18th September

Saturday night was really cold and the door had to stay open again for Voodoo so we had to freeze.
We got up and did the kennel dogs and then the top groups.
As no one was booked in for today we had time to do some cleaning in the house.
Bobby and Wayne arrived to start prepping the front windows ready for them to paint next weekend.
We moved more stuff from the container to the house.
Dave and I scrubbed the floor in the utility room, we went over it twice and towel dried it ready for sealing on Monday.
I went out and spent time with Narla and Siren as I had to hand feed Siren tiny bits of chicken.
I had time to spend with all the dogs today which is nice I try to keep a day a week where we have no visitors so the dogs get more attention.
Lunch time feeds done and the dogs all out for the afternoon as the weather was really nice.
Evening feeds done and Shone’s group up to the kennel.
Voodoo ate his dinner tonight the first time in days; he must be feeling better as he opened the gate and helped Shone and Cito with their food.
We had dinner and then the dogs came in.
Morning feeds ready.
The morning was over cast but dry.
All the kennel dogs finished and then the top groups done.
I swapped over puppies in the front pen and did a few things in the kennel while Dave sealed the floor in the house.
I sorted out everything I needed to do in the kennel and got the van ready to take Siren to the vets.
I locked Narla in her outside pen and then loaded Siren into the van.
We got to the vets and Gavin looked at Siren and said the lump on his head was a secondary tumour so he would not have long and considering he was losing weight so fast and losing his balance it would not be good for him and his quality of life would be poor.
We decided it was best for Siren to let him go now.
We put him to sleep and I brought him home to rest with his sister.
I haven’t yet been able to face seeing Narla as she has lived with Siren for the last two years and now she will be on her own next to the Labradors until she has pups and I think I will keep one of her daughters for company for her.
In a busy kennel life goes on even if it is very hard so lunch time feeding done and everyone locked up while the farmer is here digging the hole for Siren so he can be buried in the field.
I popped back into the kennel and checked on Jazz she was just about to have a puppy so I got Dave to sit with her until Siren was buried and then I took over watching her.
Bless her she was a little fretful to start with but soon started to settle.
It was a very long whelping eventually finished after mid night.
Mum and pups are doing well.
The dogs all stayed out quite late and then I did the evening feeds and brought Shone’s group up and fed them.
I left the door open so they could just go in and out while I was with Jazz.
All the dogs done and the top group all sorted out and fed and then the heavens opened and we had thunder and a deluge for quite some time so everyone was in.
Dave finished off putting up blinds in the house and I sorted out some things in the office.
Still raining so I went down to the house to sort out a few bits and put some clothes away.
The meat delivery arrived so I sorted it out and then the rain stopped so I got everyone fed their chicken and got them all out for a run.
I cleaned the puppies out and put new beds in again, it seems to be constant vet bed changing at the moment.
Dave cleaned up beams in the house and then the rain was horrendous so we left early and went to see Nath, Laura and Sophie, we stayed for dinner and came home early so the dogs could all go out again.
We got home and sorted the dogs out and fed Shone’s group.
All the dogs done and then the top groups.
After they were all out and fed I power washed the top pens and Dave sorted out the bait boxes.
I popped out for meat and shopping and then came back and cut up the chicken ready for feeding a little later.
Dave had some odd bits to do we needed to channel the rain water from the lean-to in the drive further away from where Kiro has her winter night pen.
I fed everyone and then went out for a play with the poodle puppies and remembered to take my camera this time.
Dave finished off cleaning the beams and then put a few pictures up downstairs so it is looking more like a house now.
We had an hour where it was too hot for the dogs to go out so I did a few things which made it easier to take out the rubbish and the recycling while the gates could be open.
It cooled down to a nice temperature and everyone was back out again.
Poor Narla has not spent much time out in the field she has been laying by the gate to Coosa’s pack I think she prefers the company of his pack to her pen next to the Labradors.
Everyone fed and then all had a run in the field.
I gave my van cages a good clean as I could leave it all open to dry and air properly.
I cleaned up leaves and then the steps were full of leaves and bits everywhere it was starting to look like winter here.
I hoovered and tidied up in the office and then got the evening feeds ready.
After everyone was fed they all went back out for a run and then I brought Shone’s group up and fed them.
A good start dry and warm all the kennel dogs done and then the builder and Hannah were in so gates shut and puppies out on the drive.
I went up to do the top kennels and Dave started to clean the gutters on the house, garage and kennel.
The fire was done and then I had my first load of washing from Hannah.
Dogs swapped over on the drive and then Hannah and clipped microchipped and wormed the poodle puppies, as each one were finished they went out in the front pen for a play with mum.
All the dogs were out until lunch time when they were fed and swapped over in the front pen and drive so the pups could go back out.
Everyone was out for the afternoon.
I spent time with Narla and then each puppy group.
One of my pups went to his new home yesterday so I had to find a companion for my last pup I kept, so she is now in with one of the cockapoo boys as he is very gentle.
I did the evening feeds and then a customer arrived to view pups and left with a little boy.
I brought all the dogs in and fed the top groups.
Shone’s group came up for the night.
All the dogs done and then the top group.
Micky was also here helping with the building and painting.
The dogs shower in the kennel was leaking so Micky put a new one on for me, thankfully it got us through the day before with Hannah bathing dogs all day.
I popped into town for freezer shopping and another shredder I left the dogs out as there were people around.
Dave hoovered all the high beams in the kennel and then we hoovered each individual kennel.
Lunch time feeds done and the dogs all out again.
All the vet beds washed.
I did the vaccines on the last 4 puppies.
A customer arrived to see the labradoodle girls and put a deposit on one of them to pick up in two weeks’ time.
David came for another visit with Cracker and took her around the field for a walk, she is getting very good with him now.
I sorted out some paper work and then got the evening feeds done and our food as the 6 pm customers did not show up.
All the dogs done and in by 8 pm.
After dinner Dave put the new bathroom cabinet together while I finished off in the kennel.
The outside dogs woke me up at 4 am so I couldn’t get back to sleep I thought maybe time to get some paper work done and some adverts as everyone had gone back to sleep and it was quiet.
I did the dogs at normal time as before when I have decided to just do them early they them try to get me up earlier each day.
Everyone was finished in the kennels and the top group done.
Next was to power wash Ferns yard as they could stay out in the pen while it dried off.
Dave finished off the guttering on the garage and I spent some time with the family that are going to have Biscuit, she was great until they tried to put her in the car and then she got a bit upset but soon she will be used to it, she has gone for a few hours today to play with the children in the house and garden and she will be home tonight.
I had customers looking at puppies and then when they left I did the lunch time feeds.
Dave hoovered one of the big kennels to get the cobwebs down.
After I had finished feeding everyone went out again.
Dave power washed Ferns night pen for me while I went out and picked up meat.
I got home and fed everyone swapped over dogs that were out.
Top group locked up and fed.
All the washing brought in.
I froze the meat and then fed the pups and gave them a run in the drive.
Shone’s group up and fed while we had a snack as we had eaten lunch time.

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