1st may

Wedding week blog
This week has been really good the weather has been fab; I must say I have got a great tan, not from laying in the garden I may add.

All the dogs are well, still a few are moulting very heavy, any spare time has been used for brushing as I am hoping to start bathing all the wolf dogs and Labradors in the next couple of weeks.
Coosa has had the most grooming time and still he looks like a bear; I don’t feel like I have made much progress yet.

Thankfully I have a dog groomer for the little dogs and the poodles need clipping every six weeks.
I did bath 4 Czech pups and the labradoodles who live in the house today that was back breaking enough.

Cito is really enjoying her litter of puppies, but she is still happy to come out in the field she has not missed one exercise session since the pups arrived, they are now one week old.
Boots is not so keen to come out and leave her pups yet, I am sure she will in the next few days.
The two lab females are only going into feed their pups twice a day now mums and pups are all happy with that.

Brian and Wendy came down to do some more jobs today. Brians new pup came along, his name is Loki, what a great little pup, and he travels anywhere and can be fed just before without any problems.

The labs yard is now finished it looks good, progress has made us all a lot happier it’s clean and spacious.
The yard puppies have a new bench and the poodles now have a high bench were they can get away from younger dogs if they need some quiet time.
The paddling pool has seen better days so they now have a big white plasters bath, the pups sleep in it when it gets a little cold, when its hot I half fill it with water and they jump in and out all day.

Luna the csv pup went to her new home today she stayed an extra month as her owners were going on holiday.
It was a little sad to see her go, the longer they are here the more attached you get.

Saturday was really busy with visitors and bathing a couple more dogs, all seemed to be going well until a major thunderstorm came out of the blue.
Kate and I got drowned racing back to the top kennel block to put a litter of pups inside as we were not sure if they would go in the covered area.
Coosa’s group who normally spend most of their time outside even in the rain all ran for cover.

Sunday was good. Wolf came down to visit Rupert, Rachael Bailey was already here, with her pack of eleven dogs, so we all went down to the park to see Shaun, Isla and the wolves.

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