1st June

The weekend was nice and quiet which gave me time with the dogs, the house hybrid pack just wandered in and out all day.
I gave them their block of frozen tripe and went back inside to feed my yorkie and Rupert the poodle, when I looked for Rupert he was happily sat eating a pound block of tripe belonging to Soldier the male hybrid, I retrieved it and gave it back to him, my little dogs do try and bully the hybrids.
I had dogs out all day as the sun was shining; I spent time de weeding paddocks and de boning fields which gave me time to see how the dogs were all getting on.
The poodle and doodle groups were out playing in their paddling pools.
I managed to shred 4 giant bags of paper for the little dogs bedding but then I think I burnt the motor out on the shredder.
I have nearly brushed out Coosa he has most of his summer coat through now.
While the house hybrid pack were out in the field I had time to groom Soldier and then clean the yards before they were due to come in.
The house door is open all day for the hybrids to come in and out so Soldier is getting used to being able to come and go as he likes.
When I am out at night then they are locked out and just Cito is in the house.
I have been busy with paper work most evenings and getting ready to go back to training club this week, we have a large number of new dogs joining this term; Kirsty is also coming with her new bitch Lilly for some socialising.
I am working with one on my labs as she is being re homed this year after her last litter.
This week has mainly been taken up with gardening, pulling stinging nettles in the paddock and strimming the spare field between the hybrids and the little dogs.
Saturday was very busy with digging holes in the drive and putting up some more of the fencing.
We are also getting a pad ready to concrete for the yorkie group on the side of the drive.
The dogs have been out really late all week except for Wednesday as I was training and Friday as I went out with family.
One of the poodle girls was mated this week and two were taken out of the group as they had puppies late last year.

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