19th May

Last Saturday night went through the night into Sunday with Rainn whelping 8 very big long Coosa puppies; we have 3 boys and five girls.
She was fairly stressed to start with and it didn’t help matters that Taska and Matzi were next door even though they could not see her they were fairly hyped up.

Rainn and the new pups

Coosa could see her and he sat right by the door and made whimpering and squeaking noises to her most of the night.
I was a little unsure if Rainn had finished whelping at 7.30 and I needed to start the rest of the dogs, I came down and phoned Kirsty so she could sit with her while Sam and I started to get everyone else fed and out.
We moved Rainn into the office in the house so it was quieter for her, she was still unsettled, then she had her last pup and started to settle down, Kirsty stayed with her for a couple of hours while we did the rest of the dogs.
When Kirsty left I stayed with her and did things around the house and then on the computer.
I was in and out all day giving Sam her next jobs to be getting on with, it was a horrible day with plenty of Rain, none of the dogs except Coosa stayed in outside pens they all came back into their kennels.
I washed down the steps from top to bottom and then cleaned the yards.
Lunchtime feeds and a couple of visitors, then on to cutting chicken and feeding.
Each group got out for a short run in between heavy showers.
I gave in and had to feed the lab group in the rain as the day was just disappearing rapidly.
Kirsty came back early and we got everyone in and finished by 5.45 as we had a training session here at 6 pm, we used pen 1 as it was still windy and raining.
Kirsty had Ranger for training this week, he was very good and wanted to play with the other dogs, the little labradoodle Boris was exceptional.
After everyone had left I came in and had dinner while watching the Voice.
Monday morning was an early start as Ranger and Chief started the noise before 6 am and I didn’t want everyone creating quite that early.
I did the house dogs and changed Rainns vet bed while she was outside.
I got everything picked up in the yards and had all the feeds ready for everyone.
We put Razzles group out first and did their pens and got the frozen feeds up ready for the top groups.
After all the pips were finished Moon went out first, I fed the lab group up the top and did Idaho while Kirsty put out Reo.
We cleaned all the top kennels and burnt the rubbish as we were expecting rain again today.
When we came down we did the bottom block and the house dogs.
The wolf dogs in the house went out next, I made a couple of calls to sort out about getting the Bio digester information and then forms from the environment agency to discharge grey water, this can be up to a thirteen week process to get the permission granted.
I had a call from a friend of mine in France he is still persevering with his rescue Saarloos so far he has done well but it is such small steps and maybe he feels it was not the best dog to be taking on as an older dog.
I did a few adverts and answered emails, so I could spend some time with Rainn while the rest of the house dogs were out.
Kirsty did the odd jobs outside.
We did the lunchtime feeds and got the chicken ready for the little dogs.
I filled up all the bins of dry food ready for the week.
After Kirsty left I sorted out a few things outside and got the washing in the bottom kennels sorted out.
Everyone went out and I cleaned the yards, I did the evening feeds and then locked everyone in as I had someone viewing pups at 6 pm.
After they had gone I came in and had dinner answered emails and got stuck with the phone ringing for the next two hours, finally I got some peace just after 9 pm.
Tuesday morning was a reasonable start at just after 6.30, I did the house dogs and got them fed and out, I cleaned up the yards and then took Rainn out for a few minutes.
Kirsty arrived and we got Razzle’s group out and did the bitches and the pups, got the vet beds in the wash.
We went straight up to the top and got Moons group and Reo’s group out first, I fed the lab group so they would be ready to go straight after the two wolf dog groups were cleaned out and back in.
After the labs Coosa and Matzi’s groups went out, and then the house dogs went out in the yard before going out in the field.
A Huge black cloud descended upon us and the rain started, well it was constant for nine hours until 7 pm.
I fed the lab group in pen one down the bottom as they had been shut in for quite a while, after they had eaten they stayed in their for an hour but then started to get cold so I brought them in.
