1st January 2012

A non-eventful week really just lots of cleaning, constantly power washing mud, if C had anything to do with helping me I would have been blown up….. I am merrily cleaning away and she was chomping her way through the power cable, I may need help but maybe C will have to find another job.

Wendy and Brian came down on Boxing Day and did some odd jobs and helped me with the dogs as Kate had come home for the day to see her family.

Kate came back in the evening and we went over to my sisters house for a buffet and party games, it was nice to get out and catch up with some of the family.

We have had a bit of a struggle this week as Kate and I have both been ill and the dogs have all been fantastic and very little noise.
The housedogs have been the most demanding, as they were not out in the sitting room in the evening as I went to bed at 5 pm and only managed to get up and let them out for a quick wee.
Rupert has had two trips to the vets this week he has now had his stitches out and all seems to be well with his ear operation.

All the hybrid pups are doing very well in their new homes, Paul from Orkwolf is very happy with his new boy.
The two dogs that went to Norway and Germany are both doing very well.
Tala, our csv girl is getting on very well with James and the boys, El Cid is pleased to have another Wolfzone girl join his pack, James is hoping to do Cani x with her soon.

Shaun has taken Quannay to the vets this week for her scan and she is in pup to Shaun’s male Saarloos Wayakin so we will be expecting puppies on the 4 th of Febuary, this will be one of our rare ¾ Saarloos ¼ Czechoslovakian wolf dog litters.

Wolf has come down for a few days for a visit with a car load of food and treats to keep the dogs going for some weeks he also managed to have room in the car to bring Echo and Rupert which is great as I have not seen either of them for a few months, Rupert is Kiro’s son he is a much bigger version of his mum with a superb temperament.
Echo has been staying here and Rupert is in luxury in an exclusive little hotel in town with wolf.
New years eve was such a busy day I ended up not finishing until 6.30 and had a major rush to bath and change to go out to a very nice restaurant with Wolf for dinner by 7 pm.
Thankfully Wolf gave me a hand to finish some of the evening feeding and bowl washing or I would not have been ready.
New years day is going to be hectic as bedding and outside feeds have not been prepared ready and Kate is not here, great start to the New Year.
I have recently advertised for another member of staff as it is just getting too much to try and do the dogs and advertising and have any sort of life.
Given how hard this last year has been I am now selling 8 more wolf dogs to scale down on some of our breeding, I do not need to keep as many dogs here at the kennels, as I have a number of dogs with Shaun and other friends that can be bred from, this means I will breed the smaller dogs and maybe more hybrid litters and less lower content pups.
I would like not having to be so reliant on having staff every day.

It was only a couple of years ago that I could easily manage with someone coming in three times a week, which gave me chance to go to the vets or shopping and catch up on grooming or paper work.
Shaun has two older dogs for rehoming a male and female both are spayed and castrated both good with other dogs and friendly with people if you are interested please email me as the dogs will be sold from here and not from Shaun’s.
14-month-old male ½ Csv ½ Saarloos.
2-year-old female 1/2Inuit ½ csv.

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