19th July

Sunday morning
What a horrible start to the day raining very heavy.
I did the house dogs and then brought them all back in.
Kiro and Reo in for the day.
Labs out in the field as they don’t seem to mind the rain.
I did the kennel dogs and then picked up in the drive and went off to Atlantic village to get some shopping.
I got home and cut up the chicken and fed everyone.
The afternoon dried up a bit for about three hours so everyone got out for a good run.
I power washed the labs yard and then spent some time on the computer.
Evening feeds ready and then I did some weeding.
After the house dogs had been out I power washed the bottom yard and then the bottom block right down to the house.
I fed everyone and brought the hybrid group in and fed them.
I locked up the kennel and then let Kiro and Reo out for the night and had dinner and spent an hour with the house dogs.
Monday morning
Another dirty wet day, house dogs done and Kiro and Reo in.
Labs out, and then the kennel dogs done.
I put the labs in the field and then went to town to meet up with a delivery driver to pick up food.
I got home and then cleaned the labs kennel and brought them in they were all soaked.
I spent some time on the phone with my sister sorting out pictures and an advert for the newspaper for dog training.
I fed the lunch time feeds while the rain was slowing down as the dogs would wait forever if I wanted to feed them when it is dry.
I spent the day in the office and trying to get dogs out where possible for as long as the rain held off.
I had constant phone calls all afternoon trying to find a safe home for two wolf hybrids sold to the wrong home and the owner can not contain them or cope with them; I feel this will end badly unless I fall very lucky.
I washed the yards as the rain was still heavy so it gave me a chance to get out and disinfect everything.
After I had finished I let everyone out again and then got the evening feeds ready.
The labs went back up to field three for a good run.
I fed everyone and then had dinner and did the house dogs room and cleaned the puppies.
I was in constant contact with Rach all day and most of the night on the phone.
I fed all of the dogs and brought Coosa’s in and fed them.
I locked up the kennel and then let Kiro and Reo out and brought the house dogs in.
I spent another two hours on the internet and the phone; I finally found a sanctuary for the two hybrid bitches that Rach had picked up.
I messaged Rach and told her where she was going to be taking the hybrids in the morning, she was not too impressed with the journey but bless her she was happy to do the drive.
I finished the dogs and then went to bed.
Tuesday morning
Another wet start the house dogs all done and then Kiro and Reo in and fed.
The labs went out in the field and then I cleaned the yard.
I did the kennel dogs and then the first meat delivery arrived so I sorted out all of the bones and then swapped over dogs in the field and the drive.
Next was a mad dash to get the dogs in as it was raining very hard.
Everyone was in and the next meat delivery arrived so I cut up todays chicken and then froze the rest.
The dogs spent quite a while in as the rain got heavier.
The afternoon was not very nice so I spent time with each dog and groomed and played with them.
Everyone went out for the last run and then came in for food I brought Coosa’s group in and fed them and then Kiro and Reo out for the night.
House dogs and labs in.
Wednesday morning was a dry start for a change; I got up early as I had planned to go out early evening with Nath and Laura shopping for their spare room.
I had the migraine from hell I did the house dogs and then the labs and put kiro and Reo in.
Thank god the kennel dogs were fairly quiet this morning or my head would have split, I had to go and sit on the floor in the office a couple of times as I really thought I wasn’t going to stay on my feet.
I got everyone out and then did the fire and picked up in the paddock.
I fed Coosa’s group and put the labs up into field three and Cito and Shone in field two and a group on the drive.
The house dogs went out in the garden and the yard while I sorted out their room and the puppies.
I sat in the house for half an hour before cleaning the labs out and doing their yard.
I got the lunch time feeds done and then swapped everyone over again.
The afternoon was really busy getting dog sorted out before I went off to get shopping with Laura and Nathan.
I fed everyone and then went off to meet up with Nath.
We went up to Bristol and spent a fortune and then we stopped at Mc d’s on the way home, we got back and unloaded everything and then I came home and sorted out all of my dogs and then on the phone until 1 am trying to get homes for another two wolf dogs, one being another orkwolf hybrid.
I got to bed just after 2.30 and then up again at 6.30.
Thursday morning
A nice dry start house dogs out labs out Kiro in.
Kennel dogs done and then I spent time weeding and putting down slug pellets.
The meat delivery arrived so I got the chicken ready for lunch time feeds and then froze the rest.
As the gates where open I shot up to the town to the bank.
I got home and fed everyone, another delivery arrived from Royal canin so I unpacked all of that and then put the labs out in the field again.
I had a groom a poodle as I had an adult bitch leaving today to go to Scotland.
I had a massive fire and burnt loads of weeds and boxes.
I hoovered the mats in the kennel and the office and kitchen area.
