19th December

Its been a freezing cold week and seriously hard to get all the extra jobs done.

December is normally fairly quiet here so it usually works out well with our yearly boosters to be done over a two week period, well this week we managed to vaccinate 30 dogs and puppies as next week is our worming week so I wanted to get in front with everything before Christmas.

Reo has mated Lycan so we are looking at a pure csv pure Saarloos combination for our February pups ready for sale end of March, beginning of April.

Kiro is doing well, getting nice and fat but not slowing down yet she had a great time digging in the snow and covering Cito every time she came near.

Tease the little labradoodle who has a litter of five mini doodle pups is not so impressed by the snow, she tip toes around the yard trying to avoid any deep areas.

Fenn finally arrived in Frankfurt and had a five hour drive home in terrible weather he is settling into his new home in Stuttgart and enjoying the snow, Mike and Amy are delighted to get their new pup.

You may have noticed that pups keep disappearing from the web cam this is because they have been coming into the house to meet the little dogs at night.

Quahneah the hybrid female pup from D’quilla will be spending more time in the house away from her mum as I am planning to keep her and need to spend more time with her.
D’Quilla and pups have now moved up to a top kennel so she can spend more time out in the field.

Luta is now on web cam she is due this month Reo again ½ Inuit ½ Csv.

Saffi the yellow Labrador decided that we weren’t under enough pressure shoveling Snow on Saturday morning that she would start whelping a stunning litter but they are struggling to feed as she has all of her milk at the bag which makes her back 4 teats very large the poor little puppies are trying to climb a mountain before dinner.
Having to spend so much time with the pups is making the days even longer.

Paul from Orkney has been down here in the most awful weather possible to pick up a poodle mate for Moppit the labradoodle who left here last month and I must say it is very quiet without her even though we do all miss her.
Roads and weather conditions permitting he will be back in Orkney, well Scotland at least by Monday evening.

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