1oth July

Wolf dog puppies available now

Everything started off fairly normal, Meli and pups are doing well, the pups are eating three full feeds a day and Meli is happy to take several hours away from them now.

Boots has a couple of puppies left, most of them have gone to new homes now so that has taken up time with new owners collecting pups.
Given this has made our morning very difficult, other than dogs going by pet transport to airports or ferries we are now going to have to ask all new owners to collect pups at 10 am, unfortunately I can not spend half an hour with new puppy owners at 7/8 am it causes to much of an interruption to feed times.

Due to a cancellation I still have 1 male and 1 female from the pure bred Czechoslovakian litter of Cito and Titan.

Quannhy has been here visiting this week from Shaun, we have now decided that she will live with Shaun on a permanent basis and come home just to be bred.
This has really pleased Isla as she has done so much with her they have a fantastic bond, tomorrow she will be going back home to re join her pack.

Wendy and Brian have been life savers again this week, helping out on Friday evening with cutting down trees and doing more challenging jobs that we just can’t manage.
The second visit has been to pick up a re home dog for me and foster him until he can go to his new home at the end of the month.

After a hybrid viewing this week the potential owner has been criticizing my contract to another breeder who is a very good friend of mine.
Please be aware that I will not sell a hybrid without a contract so if you are looking to purchase any of my dogs you will be contracted.
I feel very strongly about protecting my pups.
If you are genuine then the contract will not be a problem to you.

I will give you a prime example of why I contract my dogs, I had hoped not to share this with you but now I feel it may help people to understand that I do not sell my dogs then forget them.
Two years ago I sold a female wolf dog she ended up having two litters by the time she was two years old, then I got her back she was in pup but still had some of the previous puppies with her.
The owner’s friend told me she was only 4 weeks in pup.
The poor bitch could barely walk she was so under nourished and weak.
My first thoughts were thank god as there is still time to abort the litter.
At the time you would not have been able to tell how far she was due to the state of her.
When she was scanned within 24 hours of having her, it turned out she had under a week before the pups were born.
We did try with the help of the rspca to take the owner to court but unfortunately the long and short of it was they only got a caution.
This was not very satisfying as the mother of the pups had to be put to sleep.
These pictures were taken 4 days before the bitch whelped.

One of our recent re home dogs chased sheep while out with the new owner this was very unfortunate, as there did not appear to be any sheep around.
This situation could have been much worse than it turned out.
The farmer did shoot the dog but as it was from a distance the shoot shattered in several places and caused no major damage.
The farmer was very good after some time and the situation had calmed down he did agree that the dog could come back to Devon and not be destroyed as he had originally ordered.
The dog has now gone to live with a friend of mine who is very aware of the circumstances and will take the upmost care not to allow the dog to get into a position where this could ever happen again.
Thankfully a happy ending but for a while I was praying as the farmer could have been much less understanding.

Idaho had a bad day due to a very nasty storm, the rain was so hard it sounded like someone was on top of her pen with a drum kit, she got spooked and ripped down her toe trying to climb out of her pen.
She has settled back down again now.

If this week has not been bad enough I am now filling out court papers for contracts and money owed by so called friends.
The dogs and the breeding side are great but the people and paper work leave a little to be desired at times.

With so much going on my day off at motocross has now turned into meetings and a visit to Shaun and Isla.
It was still a really nice day and seeing the new wolf and wolf dog pens was good, the last time I went over they were only just starting the building of the first pen.

We have a 10-month-old ¾ Czech wolf dog coming in for re home due to being very energetic and can climb wire.
If you are looking for a high-energy dog and would like to do a lot of running this dog would suit you.

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