1st February

Saturday evening was a fairly early finish, as I needed to spend a couple of hours going through paper work with Dave for the years books as the end of the financial year will soon be upon us again.
Sunday morning was a nice start not to cold and still dry.
House dogs went out into their yard and then Narla and the puppies went out with their food.
Kiro went back in for the day and I went down and did the kennel dogs, everyone out fed and cleaned by 9.30 am.
Coosa’s group was out in the paddock and then Cito and Shone went out in field one.
I cleaned the house puppies’ room and then brought them in for the morning.
Frozen feeds out ready for the morning and then I cut up today’s chicken.
I disinfected the bottom block while Cito and Shone were out and then did the fire and picked up bones in Coosa’s field with the help of Cito and Shone.
Lunch time feeds done and everyone out.
I spent an hour out in the yard with Narla and the puppies, it was just starting to rain but I did not have to put them in as they are very good they go under the roof on the bench and stay dry.
The afternoon was wet so everyone was wormed, they loved that, the only dog that was a real issue was Ollie my yorkie male so I will try him again tomorrow as I have one hole in my finger from him.
Cito and Shone came in absolutely stinking they have managed to find something very unpleasant to roll in so I had to hose both of them off and towel dry them.
I had time to brush one of the poodles as she is due to have puppies soon
Feed’s out for the next day to de frost and then evening feeds ready and morning feeds prepared.
Coosa’s group in and everyone fed.
Narla and the puppies fed and in and then Kiro out.
Monday morning was a dry start which always makes for a good day.
Everyone out, cleaned and fed, after the kennels were finished I took Coosa’s group up to the top kennel area and fed them.
Shone and Cito went out in the field.
After they had eaten I power washed one of the outside pens and then came down and swapped dogs in the drive and then put Razzles group into field one.
Everyone fed and out again, I went up and let coosa’s group out and then power washed the next pen.
As it was nice and dry I went out field with the puppies from the house for a while.
I gave Shone a brush and then came down with them and spent some time with Narla and the puppies.
I cleaned the puppy room in the house and then washed the lounge floor while they were out.
I checked all of the bitches in the kennel to see who has come into season as there was blood on the step as they go out to the front pen.
I spent some time out with Coosa’s group and then brought them down to the paddock ready to bring in later.
I wrote the last couple of day’s events and then priced up some of the new toys and opened all the new ones for my own dogs.
Everyone fed and Coosa’s group in.
Kiro out and Narla and the puppies fed, they are great little pups as soon as it rains they are straight in from their yard and playing in their kennel.
Tuesday morning was nice so everyone out early, fed and cleaned, Coosa’s group out in field two and Cito and Shone out in field one.
Jason arrived early with Solo and Luna as the surfing was cancelled so he popped in to see Narla’s pups and have a coffee, he let the dogs out for a while, they are really a great pair and a real credit to Jason he has done really well with them .
All of the meat arrived early so I cut it all up and then froze what I did not need for today
While they were out I did the fire and then power washed all the rest of Coosa’s pen area at the top kennel block, I had to stop three times to go and change over dogs in the fields and the drive.
I finally finished power washing at just after 5 pm, now time to feed and get everyone in.
All in and Narla and the puppies fed.
I let the house dog’s out on the drive for a good run as it was still dry and then did the morning feeds while they were out.
They came in just as it started to rain at 6 pm and kiro went out .
Wednesday morning was a nasty wet start the forecast for the day was terrible, rain and gale force winds.
Everyone went out for a quick run and then back in for breakfast.
I cleaned everyone out and then put Coosa’s group out in field one and off to the doctors for a blood test.
When I got home it was still really windy but dry so everyone back out again and then lunch time feeds early as it was better to get all the feeds done if it was going to be wet in the afternoon.
Shone and Cito had the gates open so they could go out into her field and get back down to the undercover pen.
Narla and the puppies were out in the yard.
I did my emails and wrote the puppy training schedule for the evening and then had lunch.
I got the van ready for Shiraz and loaded the food for my sister, everything in ready for training.
Feeds ready for evening and the next morning.
I was sat in the office watching the yorkies getting blown around in the drive whilst running up and down, they loved it which surprised me as it was very cold, so they would not be out to long.
I have just put some small Kongs with treats in their kennel for when they come in.
The Labrador puppies were out in the field with the other three pups, they were racing around as happy as can be.
I put Narla and the pups away a little earlier so I could hose the yard ready for the morning and then Shone and Cito went out in the bottom yard so I could clean the bottom block.
I fed everyone and then brought Coosa’s group in.
All locked up and Narla and the puppies fed.
I put Shiraz in the van and off we went.
We got to training the weather was terrible rain and strong winds.
We were a couple short in the puppy class but not bad considering the horrid weather.
They are learning some different techniques which will help them in the future to get a really good wait, I was pleased with how quickly they seemed to pick it up, we will see next week as this was their homework.
Next was the bronze class with Shiraz, apart from her impatient on the waits she is doing very well, she loves going I am not sure which she likes best the people or the other dogs.
My sister took the silver class which are progressing so well and then I took the gold class, I am teaching them different ways in which to achieve the same result at the end, they are all doing very well.
We cleared up and then off home.
I got in and let the house dogs out and checked on Narla and the puppies.
I put Kiro and Reo out for the night.
I had an hour with the dogs before doing morning feeds and washing the floors before going to bed.
Thursday was an early start, house dogs out and then Kiro and Reo in.
Shone and Cito came in for food and Narla went out with her food while the puppies had their breakfast and then they went out with her.
I went down to the kennels and let the first two groups out, the rain started so they were back in quite quickly.
After everyone was done I put Coosa’s group out and did the fire.
All the chicken was ready for lunchtime.
I went off to the station to deliver a puppy and had half an hour with the new owners before heading home.

