19th April

I went back up to the kennels to check on Enya as she looked like she was going to whelp, I sat with her and peaches for a couple of hours and then went back and checked on the house dogs.
When I went back to the kennel Enya had started pushing so I stayed with her and she had 4 nice healthy little spotty puppies, great little cockapoo’s.
Mum and pups doing well so I have now moved Peaches into her own kennel as Enya will be fine with the puppies on her own.
Sunday morning was cold and windy, the house dogs went out and I cleaned the puppy room, they came back in for food and then the lab group went out and had their food, I cleaned them out and then put Kiro and Reo away.
I went up and let the kennel dogs out and fed and cleaned everyone out.
Everyone was fed and cleaned out, they all had a run.
Coosa’s group were out in the field so I took the stuff up for burning and let Cito and Kiro out into the field and the house dogs out in the garden.
I did the fire and picked up out in the paddock as my neighbours had another house viewing.
I came in for breakfast and then went back to check on Enya and feed Crackers puppies.
I had a chat with Sarah about her hybrid puppy Bee, she is getting on very well the only thing she is not too keen on is being on the lead.
We have been working with Teeko on the lead and he now is getting on very well.
I fed the puppies and then got the meat out for the next day’s feeds.
Everyone else was fed because it looked like it may rain.
The labs were out in the drive while I picked up in their yard.
Today was about spending time with each group of dogs as it was nice and quiet no visitors.
I get the evening feeds ready and then fed everyone, the lab group had their food and then the last run out on the dive.
The house dogs were running in and out of the house to the yard, Cito and Shone had the bottom block and the garden.
I spent half an hour with Enya before getting Coosa’s group in.
Everyone had been fed and the morning feeds done in the house and the kennel.
Monday morning was nice and looked like it was going to be hot.
House dogs all done and the lab group were out with their food.
Kiro and Reo back in their kennel for the day.
I fed and cleaned everyone out in the kennel and moved one of my yorkies into the house as she is due to have puppies soon.
Coosa’s group went out for a while and Cito and Shone went out in the field.
I did the fire and then everyone had a good run.
I washed the vet beds and put Coosa’s group into the top kennel area and left Siren and Narla out in the field; I fed the puppies and then off to cash and carry to stock up on dog toys and treats.
On the way home I popped into Mole Avon to look at some wire fencing to make sure it is ok before ordering 400 metres of it.
I got back and fed everyone and let them all out and unloaded my van.
Kirsty and Josh came down to spend some time with the dogs, Teeko is really taken with Josh, considering the guy that had him said he couldn’t do anything with him as he reckons he didn’t like men!
I got the evening feeds ready and then wrote today’s blog and started to price up the toys and stuff I had bought.
Everyone was fed and the labs yard power washed, Coosa’s group came in and then Kiro out and the house dogs in.
I had a meeting with the builder until late.
The airline contacted me to say Sara was ready at the cargo point to load and all was well.
Tuesday morning was an early start as Hannah was coming today to groom the little dogs.
I did the house dogs and then fed the labs and let them out and cleaned their kennel.
Kiro went in with her food, I went up to the kennel and let everyone out and fed them, I changed the vet beds and then Hannah arrived, she started with the red poodles from the house.
I had a call from Sara’s owner to say she had arrived safely which I was grateful to hear she was ok and not upset too much by the long flight.
I fed the puppies and then let Coosa’s group up into the field, Cito and Shone were out in the other field and the house dogs were out in the bottom block.
I washed the first vet bed and cleaned the puppy room in the house.
Razzle has a swelling around his sheath we are not sure if it was from where he was clipped or not so he has been on antibiotics for a few days, he has been very difficult with taking the pills, twice he has caught my finger and made me bleed, I have now started rolling corned beef all over the pill and he is happy to eat them now.
The meat delivery arrived so I cut up enough lunch time and then froze the rest.
Hannah held the puppies while I took pictures for customers and then I fed everyone their chicken.
I spent most of the afternoon pricing up the toys and bits I bought from best pets ready for training and to go in my office.
All of the dogs were going out for short runs as it was so hot they didn’t want to be out for too long.
Sara’s new owner sent a video of her in a big kennel next to his other dogs at the farm, you could also see he was stroking her and she ;looked quite settled, Kirsty and Josh popped in to drop off some chicken for me as she had over ordered, Kirsty looked at the video and was happy Sara is ok.
We always have concerns when exporting but Sara’s owner made the journey over here to meet her and get to know her which was good for both of them.
Hannah finished the grooming and then she left.
I power washed the yard by Kiro and then fed the labs and took them out on the drive for a run, I left them out for a while and power washed their yard.
I fed everyone and brought Coosa’s group in and fed them, I locked up the kennel and then locked the gates.
Kiro and Reo went out and Cito and Shone came in, I fed the house dogs and then had a bath and dinner.
I spent an hour with the house dogs before bed.
Wednesday morning was an early start as Johnny the digger driver was going to arrive at 7.30 and I need to have most of the dogs finished before he arrived so I had time to go through some of the changes we had decided to make since he was last here.
I did the house dogs and then put the lab group out and fed them, Kiro back in and then the kennel dogs all fed and cleaned out.
