19th October

Saturday evening was a nightmare with shone trying to flirt with Rupert the poodle all night; I can’t wait for this season to be over with and return to house harmony.
Sunday morning was a cold dry start everyone was out and cleaned by 8.30 and then I spent some time checking emails and doing puppy worming sheets.
I put the hybrids out and left Coosa’s group in eating in the hopes that when they went out he would be quiet.
I burnt the rubbish and then cleaned up in the drive and paddock.
Kirsty popped in for coffee and then I went out with the brush cutter and did the bottom of Coosa’s field and the paddock, so far not a noise from Coosa, I don’t expect the quiet will last for long.

I took the house puppies for a run around in the drive and then took them into the grooming room in the new kennel and cleaned their ears, while we were up there I spent half an hour on each of the Schnauzers hand stripping them, I didn’t do it too long as it really hurts your hands and makes then ache, also I thought it was enough for them and didn’t want to put them off being on the table as they were both so good.
I got the frozen feeds out and did the evening feeds and the dry feed for the next morning, I let everyone out again and fed the puppies, then Coosa group came in and I locked everyone up and brought Shone out just as Kate was arriving.
Kate and I went for a walk to the river with Shone and lobo they had a really great time running around the field and in and out of the river, Lobo even swam which surprised Kate as she said he couldn’t swim.
On the way back it was a good job Kate had a torch on her phone as it was dark when we started walking back but by the time we got to the van it was pitch black.
We stopped at the chip shop and then at my sisters farm to pick up some paper work and then home.
Kate left and I checked all the dogs, Breeze was looking a little unsettled so I let all the house dogs out and then put them all to bed and left Rupert in the kitchen which did not please him he whinged on and off all night.
I went up to the kennel and brought Breeze into the house so she could have her puppies in the lounge.
Kiro and Reo went out for the night.
I knew I was in for a long night as Breeze was big and she is not the quickest bitch to get her pups out, even after Oxitocin she can take another hour, first pup born at 12.15 a dark yellow dog and the next one was 3.30.
She continued to push but not much was happening , I spent the night on my laptop doing emails and facebook, as I have only just got the internet back in the house; normally I have to go to the new kennel to get the internet.
Monday morning
By 5.30 she finally managed to get the next pup out it was a very large bitch unfortunately this girl didn’t survive, the next pup came very quickly afterwards.
I did the dogs feeding and cleaning very quickly and left everyone with chews, they were only out briefly as the rain was torrential.
By 8.30 one more and she was getting very tired so I rang Gavin and Kirsty, I loaded Breeze into the van and Kirsty sat in the back in the cage with her still trying to revive the last puppy born, god only knows how but eventually after over 40 minutes Kirsty had got the puppy breathing.
We had an eventful drive to the vets with cows out on the road which I must say we did not stop to put them back in a field, we got breeze up on the table and Gavin opened her up, Kirsty had another puppy she spent over an hour with and managed to keep her alive.
Our final count was 8 alive and two not, hopefully she will be able to keep them all alive, while she was having the C section Gavin also spayed her for me so she doesn’t have to go through another op in the near future.
Breeze was really not very stable when we left the vets so she travelled home on Kirsty’s lap, a far more gentle drive home than our earlier drive into the vets.
We got home at lunch time and I did the dogs while Kirsty sat with Breeze and the puppies.
The rain was still really bad so I fed everyone in their kennels and waited until the rain had slowed down before letting anyone out.
From 3.45 it was nice and dry, so all the dogs were out until dark.
I brought them all in and fed everyone and then had food for the first time that day and chilled out with the house dogs for a few hours as I had not been to bed the night before I was very sleepy.
Tuesday morning I managed to get all the dogs out before the rain.
Both meat deliveries arrived early so all the feeds were sorted out and the rest frozen.
The house hybrid groups went out for a couple of hours in the field and then Coosa went out, he was not too bad just a low howling session, the others didn’t join in which was good.
I put the other dogs out in drive and paddock in between each heavy shower.
Hannah and Tracey were here grooming, they got through quite a few dogs and Hannah spent half an hour or so hand stripping both of the Schnauzer girls, Noodles was more patient than Luna especially around the head, but neither of them liked the clippers.
I did the lunch time feeds and then picked up in the paddock and the drive.
I brought Rupert up to the grooming room for Hannah as she can’t carry him he won’t allow it.
I washed several beds and then filled up the shavings and feed bins.
Shone stayed in the house with Cito and the puppies most of the day, while it was wet.
I am having to keep the kennel doors shut now as the birds are getting fed up with the rain so they keep coming in and messing all down the walls.
I contacted the prospective new owners of the Labrador litter and explained we did not get enough bitches and booked appointments for them coming to view the puppies.
I cleaned the bottom block and one of Coosa’s pens, then had to get everyone in again as it was raining.
I spent some time with breeze and her puppies and then with my labradoodle girls.
I did the evening feeds ready as I had someone coming to view puppies at 6 pm, I hate evening viewings people are always late and stay for far too long.
Everyone came in and I left coosa’s group out but by 6.54 the people and not showed up or even bothered to telephone so I brought Coosa’s group in and then let Kiro and Reo out for the night.
Wednesday morning was a wet start everyone went out briefly while I cleaned them out.
I had made sure no one was booked in for viewing dogs as it was the first night back for training and I wanted to make sure I had a people free day.
I burnt the rubbish and then cleaned up the paddock and drive, changed all the outside water buckets.
I did the lunchtime feeds and got the evening feeds ready; I had lunch and then got dogs out whenever it was not raining too much.
I gave Cito a brush as my bedroom is getting covered in hair.
Van cleaned out and cages done with blankets and paper, food and water bowl, all my training bag packed and in.
Frozen feeds done and ready for the next day.
I cleaned the bottom two yards and the bottom block.
I had to the bank and mole valley very quickly and then home to put the dogs out and did the evening feeds before leaving.
I took Shiraz and Chilli, Evie had Chilli or me just for a little socialising more than training, Shiraz was very good, used her to show our new lady how to teach her puppy to sit and go down, she also helped the new dog and chilli with a little heel work.
I finally managed to get a picture from one of my owners of Smudge one of Razzles boy from 18 months ago.