I got back and fed everyone and then picked up in the drive as Dave was soon to be coming in.
Next was to get the dinner on ready for later.
I did the evening feeds and brought everyone in Dave arrived before I had finished so he gave me a hand.
Coosa’s group in and Kiro out then I fed Narla and the puppies.
Friday morning was a cold dry start, everyone out and fed and then I had to move two bitches as they were both picking on another one.
Hannah arrived to groom everyone.
After all the kennels were finished I dusted and cleaned Coosa’s kennel top to bottom and then Dave dried it, next Dave cleaned the floor in the kitchen and then the office.
I did the fire and then the meat arrived so I put the house dogs in the bottom block and Cito and Shone out in the field.
I cut up the chicken carcasses and then froze the rest of the bones.
Everyone’s food was ready for the lunch time feeding.
Everyone was going out between heavy down pours.
We stopped quickly for lunch and then Dave picked up leaves and I got the puppies room in the house cleaned and then steamed cleaned the floor.
I got the dinner prepared for us for the evening and then did my emails and some phone calls.
I left Dave out doing jobs in the drive and then Loupy started to have puppies so I sat with her and wrote the blog.
I got all of the dogs in and fed in between loupy having her puppies.
After the last pup was born late evening, Kiro and Reo went out and then we spent a couple of hours with the house dogs before bed.
Saturday morning I got up feeling terrible, I ached all over and had a really sore throat and really tight chest.
The guys were here at just before 8 am to start putting down the drive.
Dave helped the guys with putting down the road plaining’s and I did the dogs, the weather was awful dogs went out in between heavy showers of sleet and rain all day.
I had quite a few people viewing dogs in the day, a hybrid owner came down to see their boy.
I did the lunchtime feeds, most were fed in their kennel.
The afternoon was just letting dogs out when the rain eased up long enough.
I spent time sorting out puppies and checking everyone was ok.
Evening feeds done and everyone in for 5 pm as it was cold and wet.
I did Narla and the puppies and then let Kiro out and brought Cito and Shone in for the night.
I put our dinner on and then fed the house dogs and cleaned the puppies out.

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