I cleaned and dried the pen and then the house dogs went out in pen one and two so they could all have a run around.
Kirsty disinfected two big pens in the pouring rain and then left them for me to hose later in the day, she went home looking like a drowned rat and freezing cold.
After being really fed up with the rain considering it is May I decided it was now time to take out the walls between the pen down the bottom block and put new roof supports in remove all the panels and kennel gates.
I ordered all the timber and spoke to Wendy, they are coming down this weekend to take the wall down and get the pen ready for the following weekend to take out the panels and raise the roof.
Moon and Bobby should hopefully be with Malcolm by then so we won’t be under so much pressure to finish the pen by a set time especially if it is raining.
After the lunchtime feeds I hosed the pens that Kirsty had done earlier, it was hammering down the pens would have probably washed themselves.
I came in soaked to the skin and got changed, I went back out and spent some time in the kennels with the dogs.
I did the evening feeds locked everyone up and got in the bath as I was still really cold.
I put a load of bones in the house for the dogs and did some paper work and watched TV for a while, and then Malcolm came down for a chat about the dogs, I let all the house dogs out and Rainn, I changed her vet bed again then we had coffee and chat before going off to bed at 1 am, within seconds of going to bed Rupert started screaming as his ears were hurting so I came down and cleaned them and sat with him for a while, I managed to get to bed just after 1 am.
Wednesday morning was another slow start as the rain was on and off all day.
I did the house dogs and had the first group up the top out and then Kirsty arrived, I started the pups and washed up bowls while Kirsty did the front whelping area.
We got the hybrid pups out and fed, Kiro was out in her pen.
We got the top group in and Razzles group out and did their pen and the other puppies and two lots of vet beds in the wash.
When Raz’s group came in we went up and did the rest up the top and Idaho.
We burnt all the rubbish, and then down to do the bottom pen from Moon and the house dogs out in the field while their pens were done.
We moved the pups from the whelping area and washed it down.
Lunchtime feeds and cutting up chicken.
Kirsty got my van papered and ready for the two dogs I was taking out with me.
Kirsty finished and I let the dogs out and brushed Coosa and cleaned his ears.
We had a couple more hours of rain, so while it was so wet I put Matzi in and washed his pen so I didn’t have as much to do just before leaving for training.
After I had all of the yard done and everyone in I got C and Shone in the van ready to leave before Sam arrived to do odd jobs and clean Coosa’s day pen.
I had a quick fuel and shopping stop on the way to training.
When we arrived Shone seemed much happier with travelling even though the van was still a mess.
We had a different night she was much more responsive and even ate some raw chicken during the class.
To my amazement she even came back on her recall instead of just sitting where I had left her.
I was really pleased with the progress we had made.
When we got home I let C and Shone up the field for a quick run and fed Shone, I got the shopping sorted out and Sam left.
I spent the evening with the house dogs.
Thursday morning was Kirsty and I, the house dogs we finished and we went straight to Razzles group out so they had a long run as the forecast was rain again.
We did the bitches and pups moved the hybrids to their day pen and did Kiros pen.
After we had finished all of the bottom groups and Razzles pen we went up and put 1 top group out and Moon as they could be fed and quite likely moved straight back down for when it rained.
I fed the doodle group while they were out so when Reo and A’Lupa came back in the doodles could go out.
Coosa and Matzi went out and we cleaned their pens and had them ready if they needed to come in, next was Idaho’s pen.
We came down and did the house dogs but the rain was just starting so they had a short run then back in to one of the bottom kennels with bones for an hour, then it turned really cold so they all came back in the house.
Hannah was here grooming all was going well until she calls out we have no water; I boiled her numerous kettle so she could wash the shampoo out of Razzle.
I phoned the plumber and he was a couple of hours before he arrived so Hannah groomed and cleaned ears until we had hot water again.
This was only a temporary fix until the new part arrived and then he was coming back to fit the new part.
I gave Hannah a hand for a while and then on to the computer for a while before going back out to help Kirsty and get the feeds done and clean the yards.