I patiently!! Waited until 5 pm and rang BT about one of my phones being down for a week and had an interesting conversation with someone in India I wasn’t best pleased, I was on hold for ages.
I sat outside with the yorkie group while waiting for answers, Bt are full of bull they now say the phone will be fixed tomorrow I really don’t hold out much hope.
When I finally got off the phone I brought the lab group in and left them to calm down before I could feed them.
I fed the house dogs while I was down that end and then did some weeding along the back of the labs pen area to go onto the fire.
I got the evening feeds ready and then sorted out the list for Hannah for grooming, I knew this would be difficult this week as the red poodles have very long full coats which means we will not get as many dogs done as normal.
Everyone was fed and then most of the dogs came in and I just left out Coosa’s group as I was waiting for Kirsty to come down and pick up her stuff and then the transport was due to arrive at 7.30 to pick up Ebbie and take her to Scotland to her new owner.
After Ebbie left I fed the puppies and let the bitches out again.
Coosa’s group came in and I did the morning feeds.
I locked up the kennel and then let Kiro and Reo out for the night and brought the labs in and the house dogs in.
I washed the labs yard and got the bones out for Coosa’s group for the morning.
I sat and had a coffee and chocolate for dinner and watched shone eating a bone with Merlot hewing the other end, it’s so nice to see a hybrid so well behaved with a poodle puppy.
I didn’t stop for dinner as the phone was still ringing at 11 pm last night.
Friday morning
An early start house dogs out and fed then Shone had to come back in as she was howling and my neighbours are getting a fed up at the moment with them.
Kiro and Reo in and the labs out with food.
I opened the gates to let Brian and mole valley delivery in at 7.30
I started the kennel dogs and then Hannah arrived to start grooming.
I got everyone done and then put the labs out in the field.
Another group of small dogs went out in field two and then another group in the front pen; nothing could go out on the drive as Brian was building a shelter on the drive for Reo and Kiro for night times.
I got the chicken sorted out for feeding at lunch time and then a bone delivery arrived so I froze all of that and burnt the boxes.
Shone and Cito went out in the field.
I fed Coosa’s group and then Brian and I went out for breakfast.
We got back and then swapped the dogs around; Hannah was having a nightmare with the coats on the red poodles.
I did the lunch time feeds and then went on the computer and rang bt again about my phone not working I got shunted around from one Indian to another and in the end told them where to go, I had completely had enough of their bull and lies, no wonder they don’t use English people.
I was sat on the computer and Hannah shouted I can hear water I said oh shit I left the tap running in the kitchen and flooded the kitchen and the water was running out of the kitchen into the kennel.
I scraped all of the water out and then towel dried the floor.
I went out and had a coffee with Brian as I needed to get away from kennel and the phone, I didn’t need any more stress.
Kirsty rang me to let me know how the puppies are getting along as she has been looking after one of my cockapoo’s at the moment until the owner returns from their holiday at the weekend.
I spent most of the afternoon in the office doing paper work and the blog.
Brian finished as far as he could go with the new lean-to and then he left.
Dogs were still going out until dark and then I fed the puppies and the bitches and brought everyone in and let Kiro and Reo out.
I cleaned the labs yards and then finished at just after 10 pm.
Saturday morning
The house dogs went out and then the labs out and Kiro in.
I fed them and then opened the gates for Wendy and Brian, they came in and the day started with a very nice fresh still warm jam doughnut from a proper baker’s great start to any day in my book.
They carried on where Brian left off with the new lean-to store shelter and Kiro shelter for the night time.
I did the kennel dogs and then swapped the dogs around, labs went out in the field and Wendy cleaned them out and I power washed their yard while they were out.
Shone and Cito went out in the field and I hosed the yard and bottom block the house poodles went into the garden.
I cleaned their pen ready for the evening and re papered it.
People arrived to look at puppies and then as they left the next people arrived.
I did the lunch time chicken feeds and then went out and swapped over dogs again.
Wendy and I decided to break up all of the old 12 foot base in the labs yard so it looked tidier and moved it all from the yard.
I fed Coosa’s group and Wendy and Brian moved the feed bin from the top shed to the new storage area.
Wendy and I sorted out materials for Brian.
We finally stopped for a sandwich at 3 pm that was breakfast.
I stopped at 5.30 and fed the puppies and cleaned them out again.
It was nearly 7 pm when Wendy and Brian left.
I swapped over dogs again and then fed the house dogs and finally got round to doing the fire.
Everyone was fed and then all came in at 9 pm as it had been a hard week and I needed to stop as I was so tiered.
Kiro and Reo went out and I showed them where they were going to be sleeping at night from now on, not sure how they felt about it but it is better for me when I let the house dogs out into the bottom yard at night.
Pictures of the lean-to and Kiro’s shelter, she will still go back into her big kennel by the house in the day time.

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