19th January

Last Sunday was a nice start it was dry so I left the door open for the house dogs and went out and did the first group of puppies and the bitches then went down to the kennel to do the rest of the dogs.
I let the first two groups of little dogs out and fed them and the puppies.
I cleaned them out and then bought them all back in.
I let the hybrids and Coosa groups out and left the food up ready for the hybrids.
I finished cleaning the kennels and got everything finished.
I went back up to let the hybrids in for their food when I got up there to bring them in Coosa had managed to open the kennel door and he trashed everything there was disinfect containers chewed up all over the place, he had opened a bale of shavings and thrown them everywhere, he ripped up all the new gloves, straw bags it took me an hour to clean up the mess.
After I had cleaned up everything I fed the puppies and then cut up all the chicken ready for the little dogs and the house dogs.
I did the feeds for the next day and then I had a customer come and view puppies.
After they had left I did some printing and paper work then started cleaning yards.
Then I went down and got everyone in and did the feeds and then locked up and came back up the house to do more paper work.
Monday morning was a good start I did the house dogs and the bitches up by the house.
Amy arrived and we did the puppies then down to the kennel and let the doodle and lab groups out, they were cleaned out and fed then the hybrids and coosa went out, kiro was in the paddock.
We finished cleaning the kennels and then came up and did the house dogs.
I fed the wolf dogs and then we did the meat.
We cleaned the yards and burnt the rubbish.
I had a puppy viewing and then had to do a couple of vaccinations.
As I said recently on the blog someone had reported me for vaccinating my puppies.
I have now got a letter from the Veterinary medical directorate to say I am licenced to vaccinate, this has caused problems over the last few years as other breeders have tried to get their vets to allow them to vaccinated and they have been turned down so they are constantly using me as a way of saying she can why can’t we.
I am the only breeder my vet allows to do their own vaccinations.
I popped out to get shavings while Amy did yard and paddock cleaning.
When I got back we fed the puppies and cut the chicken for all of the little dogs and then I cooked up a couple of kilos of chicken for the puppies.
I was in and out of the office all afternoon printing stuff for the puppy folders.
Then I had to prepare my class for the training club on Wednesday night.
I bedded everyone down and then brought all the dogs in at just after 4 pm I am so glad I did the rain was belting down just five minutes after I had got the last group in.
I went to the vets to pick up some drugs and then home.
Tuesday morning I had finished the house dogs and the bitches when Amy arrived so she started the first group of puppies and then I helped her finish them off.
We went down to the kennels and did the first two groups as I expected the kennels were really dirty.
We fed everyone and then put Coosa and the hybrids out and cleaned everyone, by the time we had finished it was not far off time to feed the puppies again.
We came up and did the house dogs I power washed the bottom block and Amy did the rubbish.
I went to the bank and then back to get the frozen feeds done and the chicken feeds for the little dogs.
The meat order had arrived so we unpacked them and burnt all the boxes.
I left Amy to scrape the bottom block while I washed all the meat bins out and then I had phone calls and emails to get on with.
We fed all the little dogs and I wormed the puppies.
Amy left and I had to make a few more calls to get prices on fencing as I want to fence as much of the drive as possible.
I spent a short time out with each group which kept the little dogs quiet.
Everyone came in and I did the feeds and then clipped one of the poodle’s faces.
I fed the pups and locked everyone in.
I gave Narla a brush; she is the never ending moulting monster at the moment.
I had dinner and then spent a couple of hours printing and doing files.
Wednesday morning I had finished the house dogs and the bitches due to whelp when Amy arrived I was just starting g the next puppies, we did them and then went down to kennel and fed then let out one big group and one small group as the rain was quite heavy.
We cleaned all of the kennels and then came up and did the house dogs.
I sorted the washing out and then did the feeds for the next day
Amy did the fire and then we cleaned the bottom block.
We left Coosa’s group out in the field and power washed the old kennel block as the hybrids eat up there and stay in for a couple of hours in the dry.
I got my training program written out ready for the evening.
Lunchtime feeds all done.
We got the van ready and papered.
