1st December

Sunday morning I woke up to find Shone on my bed and Narla at the bottom of the bed on Kia’s bed, Narla must have opened the stair gate, this is the first time any of the wolf dogs have been upstairs since Kia has gone, the little dogs got up there last week and caused merry hell in my bedroom.
I put the wolf dogs out in the yards and the little dogs in the bottom block while I made the feeds and had a coffee.
We had a very heavy frost and all the outside water buckets were frozen.
I did all of the bitches and pups and little dogs before going up and letting Kiro out in the field and the hybrids in field two.
Reo went in an outside pen with his food and Coosa stayed in until I had cleaned the kennels.
I let Reo out and cleaned another kennel, he came in and Coosa went out, I finished cleaning and put fresh water in the field.
I gave everyone their biscuit as soon as they has come in and then left them with their bones while I went back to the house let the house dogs out and cleaned their pen out.
I left them running in and out while I changed the water in the rest of the kennels.
Feeds were already soaking for the puppy’s lunch while I wormed the pups and took pictures of a couple of pups.
I did some training with river for the dreaded test this week and then fed the puppies.
I spent some time picking up leaves and getting the fire done.
All the house dogs and little dogs were fed their chicken carcasses.
Yards all hosed down ready for just a quick clean in the evening.
I walked round and checked the fencing in all three fields.
All of the frozen feeds were done for the next morning as the chicken is not defrosting in time for the lunchtime feeds.
I hosed the top outside pens and then put everyone in for the night.
Shone and Narla back down to the house for food.
I fed the bitches and puppies and locked them up.
Monday morning was a freezing cold start; I let the house dogs out and left the hybrids house dogs in the yards while I made the feeds.
House dogs in pretty quickly as they were really cold.
Amy arrived and we did the bitches and pups and the bottom groups then up to get all the top kennels done, I cleaned everything while Amy did water and dried pens, I went into the bank and did some quick bits in town while Amy dried all the top kennels.
When I got home I spent time on the phone sorting out when the kennel fitters were coming back to sort out the problem with the seals.
A lady was at the gate calling so Amy went to see what was wrong, the lady had smashed her car up on the corner by the old drive entrance that we have just closed off, I slowed the traffic down for a bit but couldn’t wait forever for the police I think they must have been on foot as I could have walked to South Molton in the time it took them to get here, just a few yards up the road was a trailer that had lost its wheel at the weekend so the road was compromised anyway, but I am sure they were probably doing something more important!
I spent some time on the phone talking to the RAC and the AA and green flag, I wanted to make sure if I was with one of them I would be covered for my dogs to stay in my van if my van had to be recovered.
The AA were meant to ring me back within four hours.
I didn’t want to think my dogs would have to be unloaded and picked up by someone else if I broke down.
At the moment I have break down and recovery through my insurance.
This is a camper van that broke down on the motor way and got hit by as lorry while waiting on the hard shoulder.

