19th June

All the dogs done and no visitors booked in as I had a re home dog coming back early in the morning and wanted to spend time with her and the new pack she is going into.
I spread my day around spending time with all the dogs and four visits with the hybrid girl, she was shell shocked at being taken away from her family and the children this is through absolutely no fault of the dog, it is due to family circumstances.
Dave arrived to help out for a week with some stuff for me and then when raining he was helping out in the house with the builders.
In the evening I brought Shone’s pack up to the kennel and left the hybrid girl; Fern down in a kennel on her own as she is far too stressed to be able to put a lead on her without her going mad and hurting herself.
Next was evening feeds and get the bitches out again.
Early start and everyone was finished by 8 am as I needed to see all of the builders and the plumber was also coming in, the tiler was booked for today so we would have a full house.
I had people booked in to see the cockapoo puppies and one of my labradoodle owners was coming for a visit.
After the morning madness and having to go to town to pick up tile adhesive things calmed down again and everyone was doing their respective jobs.
I had time to get on and sort out the dogs and spending time especially when it was raining with each group.
Fern is a little more settled but still not able to put a lead on her without getting her very upset, so I just sat with the group and left the lead outside the pen.
Lunch time feeds done and then the puppies cleaned out again.
We were waiting for people to come and view puppies and the carpet chap was coming to measure, by 9 pm I gave up on him and left Kiro and Reo out, they are having to be in the yard not on the drive as the new flooring is in the drive and Reo will pee all over it.
An early start even though it was pouring with rain Shone and Voodoo still wanted to get out.
I got the feeds ready and got everyone out as I could.
Everyone done and then the top kennel dogs needed to go out, be fed and kennels cleaned.
After they were finished I had to see each of the builders to sort out different things and then to pay for the boiler.
We had so many very heavy showers the dogs were in and out like yoyo’s, Narla opened the back gate on the door of the main kennel and let herself and Siren into the back part while the rain was coming down so hard it was bouncing 6 inches off the floor.
When it dried up a bit I went to town and got some more milk and doughnuts for the builders.
I have got the PRA test results done again for my poodle stud dog as the kennel club were being difficult about putting them as clear on the paper work so I have now registered the poodle litter in the hopes the paper work will be here for when the puppies leave.
I spent some time shredding in the office with Oli helping me.
Feeding done in the rain and then the afternoon dried up a bit.
Everyone was out for a couple of hours.
Evening feeds done and morning feeds made up.
Shone and her group went out in the drive before coming in and then all the top pack went in for the night.
Everyone done and then a quick trip to town to look at more lime paint, a waste of time as the shop assistant was a muppet so home and dogs fed then another search on the internet for the paint.
We had some very heavy showers so the dogs stayed in for a couple of hours.
I did some more dna swab testing on one of the wolf dogs and got it posted.
Caught up on phone calls and emails and then had a chat with the builders and my sister came over to see how things were going in the house.
I spent some time with Shone’s group and Fern she is not really getting to a stage where she can go on the lead yet she is still very spooky, I can just about get her to take food out of my hand at a push.
Everyone fed and then a customer arrived to see the puppy she had booked.
I had to pop out to pick up bones and the post office and then to get petrol for the strimmer, back home to swap over dogs.
I cut up the chicken and fed everyone and then took dogs out in the field they got soaked with the long grass.
Coosa’s group had decided to stay in the inside pen so I went up to spend some time with them and give them some beef treats.
I washed and dried all the vet beds.
Evening feeds done and then the heavens opened so I had to wait before going to get Shone’s group in.
A bit of a damp start but not too bad.
Everyone done and all the puppies clean.
Hannah arrived to groom and I finished the top group of dogs and then went out to the post office again and off for breakfast with Dave.
We got home and swapped over dogs that were out in the fields and drive.
Lunch time feeds done and then I had eight dogs to clean their ears.
Pictures of the pups done for updating the web site and for customers.
Lunch time feeds done and then I spent time cleaning ears so all the dogs were done on the same day, Hannah finished off the ones that needed to be done on the grooming table.
I spent time with Shone’s group and then with each little dog group.
I went down to sort out some more dates and orders with the builders.
Evening feeds done and all the outside pens cleaned.
Shone’s group up to the kennel and everyone locked in.
Everything was fairly much the same apart from a puppy leaving and then getting to spend time playing with the small puppies.
Late afternoon I went over to the vets to do a PRA test on one of my poodles and then had to pick up my old poodle stud dog who now lives with my niece, he was at the vets having a hip ex ray as he has been lame on and off and her vets were taking the mick wanting in excess of £500 for ex rays.
I dropped him back at my sisters and stayed for dinner.
I got home and spent the next couple of hours feeding and letting my dogs out.
A normal day with the dogs.
I had some time to spend with Coosa’s group and Kirsty popped in as Lupus needed his anal glands done and nails clipping, we had a coffee and she came to see Voodoo and Fern.
As it was a quiet day with no people booked in only the ass that didn’t turn up I had time to spend with all the dogs and the weather was good so a bonus really.
I finally came up to the kennel at 9 pm to finish off before sitting down for an hour.

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