Coosa’s group out in the field and Cito and Shone out in the top kennel area and field.
The house dogs out in the garden.
I washed the vet beds and changed one litter onto paper bedding as the vet bed is only lasting a few hours before its wet.
Washing done, fire done.
I went and had a chat to Johnny and then swapped over dogs on the drive.
I ordered the wire for field three and then did my emails and some paper work.
Lunchtime feeds all done and puppies cleaned out.
Everyone was out just lying in the sun for the afternoon.
I picked up in the paddock and then made some phone calls.
Johnny finished the digging it is now ready for when we put the new main gate in and then the side gate so I can get to the roses and plants along the fence line.
I brushed Matzi , and River, Aimi was being a pain she is the joker of the hybrid group she thinks it is good to keep climbing over a 6 foot fence and dropping off the top even right in front of me.
I did the feeds for the evening and then the morning feeds.
Everyone was fed except for Narla and Siren as it was too hot for them to eat.
I left Coosa’s group out as I didn’t want them in the kennel too early.
Shone and Cito came in and Kiro and Reo were out on the drive.
I went to training with Shiraz, we had a good night, this was first night back after the test and the dogs moving up a class.
We had people come and watch as they want to bring their puppies when our new classes start in June.
We finished training and cleaned up, it was quite late when I got home so I checked on the kennel dogs and then put the house dogs out and fed them.
I had an hour with the house dogs and then bed time for all of us.
Thursday morning was nice and sunny, house dogs out and fed, Kiro in and then the lab group out and fed.
I did all of the kennel dogs and got the washing machine on.
I did the fire and then let Cito and Shone out in the field.
One of my puppy owners came and looked at their puppy.
The meat delivery arrived so I sorted all of that out and then fed everyone.
I brushed River and Matzi and then power washed one of Coosa’s groups day pens.
Next was to power wash the bottom block.
John popped in and dropped his dog off for a few days while he goes off on his holiday, she has fitted in well with my house pack.
My yorkie had her puppies all are doing well, she is a good mum and settled very quickly with them.
I got the bones out for the hybrid group for the next day.
The lab group went out on the drive and I power washed their yard.
I had dinner early as it’s nearly 9 pm when I have been getting in at night.
The lab group were fed and then everyone else was fed and then Coosa’s group came in and had food.
Reo and Kiro went out for the night.
The house dogs all came in and had food.
Kiro in and the lab group out.
I fed and cleaned all of the kennel dogs and did the fire.
Cito and Shone went out in the field, the house dogs went out in the garden and the bottom yard.
I hung the washing out as it was quite windy.
The meat delivery arrived and the delivery from Mole Valley arrived at the same time.
We unloaded a pallet of shavings and then the wire and fencing stakes.
After they had gone I locked up the gates and let another group of dogs out.
I had a few phone calls to make and then sort out the meat.
It started to rain a bit so I got the house dogs in and then the washing.
I put the lab group in the bottom block so they would stay dry, we had a few showers on and off during the day.
A customer came and picked up their puppy and then Kate arrived with the children to see the puppies, she stayed for a while and then after Kate left I locked up the gates and then I let another group out.
I put the labs away and let the house dogs back out.
I had a chat with Kirsty as I have an unexpected appointment next week that will take up quite a big part of my day, so she is going to let my dogs out and feed the puppies for me.
Next was to clean the labs yard and feed everyone.
After they were fed the lab group went in and then everyone else came in for food and bed.
Kiro and Reo went out and the house dogs had the yard and the garden with the door open so they could come and go as they pleased.
Saturday morning was really cold and windy.
I let the house dogs out and fed them and then the lab group went out and Kiro came in.
I went down to the kennel and fed everyone and let them out.
Cito and Shone went out in the field and I did the fire.
I had two lots of people booked in to see puppies, so a quick clean up in the drive and then move Coosa’s group over to the top kennel area and Cito and Shone into the garden.
House dogs moved into the yard.
Siren and Narla went out in the field as Siren will bark when someone views puppies.
I hoovered the kitchen and hall way before people arrived.
Both groups of people had been so dogs back out for lunch time feeding.

I got the frozen chicken out for the next day.
Crackers puppies wormed and fed.
Everyone fed so I can spend some time with Coosa’s group as my neighbour has a house viewing and this would be my luck it would be howling time.
I made use of the time as everyone needed a brush as they are all moulting except Coosa he is only losing coat on his legs.
While I was up with them I checked the fencing and pulled up the stinging nettles.
River, Aimi and Matzi are blowing their coats really well but Taska and Coosa are not so it’s very difficult to get the brush or comb through either of their coats at the moment, poor Coosa is so hot he is laying around in the top kennel area on the concrete.
Hopefully it will only be another three weeks before the coats will be out from the rest of them.
Coosa does normally hold on to his coat until at least June.
Julia’s viewers left and I was grateful to get back and have a drink and swap over dogs in the drive.
I got the evening feeds ready and then let the lab group out on the drive and wormed them all.
I hosed the labs yard and then spent nearly two hours unblocking drains, great fun.
I brought the last group of dogs in and put the labs in their kennel and then brought Coosa’s group in just before 9 pm.
A few more odd jobs and then another day over.

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