I popped in the new kennel to see who the carpenter was getting on for a short time.
Amy did the house dogs and then fed the puppies lunch time feeds.
I cut up the chicken and fed all of the little dogs.
Frozen chicken all done for the morning.
We cleaned the bottom block and Amy picked up leaves everywhere.
I got some puppy packs done ready for the next pup leaving and then did my emails
I cleaned the yards and did all the spare water buckets as the taps are frozen in the morning for quite a while.
Everyone came in and had the feeds I locked up everywhere and I went down and swept up and tidied up in the new kennel, I came in for dinner and check emails, then Nathan arrived at 8 pm to fit some of the last lights that needed to be done, he left at 11 pm, so I let the house dogs out and made the morning feeds then off to bed.
I had not long turned off the light when Narla and Shone crept up the stairs and both very quietly got on to the bed.
Tuesday morning I woke up and both dogs were still on the bed, I put them two out with their food and then let the little dogs out.
Feeds all done so I put the house pack in and started to feed and clean out puppies as I was rushing to have some time to spend with the kennel fitters as they arrived at 7 am to start taking the kennels out and re fitting them.
We finished doing all the feeding and cleaning in the bottom groups then up to do the top kennels I cleaned them and Amy dried and did water.
I fed everyone and left Amy to finish off and do the fire.
Simon arrived to fit some cupboards for more storage in the grooming room.
I had a quick chat with him and saw Darrel the fitter to see what was going on.
I popped up to the local care home to pick up their newspapers as we are running very short as always.
I got home and did the feeds and helped Amy with the house dog’s pens and swept the floor in the house.
Amy did the puppy waters and then fed.
I was with a customer looking at a cockapoo.
The meat delivery arrived so we sorted it all out and did the feeds for the morning and fed the little dogs their chicken and the house dogs.
I did a few bits of paper work then washed down the yards and brought everyone in and fed the puppies.
Wednesday morning I put the house dogs out and the hybrids in the yard, feeds all made and Amy arrived she started feeding while I went up to the top and let the hybrids and Kiro out.
We fed and cleaned out all of the puppies and little dogs then went up and did the rest of the kennels at the top.
I left Amy to dry them while I went down and sorted out some jobs and paper work before going down to the new kennel to see the fitters as I would be gone to training by the time they finished.
We fed the puppies and then cleaned the yards before feeding the rest of the dogs their chicken.
I brushed Cito and turned my garden into a blanket.
I made up the night feeds ready and got the frozen feeds done for the morning.
We had a pallet of dog food arrive so we got that unpacked.
I fed everyone and got them locked up before I went off to training with Shone and River.
We arrived early as I wanted to get River settled as soon as we had set everything up as it was test night.
River was brilliant until it came to return to handler she wandered off and spoke to everyone so she failed on that.
Shone was fantastic as expected so she passed her silver.
On the way home my battery light came on in the van and then all sorts of lights started flashing, all of a sudden my lights went completely and then my van stopped on a bend on a sixty mile an hour speed limit and the road is unlit.
I had no mobile signal and could not even call the police.
As you would expect no one stopped so I got out I had a hand held torch and a head torch, about 6cars passed and then I saw the flashing blue lights it was an ambulance thankfully they were on call to a regular.
We pushed the van as much as we could on to the side of the carriage way,
As the traffic was so fast I took Shone and River out of the van and they both lay on the grass verge.
The ambulance stayed with me with the light flashing so no one hit my van until the police arrived.
The police called a private recovery company to pick the van up as the alternator had gone £180 pounds and three hours later we got home.
I let all the house dogs out and did the morning feeds; I got some numbers off the internet to sort out a new battery and alternator and then went to bed at about 2 am.
Thursday morning I was tired and not really in the mood for getting everything sorted out.
I put the house dogs out and then took Shone and Narla up and let the hybrids and Kiro out
I made the feeds and phoned a couple of local places for a price on getting the van fixed, I phoned my insurance company and got them to arrange recovery to the garage where I was having the parts fitted.
Amy arrived and we fed the puppies and the bitches then the doodles and poodles.
We went up to the top and cleaned out he first two kennels.
Hannah arrived to groom the little dogs.
We swapped over dogs and I cleaned the next kennels and left Amy to dry them while I fed the top groups, I went down and sorted out the recovery driver with the details on where the van had to go.
I had a couple come and spend some time with my older poodle that I am re homing and they went off happily with her.
I did the lunch feed and Amy fed everyone while I sorted out the little dogs and house dogs with their chicken.
We cleaned the yards and I swapped dogs over in the afternoon.
Late afternoon my sister came round and had a look at the new kennels and then took me to Barnstaple to pick my van up.
Hannah kept a listen out for the dogs while I was out.
When I got home I soaked the puppy feeds and then I got everyone locked up and finished by 5.30 I was shattered, I still had to arrange puppy deliveries for the weekend that should have been sorted out the night before.
I spent some time with the house dogs and then went to bed.
Friday morning I did the same as the day before and got the feeds ready for when Amy arrived, we finished the bottom groups and then did the top kennels I left Amy to dry them while I came down and sorted out the meat delivery before going into town to try and get a fire exit sign for the new kennel.
I ended up getting my carpenter to drive to Tiverton to pick me one up and mount it on a board and put it up before the building inspector arrived.
We only have a few small items to finish before we can move dogs in to the new kennel so hopefully by mid-week next week we will be in.
I did the feds for everyone Amy fed the puppies while I washed the yards.
I had a while sorting out stuff with the steel fabricators and the building inspector and then Simon’s bits he needs to finish next week.
I loaded stuff into my van to take up to the new kennel so I have as much bedding and towels and stuff up there ready.
I washed out all the little dog’s kennels to make sure they are sealed properly and they are , none of them leak any water underneath.
I came back to the house and soaked the puppy feeds while I fed the bitches and got all of the wolf dogs in and locked them all up.
I came down and fed everyone and finished at 5.30.
I fed and sorted the house dogs out.
I wrote the last few days blog before getting ready to go out for a Thai meal with my sister and a few close friends.
I didn’t need to leave until 7.30 and still managed to be late.
We had a really nice night and the food was out of this world, I love Thai food for a real change and something special.

I got home quite late so I went a couple of hours with the house dog and went to bed at 1.30 am.
Saturday morning I didn’t feel too bad but a little tired, I put the housed dogs out in two groups and made the feeds, Amy started feeding the bitches and pups while I put the hybrid group in the field, Kiro and Siren in the field and Reo in an outside pen they all had food.
I came down and helped Amy and we cleaned all of the puppies and little dogs out before going up to the top kennels.
We cleaned out Kiro and Reo’s kennels and then Reo went put while we were cleaning the back pen and Coosa went in an outside pen with food while we finished everyone.
Amy dried the floors while I was sorting out pups leaving.
Wendy and Brian came at first light to get the small paddocked fenced from the back of the new kennels.
I got the frozen feeds done for the next day while Amy did some odd jobs.
We went out for breakfast and Amy fed the puppies and cleaned yards.
When we got home I fed all the house dogs and little dogs their chicken.
My and I loaded my van with straw, shavings feed and all sorts of things to go to the new kennel.
After Amy left I went to help Wendy and Brain for a while before hosing yards again and soaking puppy food.
I got the dogs in at the top block and fed them and washed two of the outside pens.
Nathan came round to fit a light on his way home from football so we had a coffee before Wendy and Brian left and we went down to do a few bits in the kennel.
After Nath left I wrote the blog and just chilled with the house dogs.

Kennel walkway



Whelping pen

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