1st May

A nice Sunday morning with only one visitor booked for the day.
All the dogs were fed exercised and cleaned out by 8.30 am.
I finished the top kennels and then let everyone back out for another run and playtime out with the Voodoo and the little dogs.
I cut up chicken next for the lunch time feeds and then spent time out with the next group of dogs
I only had a few emails to get sorted out and then I shredded some paper.
Martin is going to take on Yazmin soon so he came over and spent some time with her with only a few dogs in the pen with her.
I left them for a short time and then sat in the pen with them.
After Martin left I started to get the lunch time feeds done and then after they were all finished I went back out to pick up weeds and grass in the drive, so I had the little dogs and Voodoo out with me for an hour.
Dave arrived and we had lunch and the he went down to do some work in the house.
I got the frozen feeds ready for the morning and then had a quick coffee with Dave before swapping over dogs and getting the evening feeds done and feeding the puppies.
I wrote the blog for today as I would have forgotten what had been done.
I put the dinner on to cook and then spent time with each group of dogs in the drive before feeding them all.
We stopped for dinner and then I went out to spend time with Voodoo and the little dogs, and then put them in for the night and brought Cito and Shone up from the bottom block and put Narla and Siren away.
Coosa’s group stayed out until dark.
Voodoo was really good you wouldn’t have known any difference in Dave being here to how he is normally.
Everything done and an hour to relax before bed time.
An early wet start to the day, everyone fed, exercised and cleaned by 7.30, Coosa’s group all fed and then waiting for the builders to arrive, looking forward to some progress this week but can’t stand having all these men around.
I left most of the dogs in just a few groups out in covered yards as it was raining.
I endured a morning in the house with the builders to try and keep things on track.
My sister came over and worked the day with them as well.
Dave and Jake were both doing other jobs in the house.
I came up and let dogs out and then did the lunch time feeds it was still raining a bit.
I stayed helping out until 4.30 when I went to my osteopath appointment, which went very well.
I got home and fed the puppies and then got everyone else out for a run before feeding and bed time.
A busy morning getting everyone done before the builders arrived.
We had some strange weather, cold hailstones and sleet, but it didn’t really have an impact on the day.
I had a couple of visitors booked in for the day to see dogs and then a visit from friends to sort out a problem with their dog.
Lunch time feeds done and puppies cleaned out again.
The dogs were all out for the afternoon and then most groups came in and the puppies fed again.
We went to Nathan’s for dinner and then home to get everyone else in for the night.
Normal routine for the day, I went out to pick up meat and then back to do lunch time feeds.
I had a family visit their puppy and then the evening feeds done some groups left out and I went to training.
We got home and fed the rest of the dogs and brought the groups in that were out in the field.
Another early start to get everything done before builders arrived as we had a house full again today.
Hannah was here grooming the little dogs.
Martin came to visit Yazmin again and spent time with her while I was sorting out things in the office.
Lots of printing done and ready for the puppy packs.
Kelly’s arrived with another chicken delivery.
Lunchtime feeds done and then a couple of puppies collected to go to their new homes.
We had a couple of light showers but the dogs only came in for a short time.
I had Coosa’s group to brush for the afternoon then I spent the rest of the day with the dogs until feeding puppies and then everyone coming in from their last run.
Everything fairly much the same as Thursday just a couple of deliveries and then I spent time with the plumber ordering a bath suite and that sort of thing for the house.
As it had been a long day with limited amount of human food we went out for dinner we weren’t out long and then home to get everyone in and do the evening feeds.
All the dogs finished early and then the kennel all ready for visitors.
Ears cleaned on the little dogs.
Dave was doing odd jobs everywhere to keep things ticking along.
I cut up the chicken for lunch time.
I had a family come to spend time talking about the Czech litter later in the year.
Kirsty and Jess came down to do a mating with their spaniel and stayed for a couple of hours.
Everyone was out most of the day and then all in for dinner just before 8 pm.
Dave and I spent time with Cito , Shone and Voodoo before bed.

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