19th August

Apologies for Last Sundays blog going up very late because it was Jacqui’s birthday on the Saturday and she was out late then on the Sunday her car had broken down she was home very late.
I had a very busy day I was on my own and with two extra litters to clean and check on through out the day it was hard going.
I had all of the dogs out for their first exercise by 9.30, and then started doing rubbish burning, power washing, phone calls and paper work for the worming sheets for the new litters.
While having a tidy up in the kitchen I found a whole pile of letters that arrived while I was away so more boring stuff to deal with.
I spoke to Helen and Bracken and Bisto are both doing very well in their new homes.
I had a bizarre call for someone wanting to purchase an older dog but they really were not suitable so still have four older wolf dog bitches and a 4 year old pure bred Saarloos needing homes urgently before the winter.

Two calls to arrange mating’s for other people wanting to use my boys.
I had a couple of people view cockapoo puppies and poodle pups.
Then a couple of fairly long phone calls for wolf hybrid enquiries.
I was hoping for another mating with Matzi and Kiro but no such luck so I have only see one mating so far.
I had another mating with Cracker and Rupert which took 25 minutes of sitting on the floor holding them two.
Coosa is making a really good recovery but he is being very demanding at the moment I think he like all of the extra attention, its worse than being married gourmet meals on tap for the pampered pouch.
Even his tablets all have to be put inside cream cheese and rolled up into balls with grated cheese all around them or he will not eat them.

Every time I want to go and let dogs in or out he comes down to the gate and wants a cuddle, I am worn out with the extra time I am having to spend with him.
He must be feeling better as he was antagonizing Idaho and tormenting her with a bone tonight.
I finally finished and put everyone to bed at 11 pm and went to bed myself.
Monday morning was very busy we were non stop cleaning and changing around dogs to different pens as other bitches have come into season and some we want to mate and some are for re home so it would be disaster should they get mated.
Poor Kate did not know if she was on foot or horseback we had a constant stream of visitors and the phone did not stop all day.
The last visitor left at 10.30 pm and the phone calls still were coming until 11 pm.
My mum picked up my new Yorkie female called Cee Cee, which is a little confusing with our csv called C.
Tuesday morning was just the same, while cleaning I said to Kate I can’t wait for Tory to come into season next year as it will be great timing for me to keep a hybrid female for myself.
Talk about coincidence within the hour Tory came back in from the field and Kate said she is looking rather large.
As I was concerned that Kiro has only had one mating, we may have been slightly late her season with me being away and Matz being over at Shaun’s .
We moved her straight in with Matzi and he mated her immediately.
So mating Tory will be a backup for the hybrid litter in October, there may be one or two litters now, these puppies will be ready for new homes second or third week of December.
Anyone wishing to place an order for the Tory or Kiro litter please contact me as soon as possible.
Wednesday morning was absolutely horrendous weather as predicted every group that went out got totally drowned and that was on a short exercise time, they all had to have deep straw beds to dry them off when they came in.
After we had finished cleaning I went shopping and bought some more metal buckets for the outside pens.
Hannah came to do the grooming in the afternoon so I helped her in-between doing the dogs.
I put Matzi back in with Kiro for a while and he mated her within minutes, so he spends the day with Tory and the night with Kiro this also helps to keep the noise down from Kiro.
After I had finished the dogs I went off to training with C, the weather was still a bit showery but nothing like it had been.
C was very good; we just need to practice her running out as she is a little slow with this task.
We got home late as I stayed and helped to tidy up after.
When I got in everyone was checked and the house dogs went out for half an hour before they went to bed.
C was shattered so she fell asleep within about ten minutes of being home.
Thursday morning was heavy showers, so everyone went out for a while even Coosa wanted to come back in a stay in his kennel while we cleaned out the other dogs, I think this is his way of being around me as much as he possibly can, he has become very clingy.
I have paid the deposit on his new travel cage for my van so hopefully it will be fitted before I go up to the seminar next month.
Kate carried on with cleaning the bitches and pups while I clipped Razzle as he was starting to look like a bear.
I gave Kia a hoover as she is really moulting badly, this has to be the worst I have seen her coat look in years.
Kate has gone off to do the shopping as I managed to forget most of what I went out to buy on Tuesday.
Helen popped in to pick up some stuff for her labs, and then a friend dropped by that I hadn’t seen for 5 years.
Shaun and Isla came in to pick up the excess meat we had, Shaun was rather taken with my multigene labradoodle / cockapoo puppies, and he is looking for a companion for his labradoodle boy that will work well for both of us as I would be able to breed a litter from her in the future.
I finally finished at 7 pm and put Coosa’s group in and then spent a while playing with them in their pen.
I had a couple of hours on paperwork before spending some time with the house dogs.
After everyone had gone to bed I steamed the floors so they would be clean and dry for the morning.
Friday morning was awful the rain just kept tipping down, Sophie and I cleaned everyone as quickly as we could so they did not get drowned.
After the puppies’ vet beds were changed Sophie let each group out for as long as they wanted to be out in the rain.
Coosa came back into his night kennel for an hour or so at lunch time, he was quite happy to lie in their eating a chew.
The afternoon brightened up for a few hours, so thankfully I got everyone out for a good run and spent some time doing some nettle pulling I am paying for it now my arms are still stinging.
I left Matzi’s and Coosa’s group out until fairly late as I had a family come to see their puppy and a mating with my yorkie.
I went and got them in as the rain started again and bedded them down for the night.
When I had finished outside I came in and spent some time doing adverts and answering emails.
Saturday was rain on and off all day.
Sophie and I were cleaning while Wendy and Brian were starting to build the lean to on the side of the garage for extra storage for shavings, newspaper and bedding for the house dogs.
After we had done all of the pens I left Sophie to put everyone out for the second time and do the odd jobs while I rushed out quickly to get a tarpaulin to stop Brian from drowning as he was doing a great job and getting on without any problems, it’s looking good but nearly full up even before its finished.

We had a number of visitors for the afternoon.
Then a meat delivery of bones and hundreds of sausages for all of the dogs.
This meant the oven would be on all afternoon and evening.
The labs and wolf dogs eat theirs whole but the little dogs have them cut up very small.
When Coosa came in at around 7 pm, I left all of the gates open for the house dogs and we went in for a quick Chinese take away while Brian kept an ear out for the dogs.
After dinner I went to get C in from the field as the little dogs had most of the field but C was in the middle paddock, I could not believe the smell of them all, they had found something unpleasant from either a fox or badger, whichever it made me feel sick.
I washed C from head to toe as she was covered, but the little dogs will have to wait as they have to be brushed before they can go in the bath or their coats will matt.

When Wendy and Brain left it was 9 pm, I came in and finished the pups then started cutting up the sausages.
By 11 pm I had let all the house dogs out for their last toilet and off to bed.

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