1st July

Sunday was good, everyone was out and sorted early, after everything in the morning was done Kate got on with some odd jobs before she left and I started power washing.
Wendy and Brian came down mid-afternoon just to pick up his drill that he left behind on Saturday, well as always there are loads of little jobs around that need doing.
We decided to make it more difficult for the dogs to see Coosa’s group when we are letting them out so Brian was drilling the metal strips to the fence posts to hold them in place.
The house dogs started to make a lot of noise so I went down to check on them, the new poodle Dixie had got her front leg and neck stuck under a metal gate.
I tried to get her back to the point where she had got under but to no avail.
I called Brian down and he took the panel down, thankfully he was here or it would have certainly been a call to the fire brigade.
After everyone was in and settled down Wendy took us out for a very nice roast dinner.
Monday morning was so busy and the time went very quickly.
Lobo had decided to rip the felt lining off of the roof panel in the night so he has been moved to the top kennel with Starr and Koko as he cannot do any damage up there.
I went off to my appointment with the osteopath while Kate cleaned another panel in Coosa’s winter kennel.
When I got back we both finished the pen off ready just in case we need it for another dog or to whelp in there.
Late afternoon I brushed Coosa as everyone had to come in early as the rain was really awful.
Tuesday morning was so wet it was like a winter’s day. I was power washing the labs yard and we got absolutely drowned, it was so bad I had to come in and get changed, then it did brighten up for a while, but not for long by late afternoon we were back swimming again.
Wednesday morning was a bit wet but nothing like it had been so everyone went out for a long run including the house dogs, that was funny as the grass is so long I could not half of them.
I need to get the farmer in to top the fields fairly soon.
I went out and played with the labradoodle group for an hour as this meant Coosa’s group did not need to be locked in, normally they are in for an hour as the doodles will bark at them but when I go out with them they are fine.
When it was time to feed Coosa he did not want to come in as it was hot so I fed him in his outside run then moved him later when it had cooled down.
Thursday morning was heavy showers so everyone got nice and wet and all the house dogs had to go in a kennel with straw until they were dry as we had just steam cleaned all the floors down stairs in the house
We got a couple more panels cleaned and all the food orders done.
The whelping area had to be cleaned and disinfected again as it has had house martins nesting and they have made a horrible mess.
Our two new Labrador puppies arrived they are going to live with Helen at Ridgeway Labradors.
Biscuit our Labradoodle girl had her puppies in the evening, unfortunately she choose to whelp in C’s bed so C and Budd stayed out until late evening then came in once I had moved Biscuit to the whelping area.
Friday morning was a 5 am start as I had to go to the vets and scan the poodle bitch that was not going to mate, the reason she was scanned is because when Echo was here she opened the gate and let the male poodle in with her, the bitch could not have this litter as she had puppies on her last season.
The scan showed she was in pup so unfortunately she has had the injection to abort the pups, the poor girl she is feeling quite unwell and has been very sick since she has had the injection; it is not pleasant as you can see the bits of flesh coming away.
I spent some time out in the field with Bobby and gave her a good brush before she left for her new home.
I had a couple of late viewings of the new litter of Labradoodles so I did not finish until 10 pm.
Saturday morning was an early start after Biscuit was done and been for a walk I did the house dogs, then put the Lab group out at about 6 am for a long run.
Kate and I finished the rest of the kennels then I went out for breakfast with Wendy and Brian before more visitors arrived to see puppies.
Brian moved my fire so that the ash does not keep blowing all over the yard every time the wind blows.
Brian has moved a pallet of blocks for me to start making a retaining wall as we are on a hill we can get rocks sliding and I don’t want one in the side of my van.
In the afternoon Kevin, a friend, came down to give us a hand as we needed to dig out more of a tunnel from Coosa’s day pen as Lycan was happy to jump out of the hatch and go up the bank to get in the field but she was not happy to jump back down the step in the bank.
Now it has been made into a slope with rubber mating and wire in the ground she is happy to run in and out of the field to her pen all day long.
We ended up finishing at 9 pm then having dinner, even though it was a very long day it was productive and rewarding.
I finished the house dogs at 11 .30 then did Biscuit and went to bed.

Thank you for all the emails and comment about James Breakspear, we are making progress and James bill will now have increased considerable due to being very sly and trying not to pay what he clearly owes.

A couple of pictures of one of our last hybrid girls enjoying life in Europe.

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