the top kennel area all the way down the steps and through the yard.
Next was to hose right down through
My sister came over and we went off to see the kitchen designer and sorted out the new kitchen and cupboard for the utility room.
After we had finished we then went and met my other sister and had afternoon tea.
I got back and the rain had nearly stopped so I got everyone out and fed them all.

I had 50 kilo’s of chicken to freeze and sort out the bone delivery as well.
Everyone had a good run and then all in; it was pitch black when Coosa’s group came in.
I let Kiro and Reo out and fed them.
I spent the evening doing very little with the house dogs, my girl started whelping at 1 am so it was a long night.
A really busy day catching up with ears ,teeth, and nail checks on all of the dogs.
I managed to spend most of the day just with the dogs; I didn’t do any other jobs except for general cleaning and steam cleaning the floors in the house.
Shiraz had a brush ready for training.
Lunch time feeding done and then I went out with the hybrids and picked up the bones in the field.
I went out in the afternoon and played with the house dogs in the drive and then got the evening feeds done.
Everyone came in and then I loaded Shiraz and Winter and off we went to training.
Winter was really good but Shiraz was being silly as she is in season, but she did do her go to bed very well.
I got home late and then let the house dogs out for a short time and then watched an hour of tv before bed.
A wet start everyone out fed and finished.
Hannah arrived to groom the little dogs, I popped into town and then came home and swapped the dogs over.
I did the fire and then picked up loads more leaves up around the top kennel.
The bottom block needed a clean.
My chicken delivery arrived so I froze most of it and split some for Nicola as she was coming over for dinner.
I left dogs out and Hannah was grooming so she kept an eye on everyone while I went in the house and cleaned the poodle’s room and peeled potatoes and prepared veg.
When I had finished that I washed the bottom block and swept up some leaves in the yard.
I had to speak to several people about puppies this took up quite a lot of time.
The afternoon was making sure I got time to give each group and the house dogs a really good run as they were going to be locked up by 5.30 as I had friends coming for dinner and with 8 dogs in the house I only wanted two of them in with us the others were in their own room.
Every fed and locked up Hannah left and then I picked up in the yards and put the house dogs in their bed and got dinner ready, Nicola and family arrived with their dogs so they went out in the bottom block under cover while we had dinner.
We had a nice relaxing night and then when they had left my house dogs went out for a run and then Kiro and Reo went out for the night.
A damp start to the day but not too bad, house dogs done and then Kiro in and kennel dogs fed run and cleaned out.
The meat delivery arrived so I froze all of it and there was loads I only just got it all in.
Shone and Cito out in the field and then Coosa’s group fed.
I sorted out paper work for my pups leaving at the weekend and spent some time in the office.
Next was to clean the floors in the house.
I wanted to get as much done as possible as in the afternoon I was expecting a call to go to my sisters shop and let the guys in to deliver my new kitchen it will stay at my sisters until we are ready to get it fitted.
I fed everyone chicken and then washed the bottom block, next were house dogs out on the drive and then power wash their yard it was full of leaves.
I picked up 5 muck buckets of leaves and then power washed the poodle’s yard.
Merlot and Shiraz mated late afternoon.
I pack up some more things from the house and then did the evening feeds.
Everyone came in the then I had some jobs to do before I left to sort out the kitchen delivery.
I brought the house dogs in and then went out I met up with friends after for a couple of drinks and more dog talk.
By the time I got home and sorted out my dogs and went to bed it was gone 3 am.
Wendy and Brian arrived and I had only done the house dogs.
First they got kiro’s new kennel sorted out and I moved her and Reo into there.
They started taking down Kiro’s old pen and the yards panelling.
Brian took the cameras down.
I carried on and did the kennel dogs.
The morning was slow as I had to move the labs back into the other kennel block and get their kennel ready for the house dogs.
Whelping boxes moved in for them to have deep bedding in.
All above Kiro’s old kennel was a floor are used for storage so that was all brought down and put in the old kitchen to be sorted.
We had to clear as much of the furniture and move beds into the container.
People arrived to pick up pups and view puppies.
Nicola and Nobby came to pick up chicken on the way home.
I did the chicken for lunch and then helped with moving stuff and doing a huge fire to burn all of the old furniture and wardrobes.
Eventually Wendy and Brian went home and I carried on moving bedding and clothes and then food out of the house.
I finished just after 9 pm and then spent time with Shone, Cito and Rupert; I had dinner and then wrote the blog.

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