It rained on and off all day but the dogs got out for reasonable time.
Then it was nice late afternoon so I didn’t start washing the yards until well after 5 this gave the dogs longer out as you can never tell how long they will get out in the morning.
I finished and came in around 7 pm for dinner then went out and picked up from the yards and brought the puppy bowls in and got the feed ready for the morning.
Friday morning was a good start and it was dry and sunny, I had put the doodle group at the top out and nearly finished the house dogs when Sam arrived.
Sam did the pups at the front while I finished off the house dogs and washed up.
We did Kiro and the hybrid pups, and then the top group came in to Matzi’s day pen while we put Moon and Reo out and cleaned their pens moved the lab group back and gave them bones.
We gave Idaho’s pen a really good clean and towel dried it before taking everything out of Coosa and Matzi’s pen.
We came down and did the house dogs, Sam did Moons pen while I sorted out the delivery of the tiles for the kennel.
The meat delivery had arrived so, I sorted that out and fed the dogs the rest of the bones and lamb.
Sam took up all of the boxes to burn and then we scrubbed the last two pens from top to bottom and got all the dust from the top of the pen and the beams.
Sam dried them and then I got them both bedded up ready for the evening.
We got all the washing out on the line and then cleaned the yards and pen 1.
Cee Cee our yorkie female went to her new home today to join doodle one of our other bitches that left a few weeks ago.
Kirsty went to the school today with Lupus as they had asked her to take him and meet the children, as always he was a star just lying on the floor with kids all over him., he is such a fantastic advert of what a wolf hybrid should be like when brought up properly and not just bought as a status symbol.
After Sam left I got he washing in and went up and brushed Coosa while the doodles were out as they had an hour in the field as the sun was still shining and they were playing happily.
The boiler man arrive to fit the new part and I carried on outside as I needed to spend time with the hybrids and do some lead work with Ranger.
I put Moon out and then they came back down to their pen for the night and I hosed their day pen.
Next out was Reo so I gave both of them a quick brush and then Matzi went out while I cleaned Coosa’s pen, they came in and I put the house dogs out and cleaned the yards down the bottom before feeding the bitches with pups.
I brought the house dogs in at nearly 8 pm and watched tv with them for a couple of hours and fell asleep.
I woke up and put them all out and did the blog.
Saturday morning was a really early start as I needed to have most of the dog’s one before Brian and Wendy arrived to start doing the bottom pen at 7 am.
I got the lab group out in the field and then fed and got the housedogs out all the feeds were done ready when Sam arrived; she also started earlier than normal.
We put Razzles group out and Sam did the whelping area while I did Kiro the hybrid pups and the bitches and pups in Razzles area.
After they were all done we took all of the frozen food up the top ready to feed after everyone had been out.
We cleaned all the pens and Idaho.
We came down and let the house dogs out in the field and got the vet beds all washed.
Sam did the odd jobs and let dogs in and out in-between helping us with moving blocks and getting the Broken bits of block moved.
Wendy and I spent a large amount of time breaking out all of the blocks from the walls we were taking out, our hands and arms were killing from using the jack hammer for hours, I could feel the blisters growing as the day got longer.
We stopped for about 10 minutes for breakfast as Sam had brought home made chocolate brownies and Wendy brought donuts and made bacon sandwiches.
Sam moved the little pup outside so they could play in the sun while she cleaned the whelping area.
When the little dogs were all out of the way I went out with Rainn and Kia for a short while.
We did the lunchtime feeds and got the outside groups all fed early.
All of the dogs were really happy to lie out in the pens and yards In the sun.
Coosa was fast asleep in his day pen when I went up to get the lab group in.
I got the last group of dogs in and everyone locked up at 8.45.
We had a really long day I went up and got a takeaway as we were still working at 9 pm as I needed to get the blog written and answer emails and Wendy and Brian were still working.
After a 16 hour day we were all totally dead on our feet.

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