I got home and let everyone out and fed the puppies, I spent some time with the house dogs before bed.
Thursday morning was an early start as I had people viewing dogs and my neighbour wanted to come over for a chat.
Everyone from the house was out by 6.30 and then the kennel dogs, I was finished in the kennels at 8.30, so I did the fire and then did some tiding up and cooking ready for Dave arriving in the evening.
After my neighbour left I had people arrive and see the pups, and then I did the lunchtime feeds.
I shredded loads of paper ready for bedding and finished cutting the tags off all the new toys for the dogs and puppies.
I cleaned all the windows in the kennel and then dusted as much of the dust from around the heat lamps and on the top part of all the partitions.
A customer arrived to view puppies as her daughter bought a labradoodle from me two years ago, she has now purchased a little boy.
All dogs out again for last run before feeding and bed time.
I fed everyone and got the morning feeds ready.
Another customer arrived early evening with the family to view another puppy and then Dave arrived.
After they had left Dave locked the gates and then we went in and finished off cooking dinner, the microwave threw out a huge great bright spark so that was the end of life for the microwave now out in the scrap pile.
Friday morning I got up early and let Moles and Rupert out and shut Narla’s group up as they were howling.
Shone and Cito could not be bothered to get up so I did the feeds and took my coffee back to bed.
I got up and fed everyone and then up to the kennel to get the bitches out and feed the puppies.
After we had cleaned all the kennels I washed the bowels and Dave brought the new shavings and food in.
Dave picked up in the drive and then the meat delivery arrived, we unpacked it all and cut all the chicken up for the little dogs.
Rubbish all burnt and then we filled all the rat holes up in the top bank with poison, well Dave did I watched.
We put a piece of wire on the top dividing gate as Enya keeps getting through the gap and barking at Coosa.
Dave has also put another piece of wire on the gate down next to the kennel as Budd is jumping through one of the top gaps and getting up to the paddock gate and barking at Razzle.
We stopped for lunch and then I went on the computer and Dave was painting the gate.
I fed all the dogs their chicken carcasses and then burnt some more rubbish.
My afternoon was spent worming and vaccinating and paper work.
After all the dogs came in it was a quick viewing of a puppy for a local family and then off to Argos in the rain to get a microwave as I had blown mine up.
Saturday morning
We had a nice quiet start to the day all the dogs fed and out in the drive fields and pens.
Everyone cleaned out and back in for 10.30 when our first customer arrived to view his Labrador puppy.
The next people arrived while they were still here, they saw their puppy and then all the dogs were back out again.
My neighbour had a house viewing so most of the dogs were kept in for an hour so I did the lunch time feeds and then we had lunch.
Everyone back out for a short time before the next people arrived they were just looking at the labradoodles as a breed to see if they were going to have a pup later on.
Vicci and Kate popped in for a couple of hours so we had coffee and spent some time with the dogs.
Kate left and then Vicci went to leave and the van wouldn’t start so we got Dave on it to see if he could get it going but we ended up bump starting it.
I did the frozen feeds ready for the next day and then the evening feeds.
I cleaned up the front pen and brought Coosa’s group in, it was nearly 7 pm so time for dinner.

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