1st April

Czechoslovakian wolf dog puppies ¾ csv ¼ Inuit from Steel and Takoda.
Last Sunday was really nice and hot the dogs were all really chilled out for the day.
We had a few visitors in the afternoon looking at Labradoodles and wolf dogs.
We have been inundated with calls for re home dogs.
Chani is now here and looking for a home as soon as possible, she is a nice bitch very gentle nature but nervous, she needs a one to one with someone understanding that has the time to put into her.
She has been out in the field with the four wolf dogs from the house and she was fine, after a while she did try and play with the others.
Then a little later I left the house door open and she did come in and lay on the sofa, she wasn’t fazed by the other ten dogs wandering around.
At bed time I put her in with Luna and C.
After a week you would not know that she had not been here for months she is a great bitch and would be good in a family.
She cannot have vast amounts of exercise as she had a broken leg when she was younger, but gentle exercise is fine.

Mya went home after her holiday. this upset Siren and Lobo as they liked being with her, now the two boys have moved into a bigger pen with Bobby .Starr and Koko so this should keep them happy.
Luna the csv who is here for training has settled in very well, she has only had one altercation with Razzle, it gave her a bit of a sock as Raz was backed up by Rupert, Ollie and C,I think she now knows her place.
Steel is doing well with her puppies, she is maintaining her weight but I think we may have to wean them at 4/5 weeks.
Steel is looking for a new home after the pups are weaned, she is a very good bitch, she can be a little on the excitable side but no real faults.
Kia is doing ok now she has had no more problems with being sick, she is taking a little more time to get over this but considering her age I am not too worried now.
Monday morning was an early start the dogs have decided it’s time to go out at first light; it was really hot so this kept them fairly content.
Visitors and phone calls went on till 9.30 in the evening I was absolutely shattered.
Tuesday morning was busy with ear cleaning and vaccinating puppies.
Even though three groups of dogs stayed out in their outside pens over night the cleaning still took as long today.
Wednesday Kate and I took Lobo C and Luna out for the evening as we have three week break from training.
It certainly attracts attention being out with three Czechs, they were all very good.
I am not as sure about Kate’s navigation skills as she had us doing a bit of mountaineering
We left Coosa and Matzi’s group in the field until we got home and coosa was sat waiting in his day kennel, he was pleased to see me and probably missing his nice straw bed.
I brought them all back down to their winter kennel as they had got me up at 5 am.

Enjoying the sunshine

Playing in the sun

Luna, Chani and C

Thursday was really nice and warm so after cleaning Kate went home and I did paperwork while everyone just slept for a couple of hours.
From 3 o’clock exercise and feeding started again and a puppy viewer came so it was a late finish.
Friday Kate and I spent the whole morning power washing while Hannah was grooming the house dogs; she did five of them so they are looking good for a couple of weeks.
As soon as we had finished cleaning the last pen we had another visitor looking at Labradoodle pups.
Saturday was really busy the hybrid puppies all went to their new homes, it was nice for all of the new owners but like all of our hybrids it’s sad when they leave as we spend so much time with them.
It will be nice to get some updates on their progress in the coming weeks.
Our owners of our last litters keep in touch and they are all doing well.
Reo has hurt his leg so he has been moved up to the top kennel this means he doesn’t have to struggle to get up the steps.
He has taken a kennel that had one of our labradoodle litters in, so they have now moved down to a puppy area where the hybrids were.
All this changing around means so much more time disinfecting pens in a hurry.

Akna race results
ABSA Hero Quest Charity Rally
25th March
Pembrey Forest Wales
Scooter Class
1st place
Csv Cross from Racheal & Andre shared litter 🙂
Also chance to meet owners and their dogs from Europe
Details below
Name of event: The Wolves Of Willesley Woodside
Date: Sat 15th & Sun 16th September
Camping from: Friday 14th afternoon
Venue Opens Saturday 15th at 10am
Venue Address: Hicks Lodge,
Willesley Woodside, Moira, Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire, LE65 2UP
Tel: 01530274533
Info on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/159254777521917/

Online Booking: http://aknak9.com/page14.htm
For more information contact: Racheal Bailey, rachealbailey33@hotmail.com
Tel: 07921136975

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