I put my bags in so all I had left to do was just put Shone in when I was ready.
We cleaned the bottom block.
I made the feeds for the evening and the biscuit feeds for the next morning.
Shone and Narla went out in the garden for a mad run around, and then went in the house for a couple of hours sleep before the evening.
I let the dogs out for the afternoon and then brought the last group in at 4.30 as the rain was getting heavy and persistent.
I fed everyone and then came in and changed and out the door to training.
I had a good class the evening went well and the dogs are improving all the time.
Shone was very good she did two gold classes, she decided that she would sit in Harvey’s bed for the class as she didn’t want her own.
I got home and let the house dogs out and checked on everyone before coffee and bed.
Thursday morning was not very nice it was cold and wet.
I fed the house dogs and the bitches and then started the first group of puppies, Amy arrived and we finished off the puppies and then down to the kennels to fed and get the little dogs out.
We spent quite a while cleaning as the dogs had come in an hour early on the evening before due to the weather.
I left Amy drying the kennels while I came up to the house to see a customer.
I did the floors in the house while Amy went to check all the pups again and burn the rubbish.
We put the house dogs out and did their pens they just stay in the lounge and kitchen in the day time.
We did the feeds for the next day and then cut the chicken for the little dogs for lunch.
Next we cleaned the bottom block and Amy fed the puppies.
I let the hybrids back out in the field after they had eaten their bones and chicken.
I went out briefly to check the fences and pick up bones that were left in the field.
I let dogs in and out while doing paper work.
Everyone came in at 4.30 just before the rain got worse.
I fed everyone and then went out for a walk with Shone.
Friday morning was going to be busy so I started early I checked my emails and wrote a list for Amy, I did the house dogs and then bitches, I was nearly finished the puppies when Amy arrived.
We went down to the kennels and fed and let everyone out and cleaned everywhere.
I went up and fed the hybrids and brought Matzi in and cleaned him up as we were going to the vets.
Hannah arrived and I gave her a list of dogs to do while I was out.
Amy put the blankets and stuff in my van for Matzi.
The meat order arrived so I split what we needed for the day and left Amy instructions on who to feed and at what time.
I loaded Matzi and off we went to have an op, Matzi was very good, shy but not a problem.
He took a while to come round so we put him in the van and came home.
I just arrived home and my doodle bitch had her first puppy Hannah was with her, all went well it was a good whelping and mum and pups are doing well.
Gavin came out again in the afternoon, I also had the fencing man here giving me a price and the pest control chap was here so the afternoon was busy with people.
I spent some time with Matzi and then brought everyone in and fed them, Coosa was very pleased to see Matzi.
Saturday morning was disgusting I did the house dogs and bitches and puppies then down to the kennel, it looked like it may stay dry long enough for my little dogs to go out so I fed the bitches and pups and put two groups of little dogs out.
When they came in I put the magnificent 7 hybrids out altogether and then Reo had field two, he wasn’t out long before it hammered down and he was back at the door asking to come back in, I waited a while and then let Kiro out for a while.
I finished cleaning and went up and got the frozen feeds out ready for tomorrow.
I went up and fed the hybrid group and took some pictures they were really dirty.

I checked the phone and the emails as I was expecting people to come and view pups and pick up pups.
I let the house dogs out and cleaned their pens.
I had some paper work to do so I let Shone and Narla back into the house for a while.
Narla decided to eat a tube of Germoline so she went back outside.
I did the lunch time feeds for the little dogs and puppies and then my first visitor arrived.
I had a couple of hours with people here and then I got the hybrid kennels bedded up for the night and made the evening feeds.
I spent some time playing with the little dogs as they had not been outside as much today as they normally would have been, they are dirty enough but they will dry off on straw.
I brought Kiro in and she was so dirty I had to towel dry off as much mud as I could she was dripping in it.
I put the hybrid group in another outside pen as the rain had stopped and washed the pen they had been running in and out of all day.
After I had finished the pen it was just after 5 so I took the 7 down to the kennels, I fed and cleaned everyone out and then up to the house to do the other dogs.
I came in just after 6 pm and did the blog.

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